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Thursday, March 14
2013 Race Season

Our racing season is postponed due to Scott and Cassandra being deployed over sea's. We will get the season started in August when Scott returnes.

We have been acquiring the parts and pieces that will put our team over the top. From the top to the bottom. We are currently looking for help with the 2014 racing season. Crew and Sponsors 

Tuesday, July 10
Carolina Racesaver I-77

Evernham Survives Late Race Charge to Win I77

Ray Evernham picked up his 2nd win of the season with the Carolina RaceSaver Series at the I-77 Speedway on Saturday night (David Sims photo).

Chester, SC:  Ray Evernham rallied back after a late race pass to win his 2nd feature of the year in the Carolina RaceSaver Sprint Series at the I77 Speedway in Chester, SC on Saturday night. In earlier action, Mike Leraas took control of the dash and never looked back as he set sail in his Carlton Scale #77 J&J.  Leraas would later redraw resulting in the front 2 rows being inverted for the feature.

The start of the 20 lap feature saw several cars getting upset by a hidden rut in turn #1 of the ultra fast red dirt oval.  Fortunately despite some moves worthy of a professional ballerina, the race stayed green with all competitors able to wrestle their machines back to earth and stay on the throttle.  Everham was able to take advantage of the
situation and to the early lead, leaving the remainder of the field battling for position.  Lap # 2 saw the yellow wave for Jake McClain when he lost control of his Stallings Pointe #67 after hitting the same rut.

On the restart, Evernham remained out front and seemed to have the race under control but on lap 11, Johnny Petrozelle nailed the same rut and spun his Hero Energy Shot #59, bringing out the 2nd caution and bunching the field up.  Two laps later, Leraas was and Petrozelle made contact in the same area while negotiating the same rut.  Leraas would be able to restart but Petrozelle was finished with front end damage.

On the ensuring restart, Evernham again lead the field at the drop of the green however with just 4 laps to go, bottomed the car out in the rut himself.  Although the incident did not seem to slow him down, the following lap, he moved high at which time Scott Davis was able to capitalize in his Racewrap.com #3 by diving low in an all out effort to make the pass.  As Davis drove past Evernham, the crowd eagerly watched the former NASCAR standout race Davis nose to tail for the next lap. Evernham set Davis up and regained the lead with 2 laps to go.  With Evernham now back in the lead, McClain moved up to challenge Davis for the runner up spot as the white flag fell.  At the checkered, Evernham
would win his 2nd Carolina RaceSaver feature of the season while Davis held off McLain for the runner up spot.

The series returns to action this Saturday night (July 14th) at the East Lincoln Speedway in Stanley, NC. For more information, please visit the series website at www.carolinasprints.com.  RaceSaver is a registered trademark of the RaceSaver
Sprint Series.

Official Results:
Brodix Cylinder Heads Dash (8 laps): #77- Mike Leraas (2), #67 Jake McClain (5th), #119 Ray Evernham (6),  #44 Gary Troutman (3rd), #59 Johnny Petrozelle (4), #3 Scott Davis (1)

French Grimes Race Systems Feature (20 laps):  Evernham, Davis, McClain, Troutmanm,  Leraas, Perozelle

Tuesday, July 10
Old Dominion Speedway

Tony Harris, Carl Simmonds, Charlie

Ware, Jerald Harris, Chris Ware, Scott Vasbinder, Keith Laird, Ron Moyers and Scott Davis

Tuesday, July 10
Shenandoah Speedway
Jerald Harris, Brian Lawson, Tony Harris, Charlie Ware, Anthony Linkenhoker, Chris Ware, Scott Vasbinder, Rick Bong, Scott Davis, Ron Moyers, French Grimes, Carl Simmonds and Tom Humphries

Tuesday, July 10
Carolina Racesaver series
Gary Troutman, Ray Evernham, Jacob McLain, Glenn Worrell, Darren Bolac, Brian Lawson, Scott Vasbinder, Scott Davis, Chris Ware, Mike Leraas, Johnny Petrozelle, Tom Humphries, Charlie Ware, French Grimes and Troy Severin

Tuesday, July 10
natural bridge speedway

Tony Harris,

Jerald Harris, Glenn Worrell, Anthony Linkenhoker, Ray Evernham, Satch Worley, Brian Lawson, Carl

Simmonds, Scott Vasbinder, French Grimes, Scott Davis, Jacob McLain, Chris Ware, Charlie Ware, Chad

Worrell, Ron Moyers and Tom Humphries.


Sunday, April 15
Eastside Speedway Results SEPT 15

Sunday, December 11

 The Maxim Sprint Car has a fresh coat of paint from Killer Miller Customs. The car has been getting some updated parts and pieces for it. We are really excited with the way the car is coming together. The spare short block is on the engine stand, French Grimes has the engine fresh off the dyno with very impressive number. I've met  some very nice VSS guys that have been giving some advice on the different tracks. Soon enough it will be time to take the car out for some testing. Anxious...


Saturday, June 18
Virginia Motorspeedway Points

Saturday, June 18
Dixieland Speedway Points