Davenport East Little League: Become a Sponsor

Become a Sponsor

DEast Sponsorship: More than just a nice thing to do

Davenport East Little League is currently soliciting sponsors for the 2015 season. If you think “sponsorship” is a glorified word for “donation”, think again. Many local businesses have realized the business enhancement benefits of sponsoring a Davenport East Little League team in past years. And 2015 promises to have even more opportunities for exposure for those local area businesses who say “yes” to Davenport East.

Here is what you get when you sponsor a team.

1. UNIFORM HATS: Your business logo printed on the 12 or 13 hats of the team you sponsor and the golf shirts of the three primary coaches of that team. Many players and coaches wear these hats or shirts outside of games or even after the end of the season.

2. EXPOSURE: If each player has at least two fans, that means at least 36 people with your business name on their lips and minds for the entire baseball season. In addition, opposing teams will associate your business with each game, which brings your exposure to 288 (36x8) for a Minors baseball team, 216 (36x6) for a Majors baseball team and comparable numbers for our other divisions.

3. ADVERTISEMENT: While the players and coaches serve as walking advertisements for your business, your business will be featured in other materials as well.

a. INTERNET: Davenport East Little League has its own unique web site address www.davenporteastll.com. On this site, we will feature your business logo with link (if applicable) during the preseason through All-Stars and our Fall League. Our site gets thousands of hits each season from players and fans looking for scores, standings and other news. We will have a featured vendor at various times of the year and would be glad to work with you with the creation of reasonable promotional messages on our Sponsors page and other high-traffic pages.

b. ROSTER BOOK: We will have the logos and a brief description of the business of all of our sponsors in this year’s book, which will be distributed to players and fans.

4. GOODWILL: Many advertisers have found a great deal of benefit from the goodwill created by sponsoring a team. Players and fans become very loyal to their teams and in turn their sponsors. They’re quick to refer their business and referral business to their sponsor or other sponsors.

5. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Nothing beats the image of smiling kids in baseball uniforms lined up with pride for their team picture. Your sponsorship will be rewarded with an image of your team in a personalized display case that can be displayed in your place of business.

Whether you’re a new business or an established business, you can take advantage of these and other benefits of sponsorship for Davenport East. The price for a team is just $450 per year. If you don’t want to sponsor a team, we also have other options for you to get involved, such as sponsoring an outfield sign. If you’re interested in these opportunities or would like more information, feel free to contact D-East President John Parkhurst - daveastpresident@gmail.com.