Danville Oaks Rugby: FAQ

Danville Oaks Youth Rugby – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We have never been involved before, what is youth rugby like?

A: Youth Rugby is growing rapidly, but is not yet as structured as other sports like football and baseball.  Sportsmanship is emphasized and players gather at the end of each match to nominate player of the match for each other’s teams.  Home teams host the visiting team for a team meal after games giving players and supporters a chance to socialize together.

Q: What if my son has never played rugby before?  Is it too late to get started?

A: No, many new players of all ages join the team every year.  Rugby is a relatively new youth sport so new players join all the time.  Coaches will ensure new players get a basic introduction to the key skills. With a few practices, new players are ready to play in a game very quickly.

Q: Isn’t Rugby a rough game?  Will my child have a safe experience?

A: Yes, rugby is a rough game, but there is a focus on safety at all ages, especially at the U12 age group and below.  There is zero tolerance for unnecessary roughness.  Players are taught how to safely tackle and be tackled.  Scrums are only contested at the Jr. High level and above.  U8 players play “touch” rugby and only graduate to tackle when ready to do so.

Q: If we are not sure, can my son give it a try first?

A: Yes, absolutely.  New players are welcomed at practice after their parent’s sign a waiver.   Then if it is a sport they would like to continue with, they will be asked to register and join the team.

Q: Other than registration, what other costs are there?

A: Registration runs from $275 for High School to $150 for 8 and under.  Uniforms are about $90 for a jersey, shorts and socks.  The only equipment needed is cleats and a mouth piece.  Cleats can be molded soccer cleats.  We practice on turf and many of our games will be on turf.  Mouth piece is mandatory for all practices and games.  Buy several, they cost from $3 to $15 for high end models.  Put one in the players backpack, one in the glove box, etc.

Optionally, some players choose to wear a “scrum cap” and or a lightly padded rugby-specific under shirt.  It is also great if players can have their own ball to practice with at home.  Balls cost around $20.  Evolution Sports (http://www.evolutionsportshop.com/rugby.html) is in Walnut Creek and has good selection.

You may also be asked to pitch in $5-10 for post game social/meal when we are hosting visiting teams. 

We also make Danville Oaks Rugby apparel available for purchase each year.  Players, parents and supporters have the option to buy t-shirts, sweats and kit bags. 

Q:  What age group will I/my child play in?

A: High School Varsity will be mostly Seniors and Juniors, HS Frosh/Soph is self explanatory.  Jr. High is 7th and 8th graders.  12 and under, 10 and under and 8 and under is based on your age as of September 1, 2012. All  U12  players must be younger than 12 on Sept. 1st 2012.  All U10 players must be younger than 10 on Sept. 1st 2012, and all U8 players must be younger than 8 on September 1st 2012.

Q: Where and when will the games be?

A: We play teams from Pleasanton, Moraga, Concord, Marin, Mountain View and San Francisco (Treasure Island).  We play in a “Kick Off” Tournament in Sacramento in January.  We occasionally play teams from Sacramento here and away.

Q: Where and when are practices?

A:  Practices are Tues & Thurs 6:30 – 8:30 (8:00 for U12 and below) at the Diablo Vista Park Turf Field on Crow Canyon (aka MTV soccer field) beginning Tuesday Jan 4th.  We will have a few weeks of practice in December before the Holidays – location and time TBD depending upon where we can schedule them.

Q: What if I want to help coach or help the Oaks in other ways?

A: We always welcome new coaches who are interested in committing their time to helping develop the club and provide a positive learning experience for the kids.  There are a number of other roles that always need filling such as social chair, communications, web site administration, team parent, fund raising, etc.  Contact Bob Grier at 925-518-5518 if you are interested in helping out.

Q: Will playing rugby in High School help me get into college?

A: It depends on the school and their admission policies.  We have had players graduate and go to UCLA, Davis, St. Mary’s and Arizona and in some case rugby played a part.  It will provide great experience for those players that choose to continue to play in college.We are seeing more colleges with admissions support as well as some offering 'in-state' tuition for out of state atheletes. 

Q: Will playing for the Oaks enable me to play for the US Eagles when Rugby becomes an Olympic Sport in 2016?

A: Could be?!?!