Danville Oaks Rugby: Oaks Gear

Thursday, December 8
The Store is Now OPEN!!

Get ready for the 2013 Season and order your Oaks Gear now!!

Click this link to access the online store http://danvilleoaks.alpineawards.com/ 

Uniform ordering-  We will have sample uniform jerseys at our open house and at the on-site registration day for sizing. If you look at the sizing chart on the store you will notice that they state that the XS jersey fits a person who is 120 lbs. This is not entirely accurate and smaller players do wear jerseys that fit well if somewhat loosely. If your child is U8, they are too small for the jersey and should purchase a black Oaks T-Shirt to wear at games. If they are U10, the jersey is optional but highly recommended. Some families opt to buy a jersey even if it will be somewhat large as the jersey easily lasts several years and players can grow into them.

Equipment Swap - Uniforms and Boots
This is an informal swap planned for the on-site registration day. Bring your outgrown jerseys, shorts, socks and boots/cleats to practices. Suggested prices for Oaks Jerseys - $20, shorts $10 and socks $5 assuming in good condition. Boots are up to the "swapper/swappee".

Sunday, October 21
About the kit...

Rugby has a few pieces of equipment that players will need to be safe and to enjoy the game. 

Mouth Guard Mandatory at all practices and games
The most important piece of equipment a rugby player should own. Typically from $2-$5 from any sports store, get several so you have a backup just in case one gets in the wash or lost...

Head protection 
Some players choose to wear a "scrum cap". This provides a little extra head protection either for forwards who play in the srum or even backs who do not.  As you can see, some wear it, some don’t, it is a matter of personal choice.

Rugby shirts need to be able to take plenty of tugging and pulling. They are typical tighter fitting than a normal Jersey.That’s why the Oaks wear Barbarian Pro fit Jerseys. You may decide to pickup a practice rugby jersey as T-shirts and sweatshirts tend to get stretched and torn when worn to practice.

Rugby shorts are traditionally made from heavy duty cotton although new cotton poly blends have started to gain popularity. We also strongly suggest the players have black sliders/compression pants – padded or not - to be worn under their shorts

Because we will play many games on Field Turf (synthetic) and steel cleats are not allowed on the these turf fields, we suggest the following:  1) Young players will do fine with molded rubber soccer type cleats 2) Older players may want to have a grass pair (rugby boot often with steel cleats) and Field turf pair – soccer type cleat or football boot with the front cleat taken off. Like soccer, the front cleat cannot be present so they need to be removed from American football or baseball cleats that you may have.

Upper body protection 
Some players choose to wear a little extra upper body protection which is allowed. There are different forms of this upper body protection that typically consist of light padding woven into the shoulder area of a shirt meant to be worn under the jersey.  Again, this is optional and not mandatory .