Oaks U10: Welcome

Sunday, March 22
Danville Oaks U10 Win NorCal Youth Rugby Tournament

"Today at the 1st NorCal Youth Tournament at Cal Maritime Academy rugby field in Vallejo, CA the prospect of what rugby can do to an individual and a team and community was achieved by some incredibly brave, flamboyant, skilled and committed U10 rugby players from our own home ground of Danville, CA.  

Danville Oaks Rugby Football Club are very proud to have taken to the field a group of young players led once again by Shane Perry who, like the rest of his crew, listened and believed in their coaching and played to demonstrate what the game is about – leadership, commitment and respect.  

As has become the norm, all of Shane’s squad played like captains of their ship – together on that one ship.

Today it is a pleasure to conclude a season unscathed.    This Danville Oaks U10s team, undefeated all season, conceded once again a fraction of points of those that they chalked up against opposing sides – a trend and a style that will remain a legacy of this club for future seasons to come.  

Creative rugby was played by disciplined boys that blew away all clubs today as they have all season.   To walk off the field, with players, each with trophy in hand, and receive accolades from fellow clubs was the doing of our boys.   

As stated before the players delivered beyond the expectations of their coaching and in true style made instantaneous and independent decisions on the field that was a spectacle to observe – what true rugby is about.   It was all about imagination, atheleticism, communication and commitment.

The Club is pleased to experience the recognition by the parents of what has been achieved by their boys.   It is our sincere expectation at Oaks that what has been learned this season will perpetuate through the future of these young men’s lives in everything they want to do.  
We welcome every single one of our players back next season and, as was promised, we will remain close between now and the next season.    See you at our team and club reunions before the summer starts

Thank you players, thank you parents – thank you team mom Kellee!   You were awesome!

Danville Oaks RFC – our Club."

Sunday, March 1
Oaks U10 Play a Spirited Game Vs Pennisula

Danville Oaks U10s last night Saturday, February 28 played a spirited game against their visitors Peninsula in two 20 minute periods which started on schedule at 5.30pm.   A thrilling game won by the Oaks, 10 tries to 3 conceded, represented an exciting game played against a mixed girls and boys side that Peninsula brought to the East Bay.   Once again U10s thrilled spectators on the sideline with skills that continue to inspire potential greatness for these players in the future.    We all witnessed great running up the field with ball in hand and commitment to tackling.   Equal commitment to defense and offense was recognized, not least because Peninsula were one player short as a side.   A big thanks goes to Tyler Perry of Oaks for bravely agreeing to play with Peninsula to make up their 7th player.