Dalton Fire Basketball: Welcome

2012 Teams are now forming... Coaches will be announced soon.

 As always, the Dalton Fire is looking for interested players and coaches. 2012 is starting and we are planning for a great year.

Thanks to all the parents who support our organization.

Join our website. 

Click on the teams button to your left to find your team.

Email daltonfirebasketball@optilink.us or call 706-537-0505 for more info.  Contact any of the coaches below for specific information 

Please email contact info to daltonfirebasketball@optilink.us  

2012 Coaches

Age Group

Head Coach Phone E-Mail Address

5th Grade

 Matt Land  706-581-2171 matt.land@dalton.k12.ga.us
6th Grade     daltonfirebasketball@optilink.us
7th Grade Hans  Bakker 706-217-5048 hans.bakker@beaulieugroup.com
8th Grade daltonfirebasketball@optilink.us
9th Grade     daltonfirebasketball@optilink.us
10th Grade daltonfirebasketball@optilink.us

11th Grade

Chris Howell      Kent Snyder      

706-313-6721 706-537-0505 howellc@aepinc.com  ksnyder@optilink.us
11th Grade Boys D Dinges/D Enck 706-280-9661 denck@optilink.us