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Diamond Yards Sports & Promotions:Future Advertising Rates  
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Diamond Yards Sports & Promotions
Tim Turpin
2609 Vista View Drive
Evansville, Indiana
  Future Advertising Rates  

Thursday, December 9
Futrue advertising rates for Diamond Yards Sports Complex
Once the Diamond Yards Sports Complex opens in Newburgh, In these will be the 1st year rates. Contact Tim Turpin at 812-430-2725 or email to secure tommorow's rates at todays prices.

Thursday, December 11
Bill Board Signs
10 ft by 20 ft Bill Board Signs

1 Year Plan-----$2,500
3 Year Plan-----$5,000
5 Year Plan-----$7,500

* Includes cost of sign
* signs to be displayed above OF Wall or around Field #3 ( Grand Stand, Concession Area, Back of Dug Outs)

Future OF Signs at Diamond Yards
Outfield Bannners ( 4ft by 12 ft)
4 ft by 12 ft Banner

1 Year Plan--------$1,500
3 Year Plan--------$2,100
5 Year Plan--------$4,250

Displayed in between the Foul Poles on Field # 3

* Includes Cost of Sign
* 1,000 GA Tickets to any Diamond Yards Game in 2004
* 4 Box Seats to all Evansville Outlaws Games

4 ft by 12 ft Sign
view full size

Ball Park Banners (4 ft by 8 ft)
Ball Park Banners (4ft by 8ft)

1 Year Plan------$1,000
3 Year Plan------$2,100
5 Year Plan------$3,000

* Includes cost of Banner
* 500 GA Tickets to any Baseball Game at Diamond Yards
* 4 Box seats to all Evansville Outlaws Games in 2004

Banners will be placed on Foul Lines and around Field # 3


Fill the Pole with your Sign!!!!!!!!!!!!
Foul Pole and Light Pole Signs
Future Light Poles ads at Diamond Yards
2 ft by 6 ft Foul Pole Signs

1 Pole--------$1,000
Both Poles----$1,500

Light Pole Signs

Small Sign-------1 Pole---$300--------2 Poles---$500
Medium Sign------1 Pole---$500--------2 Poles---$700
Large Sign-------1 Pole---$750--------2 Poles---$1,000

* More than 2 Light Poles subject to agreement with DYI.

Monday, December 8
Display Advertising
Display Advertising

Any Company wanting to construct a display advertisement on Diamond Yards Property can contact Diamond Yards Sports Complex via Email at Diamond Yards is open to anything that promotes community involvement and wants to support our community in any fashion.

Any Company wishing to trade product or services for Diamond Yards in return for advertising should email Tim Turpin at

Diamond Yards Sports & Promotions
Diamond Yards Sports & Promotions
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