Welcome to the DVC Vikings Lacrosse Team game and player stat website.

The intent of this site is to give you the player data on your game performance. We assume that  most of you know that what is going to be explained below you already know. This is for those of you who may not know and a refresher for those of you that do know.

Please remember that not having "stats" does not mean you did not contribute to the overall success of the team on any given game.

Stats are only a partial measure of your skills and contribution to the team. Remember we can not always keep track of who came onto the field and who actually played due to the nature of the game. 

We have all seen what looks like a pass called a shot and what looks like a shot a pass. So understand that the table cannot always hear what the ref calls.

 Also, due to the fact that some players like to stand in front of the table and block the view of the staff at the table the staff may not always see who took a shot, scored a goal, assisted on a score or got a ground ball. So be aware that all the help you can give the staff in getting it right is very important. Honor the game by being honest about what you saw and have recorded.

The field staff that record the stats at the table are all volunteers and they do their best  to get every stat right and credited to the deserving player. Errors are made and some GB's or Shots or Saves are missed. It is very busy at the table during a game so we ask that you always remember that a missed stat is never done with purpose to deny you what you have earned. I ask that you show the same respect to the table staff as you will the officials and your coaches.

 The only true way of officially certifying a earned stat is to review the game film and due to time constraints during the season that is not always possible . 

You can review the stats from the 2010 season by "CLICKING" on the STATS TAB. There are the players and goalie stats and there is also a team game stat comparsion on the game summary page.

 For a complete NCAA SANCTIONED STAT MANUAL go to the HANDOUT SECTION of this website and review the guidlines in the manual.

The overall season stat comparsion is under construction and will be available soon.



Al Boyce,Staff Coordinator and Game Announcer.






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