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Tuesday, April 7
Field Availability & Conditions: RAINOUT INFO

Are the fields open today? In preseason the minimum wait after a rainstorm is 24 hours. Some fields drain better than others but basic rule would be on dirtpaths, if you sink in (leave a foot print) its too wet to use.

During game season the hotline (415-721-4784) is updated by 3:30 pm on a day when it has rained to address field conditions. League members are notified directly by email when fields are closed or games cancelled 3:30 pm Weekdays, 8:00 Saturdays or Sundays. If no notification report to your game site ready to play and the 2 Managers will assess the field for fitness (safety) at that time.

Rained out games are subject to the Automatic Reschedule system. Click here for more information.

Everyone needs to help restore fields after practices and games, including filling in the divots and holes in batters box, mound, and base paths. Please drag the field after every use! If mound covers and plate tarps are provided please cover after the raking and anchor, especially if more rain is predicted in next 24 hours.

When you smooth out the fields then water cannot puddle. If puddles occur BAIL OUT the water with a small bucket, butter tub, or similar to remove and throw water off the field. Do not rake muddy areas as they only worsen.  Thanks!

Friday, March 13
Sponsor Coupons and Deals
Please check out the Coupons and Deals page.  We will be adding great deals from our sponsors throughout the season! Clink on the Sponsors button to see our MANY sponsors. Please patronize their businesses when you can and thank them for supporting DTLLL!

Thursday, January 29
Challenger Division Information

The Challenger Division is for special-needs players ages 4-22. The Challenger Division started in DTLLL in 2013 and is now a part of our regular program. We are looking for people to participate in this program each year.   If you are interested in volunteering for the upcoming Spring season we would be more than happy to have new folks participate.

Players of all ages 4-22 (if still in High School) may register during regular Spring Season registration which opens up each year on Dec 1st. Registration forms are found in the LINKS section of this site. Also please sign up to be a Volunteer "Challenger Buddy" assisting in this program to bring our whole community into this program.

Calling all Middle School and High School volunteers – community service hours can be fulfilled by being a “buddy” to our Challenger team. If you are not related to a player in Challenger and want to become a buddy please contact us at Bizmill@aol.com.

More information on this division can be found by clicking here.

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