Dixie Terra Linda Little League: 2017 Season Divisions

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League ages 13 & 14 (and 15 yr olds not playing HS ball or joining after HS season is
over) All players in this age group must try out . See Events Calendar for dates. New teams are drafted each year, and all candidates will be drafted to a team. Jrs. is a preparatory league for the Senior League and/or for High School. Players use larger bats, play on the “big” diamond, and have expanded rules (lead-offs, etc.). Interleague games are played each against other teams, usually from West Marin LL and San Rafael LL typically one game during the week and one game on Sunday. Saturdays during season are open for players to become Youth Umpires and for team practices. The Junior League season begins in late March and lasts about 10 weeks. It is followed by a Local Playoff and Tournament of Champions. Excellent Players will be eligible for an extended season into the end of July in the Jr. League ALL STARS. (subject to DTLLL player availability policies – see last paragraph on the registration form)


T Ball
Beginners, League age 5 (& 6 if 1st year of baseball). We recommend that 5 yr. olds should be attending school – the child should be able to maintain an attention span of at least 1½ hours in order to benefit from an organized practice or game. T Ball is a fun-filled, NON-COMPETITIVE program. Nobody is “out” and scores are not kept. The players learn the elementary skills and rules of baseball.
Batting is off the “T”, or coach pitch as is now allowed.

Twice weekly practices begin in mid-February. Games begin end of March ending 1 week before end of school year. Emphasis on fun!

AA Ball
AA is renaming of Lower Jr Minors. This is Coach Pitch baseball for players with at least 1 year of experience in Tee Ball or Coach Pitch and at least 6 years old.

AAA Ball
AAA Ball is the renaming of the Upper Jr. Minors level. This new division is for players with at least 1 year of coach pitch ball (Lower Jr Minors or AA ball). The new AAA Ball will feature a machine pitch format with additional opportunities for beginning pitchers later in the season.



League ages 10 to 12. January tryouts are required for all players of this age
including those who are previous Majors players or who are new to DTLLL. Players in this age group WITHOUT MINOR LEAGUE EXPERIENCE are recommended to play at least one year in the Minors before moving up to the Majors. (12 year olds are MANDATORY to be drafted to the Majors) Not all players 10 and 11 yrs old who try out will be drafted to the Majors. Once a player is in the Majors they will remain in that division through their 12 year old year. This level includes a strong emphasis on continuing to improve throwing, catching and batting skills. Local minimum playing time rules are in effect as well as all other rules as determined by the Little League Official Rulebook. The season opens mid-March and goes to the middle of June. It includes 2 practices and 2 games each week. Playoffs and County Tournament of Champions play can extend the season until the end of June. Excellent players, ages 11 and 12, are may be (s)elected to play in the ALL STARS tournament which may last until the end of July. (Subject to DTLLL player availability policies – see last paragraph on the registration form).

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