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Welcome to the Bullets web-site. We encourage all players, parents and fans to browse around the entire site as we are trying to provide a better source of communication to everyone.

The Bullets philosophy is to pursue excellence within the game of Fastpitch Softball through hard work and aggressive execution. Traits that all of the players have displayed to us through the years.

Join us in the continual pursuit of excellence, dedication to hard work and upholding the ultimate respect of the competitive game of softball.

The Bullets Coaching Staff

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Contact Information:
Marv Van Lingen: mgvl305@msn.com/(303)437-0667
RJ Foos: rjfoos03@yahoo.com/(303)472-5357

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All Star by Smash Mouth

2012 Bullets
Saturday, March 31
16~A Bullets 2012

Animated Bullet


Dcng Balls


Dust covered fields. Traveling many miles. Laughter and tears. Hours of smiles.
Every day something different. Yet always the same. Cheering and nervous. Immersed in the game.
And it was at these times, there formed a team. Different fans and family came, but all with one dream.
They may have never met, were it not for their daughters on the field. And for the game nights, when life around them would yield.
As hours passed, so did the innings; each end, brought new beginnings.
For the love of the game, or to see a great play, each fan that came brought something that would stay.
They didn't sit in the dugout, this team that was born. No times up to bat. And no jerseys worn.
This team was in the stands, waving their signs and raising their voices. Praying with each ball hit, the girls would make the right choices.
When we fell down, they were all by our side. And in their eyes, we could see their pride.
And it was these fans, with their support and cheers, that made our team stronger over the years.
From food before games, to "that-a-girls" and memories shared. Their constant uplifting, showed how much they cared.
So fans, thank you! Through victory and defeat, without you our team, would never have been complete! Thank you Bullet fans, family and friends.