Del Rey American Little League (DRALL): 50/70 Program

50/70 Program

Del Rey American Little League’s 50/70 Pilot Program

DRALL is participating in the Little League International’s 50/70 Pilot Program this Spring 2012 season.  Our regular season little league teams play 46/60 baseball where the pitching mound is 46' away and bases are 60' apart.  A 50/70 program plays with the pitching mound 50' away and bases 70' apart as well as incorporating most high school level rules including allowing base runners to lead, running on a dropped 3rd strike, balks etc.  Currently when players age out of little league at 13 years old and play at the Junior Division (or Babe Ruth League) they move to a regulation size field - 60/90 (pitching mound is 60'6" away and bases are 90' apart). The 50/70 play provides for an intermediate transition period.

  • Majors - 46' mound & 60' bases
  • 50/70  - 50' mound & 70' bases
  • Juniors (Babe Ruth) - 60' mound & 90' bases

For Spring 2012, Little League International is giving individual leagues the option of playing 50/70 games for LL age 11 and 12 players in ADDITION to the normal 46/60 regular season.  The normal spring little league (Majors Division) season consisting of up to four team meetings per week (usually two games and two team practices) will not change.

The 50/70 Program is designed for skilled 11 and 12 year old players (and 13s) who want to play additional baseball each week and want to start transitioning to the full size diamond.

What is the DRALL’s goal of providing the Pilot Program?

Our goal is to provide 11,12, and 13 year olds the opportunity to begin to transition to the rules and size of full sized baseball field.  It will also allow players who have a passion and commitment to baseball to supplement the regular season with additional play.  The purpose of the program is instructional for player development.


There is learning curve involved with playing 50/70 baseball which is why we are offering this program.  Attributes such as mechanical fundamentals, game awareness, speed and strength have a different impact as the game progresses.  We want to introduce players to the next level of the game with the hope that many of them will be excited about continuing baseball as 13 year olds.


Who is eligible?

The pilot program is available to all Majors Division Little League players league aged 11 and 12 and also for league age 13s.


When will the season run? 

The Pilot Program will run over a similar time period as our spring season from early March through early June.  Depending on the number of teams, there may be a possibility of a post season tournament (Carl Magee) through District 37.


Is there practice for the Pilot Program?

There will be at least one practice per week and we plan on holding at least three skills clinics over the course of the season, which will emphasize the skills needed to transition to unrestricted base-running and the larger field. 


Will there be tryouts?  How many spots are available? Is there equal playing time?

Tryouts may be necessary.  All 11s, 12s and 13s are eligible to participate, however we would emphasize that the program is designed around transition of players to the next level of baseball.


How many games will there be?

Tentatively, the District is scheduling each team with 1 game per week.  Games will consist of either 6 inning or 7 inning games, depending on District 37 local rules. Double headers are allowed.   


Who will we play?

Games will be scheduled against other District 37 50/70 leagues and other leagues outside of D37.


When will we play?

Still to be determined, but games will be possibly Sunday anywhere from 9am-4pm, depending on District schedules. Practices will be scheduled based on field availability and scheduling with the DRALL Majors Division.


Where will we play?

Games will be played at the District 37 designated field, likely in Hawthorne or Wiseburn Area.


How is pitching going to be handled?

Pitch counts will be recorded in all Pilot Program games and integrated with regular season games.  We anticipate that pitchers in Pilot Program games will be limited to fewer than 35 per week therefore several players will pitch in every game.


What bats will we use?

The Program allows the use of bats measuring up to 2-5/8 (aka “big barrels”), subject to composite bat rules of Little League International. For comparison, in the Majors Division and lower, the bat is limited to 2 ¼ diameter bats.


How much will it cost? 

Still to be determined.


If I am interested in playing with the DRALL District 37 tournament team (All-Stars) do I have to play in the Pilot Program?

No.  Player selection for the All-Star team will be based on performance during the regular season.  Participation in the Program will have no impact on selections.  Little League rules prohibit District teams from being picked before mid-June.  Players in the Program are eligible to play for the tournament team.


What happens if my child is injured?

As with the Little League regular season the transition program is covered under Little Leagues’ supplemental insurance.