Dudley Little League: 2014 Little League Season Divisions

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Major Baseball
The Major Division is our most competitive level of play within the LLB structure. The division age level is from 10 to 12. Although the players will continue to grow their baseball skills and knowledge, we still focus on playing the game for fun. All 11 & 12 year-old players are eligible to play in Majors. The number of 10 year-olds is based on space and the player tryouts in March.

Minor Baseball
This level is for 9-11 year-olds. While continuing to focus on player development, the training is done at the practice level. The teams play 2 games per week along with a team practice. With a few exceptions, full Little League rules apply to this division.

CP / AAA Baseball
This division continues to focus on player development without the competition placed on every game and inning. The division is made up of 8 year-olds and the coaches work to develop pitching, catching, and the "game" of baseball. Before each game the teams will have extra warm-up time for practicing. This age is critical to player development.

Tee Ball
Introduce the 5 & 6 year old player to basic knowledge of the game of baseball. A tee is used to encourage proper batting form. The player will interact with players his/her own age. The adult coach will introduce the ideas of teamwork, running, and hitting. The coach will also focus on social skills of getting along and waiting their turn. The main concept should be learning in a fun environment.

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