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DEA Bedford Over 30

DEA Bedford Over 30:History  
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Bedford Local Weather
DEA Bedford Over 30
Dale Dubois
Fax: 603-669-0900
Bedford, New Hampshire

Wednesday, May 8
History of the Pacers Soccer Club
The Bedford Pacers Soccer Club was founded in 1990 by Mike Dunican, originally as the Londonderry Pacers. In addition to organizing the team and playing, Mike, was also an outstanding youth team coach. The team got its name from their sponsor, Pace Industries, who manufactured industrial pumps and blowers. The Pacers originally played games in Londonderry on various fields, mostly dirt with weeds for greenery. The team then moved to Amherst and played at Ben Brewster's fields for several seasons. As Ben experienced problems with his neighbors, the Pacers moved to the dust bowl at Auburn parks and rec field. This was a terrible field with ruts and bumps and very narrow. So the search was on for a better pitch. As more players had joined the team from Bedford and Manchester area, the Pacers were allowed to use the field at Legacy Park. This is a great pitch where some fine soccer is being played. With this move the Londonderry Pacers changed their name to the Bedford Pacers in 2001.   

Peter Hall is currently the Manager of the Pacers. Peter is one of the original cast members, joining the team in 1992. Other Pacer originals that are still active are: Bertie O'Gorman, and Sean Kelly.

Like all teams in the NEOTH Soccer league, the Pacers started out in Division 6. Over the years they battled their way up the ranks by winning the division title.

In the 2002 Spring Session, the Bedford Pacers won the division 3 North championship. This put them into the playoffs against the Southern Runner up, the Boston White Eagles. The Pacers beat Boston to send them to the finals againsnt Newton Limited, the southern champs. Unfortunately, the Pacers would come up short on the Championship game and take home the also ran shirt.   Winning the 3N championship sent the Pacers into Division 2N for the 2002 Fall session.

The Pacers started their run into division 2N with a impressive crushing of the Westford FC, 6-0. The Pacers would lose there next few games by a goal each. Bedford would end its first season in 2N with a 3-7 record earning them 4th place.

The Spring season would see some new talented players added to the roster. The Pacers would battle Hollis to two consecutive ties and be edged out of the Division Championship due to a controversial loss to PAC Lowell. The Pacers would take a trip to the finals following a forfeit win over the Southern Champs. Bedford would again face Hollis for the Finals. The game would end up in a 2-2 tie after a very hard fought game. Hollis would edge out Bedford in PK's 3-2 to take the crown.

The Pacers will be back at it in the Fall of 2003 on their quest to division 1.   

Some other tid bits of info pulled from the leagues web site:

History of Bedford Pacers (aka Londonderry Pacers)

Season   Division   Wins - Losses - Ties

Spring 1997 Over 30 Division 5 North 5-2-2 3rd place
Fall 1997 Over 30 Division 5 North   8-1-1 Division Champs
Spring 1998 Over 30 Division 4 North 5-2-1 2nd place
Fall 1998 Over 30 Division 4 North   6-2-2 2nd place
Spring 1999 Over 30 Division 4 North 3-4-3 4th place
Fall 1999 Over 30 Division 4 North   5-4-1 2nd place
Spring 2000 Over 30 Division 3 North 5-4-0 3rd place
Fall 2000 Over 30 Division 3 North   2-5-2 4th place
Spring 2001 Over 30 Division 3 North 5-2-3 2nd place
Fall 2001 Over 30 Division 3 North   2-2-6 5th place
Spring 2002 Over 30 Division 3 North 7-0-2 Division Champs
Fall 2002 Over 30 Division 2 North 3-7-0 4th Place
Spring 2003 Over 30 Division 2 North 6-2-2 2nd place
Totals: Wins 56   Losses 35   Ties 23

DEA Bedford Over 30
DEA Bedford Over 30
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