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Monday, April 14
DEA and Melrose United Knotted at 1 Each in Game 2

Game two was against a much better team.

A lot of back and forth in the first half, although the ball spent more time in their end than ours. We got on the board first with our usual patented run to the right corner by Jim. He beat a few defenders then sent a cross to the middle where Steve Morgan headed it in. That's our first header goal in a long time. Unfortunately as a number of people commented, when your only up by one and playing at Sportsman, it just takes one bad bounce.

We dominated the second half as well, but a through ball to a guy hanging out behind the back line (yeah, he was offsides, but with one ref, youse gets what youse gets) gave them a break on the goal. Joe made a good commit on the guy and got a hand on the chip, but the right wing (offsides too if you're being technical, but who's counting?) was there to collect the loose ball and tie it up. We pushed hard for the 8 minutes left, but couldn't get the win.

In this division, any game in which we only let one goal in should be a win for us, and we've got the time of possession in their half, just have to work a bit more on converting that into actual points on the board.


GM NOTE:   We were a bit more challenged by this team...  We need to concentrate on putting the ball in the net.   The best defense is a good offense. 

Tuesday, April 8
DEA Pounds Derry Eagles 8-1 in 2014 Season Opener

Nice to start the season with a win, and we've almost made our goal total for the entire last season.

We added Carlos to the defense, and sent Derek up top with Jimmy to provide a little more offensive power. This worked well with Derek racking up a hat trick, although we still don't quite know how that second one got through.

If I miss someone, my apologies, but the best of my recollection, Derek started the scoring in the first half. They came back to tie it up on an unfortunate ball when Joe's cleat caught on the turf. Scott sent in a nice corner for an own goal which ended the first period scoring with us up 2-1. John Guild celebrated his return to the field with a goal, Jimmy got one, Scott got a real one and as mentioned, Derek got a hat trick. Kevin finished off the scoring with a long stretch poke around the goalie for an 8-1 win.

It was a good start to the season, but before we get too cocky, I do have to point out that Derry's record in 2013 was 1-19. It's good to win, but we weren't really tested and need to keep sharp. Looks like we'll have plenty of subs this season, which was an issue more than once last year so we can all run hard and keep making those plays.

Thanks Godfather for scheduling this one first, now let's make it a trend! ____________________________________________________________________________________________

GM Note: GREAT start boys... thats what we have been missing.... points on the board!!! Keep up the good work!