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DEA Bedford Masters 2

Welcome to the DEA Bedford Masters 2 Home Page.  The DEA Bedford Masters 2 is an Over 40 men's Soccer team that competes in the New England Over The Hill Soccer League (NEOTHSL).  DEA has been in the NEOTHSL for many years and have branched out to three men's teams.  One Over 30 team in Division 1N, One Masters team in Division 2N and this Masters team in Division 5N.   Our home field is Sportsmans Field in Bedford, NH.   Games are played on Sunday mornings during the spring and fall seasons.   As always, unless otherwise noted on the schedule, home game kickoff time is  9:00 AM

Tuesday, October 15
DEA Blanks Andover United 2-0 for Their Second Win in a Row

Good job building the momentum guys.  A few more and we'll be back in the thick of things.

We had a light squad, only 13 with Steve, Scott and Alex all playing injured, and a large Dunkin' Donuts coffee filling in for Rob and Paul on D, but it worked out.

We clearly dominated the first half.  Had a scary moment when the ball rolled along just a foot outside the goal line, but Jeff made a great run back and cleared it out.  Still not doing so good on converting those shots, but Igor obviously reads these post mortems as he knew we suck at the air ball, so he just curved the corner straight in.  Why bother with the middleman?

Once again we got back to old bad habits and let them dominate us early in the second half, but we got out of our funk and started putting the pressure back on them.  Jimmy sent the ball in from the corner to Igor (there were only 3 guys on him, so he was open), who couldn't quite break free for the shot so he gave it a good toe poke as he was being shouldered away from the ball and scored his second goal of the game.  Hat trick next week Igor!

Honorable mention to both Jimmy and Derek who each ripped a solid shot, even if they did go wide.  We need more of those shots!  We're starting to get it together, playing smarter and as a team.   Any shutout is always a good thing.  Let's keep it going next week.

B A R B E Q U E ! ! !
GM NOTES:   GREAT WORK BOYS!!!  Now thats the way to get things done..  Comparing Paul and Rob to a Large Dunkin Donuts coffee is a bit harsh...  I would say a Great One at least.....   Good Win...   Lets do it again...

Tuesday, October 8
DEA Masters First Half of 2013 Fall Season Update

Okay, time for a write up on the first half of the season.

Was kind of hard to get motivated to write about the first four games, but now it's time for a brief respective of those game.


Okay, done with that.  Seriously though, the first 3 games weren't really that bad.  I can honestly say that we had more solid scoring opportunities in each of those games than our opponents. Unfortunately, we didn't convert those opportunities.  In the 4th game we finally figured out how to get the ball in the net to the tune of 3 goals, but we also had our one lousy defensive performance and let in 7.

But, now we've started the turn around.  We came out strong on Sunday and kept the ball mainly in their end for the first half.  Had several good opportunities, and finally Alex, operating in stealth mode camouflaged as some fall foliage, fired a solid shot from the top of the box for a  1-0 lead.

Unfortunately, we have not gotten rid of all the bad habits of previous seasons, and we started the second half rather flat.  Georgetown played with much more energy and brought the attack to us.  They had one really good chance where 
Joe made 3 excellent saves in under a minute to keep them out.  Over the seasons, we've been up and down on offense, up and down on defense, but there's one thing that's been consistent throughout (besides our third half performance) and that is that we really and truly stink at defending the ball in the air.  We've got a combined vertical leap of about an inch in the backfield.  And once again, it bit us as a corner kick played off a Georgetown player's head and into the far side of the goal to tie the game at 1-1.

Now according the official score on, the game must have ended then.  But as we all know there were still 7 minutes left, and the team showed that there is hope for us yet.  For the first time in the second half we got charged up and brought it to them.  We dominated those last minutes and got the winning goal on a nice shot across the net that was deflected in by one of their defenders for the first win of the season.

We had one last chance for a securing goal in the final seconds, but "there was no one there" for the cross.  Goalie wasn't there either, put the ball in the big white box boys :) .

Good win.  Good effort to not let down after they tied it up. As soon as the Godfather gets the score fixed we can celebrate. Until then, get ready for the next one because we got some catching up to do!
GM Note:    Doesn't it feel good to WIN !!!!  Lets turn this thing around in the second half.   It would be nice to see more players than just Derek at our training sessions on Thursday night.   GREAT WIN THOUGH...