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Friday, April 11
DEA wins last regular season indoor game 3-1, in snooze fest

DEA continued their winning ways, beating up on the division II challenger Nashua United and solidifying the #1 seed in the in the playoffs next week.

You can tell that the outdoor season is quickly approaching, as the indoor season winds down. Old faces like Chris Laberge, who was returning after sustaining a back injury and Flo came out of hibernation to grace the field and the team with their soccer ability.

DEA started the game in typical fashion possessing the ball with pin point precession, knocking it all around the field and spreading out the Nashua United defense. It took the might “blues” only four minutes to breakdown the Nashua defense when Ryan “the giver” Carvalho, found Barry streaking off of the right wing to goal. Baz hit the ball a thunderous stuck up over the goalie’s shoulder and into the top netting of the goal.

It remained one-nil for quite some time.  Nashua United was unable to sustain any meaningful pressure against the DEA defense anchored by Jonesie, Dale, and Flo. However DEA became very content offensively, just keeping the ball out on the perimeter and looked uninterested at points. It was not until late in the second half that a free kick from Elvis energized the DEA squad. Elvis bent the ball around the wall, freezing the Nashua United goalie. Unfortunately the ball hit the up post. After that the DEA boy’s came alive going to net and creating multiple goal scoring opportunities.

Just before the end of the half Ryan “the giver” Carvalho, slotted the ball through to Cline who passed the ball passed the keeper, to give DEA a 2-0 lead at the half.

The opening moments of the second half started off just like the middle of the first half with DEA keeping possession but playing uninspired soccer.  Nashua started to gain some confidence offensively producing a handful of counter attacks that were turned away fairly easily by the DEA defense and replacement goalie Tino Martinez filling in for the missing Cloutier.

With the match near it’s end the DEA boy’s started to get a little ambitious with their runs and dribbling. At times there were flashes of dribbling brilliance from Ryan and Cline. in the middle of the field, their was even a moment that Cline looked like a young Diego slice through the Nashua defense like a hot knife through butter. Even with the backs and goalie got into the action pushing up the field, Flo, Jonesie, and Laberge making 30-40 overlaping runs up the field and Tino receiving back passes at midfield and even throw-ins. It was this foolishness by Tino that got Nashua back into the game when an errant pass was intercepted and chipped from midfield into the back of the net. 

DEA however was able to refocus and hold off Nashua’s final push, with the game almost over Laberge sent a ball across the box that Barry ran onto from the left flank and tapped in to ice the game 3-1. Just like typical DEA though the third half was much more exciting were Ryan “the giver” Carvalho kept his generous ways, giving everyone a little love!

Friday, January 25
DEA wins 14th in a row - 2nd half flourish beats Nashua 7-0

DEA started the game just like the Armenians going into battle under manned and disorganized, but just like the Armenian military they packed it in until reinforcements showed up. DEA withheld the Nashua Red attack with ball possession and was finally at full strength about 5 minutes into the match when Tony Karibian and Elvis showed up.
It appeared that Nashua Red showed up to challenge DEA as they played hard the entire first half.  Sending multiple players up the field on the attack causing havoc for the DEA defense and “almost cat like” goalkeeper Jerold White who was playing in net due to an ankle injury suffered playing in Bow.  The action was back and forth through most of the first half with DEA having numerous chances to start off the scoring. However they were unable to capitalize on their chances, missing a couple breakaways and Ryan rocking a shot off the crossbar. It wasn’t until 15 minutes in that DEA finally broke through when Elvis who got a perfect lay off pass from Laberge hit a “Bosnian Bomb” through the defense and past the goalie, that rippled the back of the net like an ocean wave crashing against the shore. Nashua although down 1-0 continued to apply pressure and had a few chances, but nothing that our defense and keeper couldn't handle. Even a twenty yard chip shot at the end of the half that “almost cat like” was able to dismiss with a slight touch over the bar.

The second half was a completely different story, a little upset and frustrated with their play during the 1st half the game DEA came out in the second half like an eighteen year old after prom, energized and looking to score and score they did. Tony Karibian opened up the second half scoring early on rolling a defender and placing a nice low shot past the Nashua goalie into the side netting and from their the flood gates opened up. Ryan just minutes later put away the 3rd goal which was set up with excellent ball movement up the right wing from Cliney and Laberge. Elvis would have had the forth goal after beating two Nashua players and shooting the ball past the goalie but their seemed to be a poacher on the loose and he wasn’t hunting for elephants, Karibian from six inches away from the goal line slammed the ball home clamming his second goal of the match and leaving Elvis with an assist.

After that DEA just continued to knock the ball around the Nashua defense with a surgeon’s accuracy, spreading them out like butter over hot bread and making them prime for a couple more goals. Later in the second half Laberge and Martinez added goals five and six and the rout continued. The final goal was scored four minutes from the end of the game when the Nashua goalie missed handled a ball played across the box from Karibian literally almost throwing it in his own net but rather than allowing the goalie to suffer the embarrassment of scoring on himself Tony “The Poacher” Karibian leaped over the goalie and put away his third goal of the night!!! Total distance of all three shots 4 feet 2 inches. Overall a great game by all and a shut out for Jerold “almost cat like” White, DEA second shutout in a row.

The Final Verdict... DEA 7 Nashua Red 0...

Undefeated in 14 Straight.

Next weeks game is Thursday at 9 PM against Manchester United.

Monday, January 21
DEA Crushes Spartans 10-0 - Welcome to D1- Karibian Gets Shutout

DEA welcomed the Spartans to D1 with a 10-0 spanking to bring their unbeaten streak to 13 in a row.   Gary Karibian was awarded the shutout and had to make 2 really tough saves to keep the Spartans off the board.  Karibian played his second game in as many days and picked up his second win in a row.  DEA's normal net minder, Chris Cloutier,  had the week off, suffering from CT.  Many thanks to Gary, who did an excellent job in Cloutiers absense.  

It seemed that the Spartans showed up to play as they played hard at first and were able to hold their own through the first half.   DEA scored first, however, as Elvis waltzed through the defense and netted one. The next DEA tally came following four one time passes that ended up at the feet of Laberge, who didn't disappoint. The Spartans had a few chances on breakaways, but nothing that our defense and keeper couldn't handle easily. There were also some complaints over the physical play of DEA.

The 3rd goal for DEA came early in the second half and the flood gates opened up. Ryan pounded the 3rd from the right hand side, and then Peter added one after a few good one-touch passes. Elvis put in his second on the night with his knee off a cross from Ryan. Ryan scored the next in a similar manner, being wide open, camping in the front of the goal. At this point, Spartans were trying to send long balls in, but their spirit was broken. They were yelling a lot (not sure if it was Greek or Romanian).

The rout continued with Laberge and Dan scoring the next two. Then it happened.

After Ryan's shot was deflected, DEA got a corner kick. Elvis set up to take the kick. Cliney was on the outside yelling for the ball. It was 8-0 so Elvis hit a long ball over Laberge out of harms way. Peter saw the long ball, took one step and hit a screaming volley across goal into the far post side netting.

WOW -- Complete silence in the arena.

Flo finished of the punishment as he would make one of his trademark runs and hit a ball so hard that nobody realized it was goal for a few seconds. The Spartan keeper never even saw it.

Ending Bell... DEA 10 Spartans 0...  GREAT GAME DEA -- Undefeated in 13 Straight.

Next weeks game is Thursday at 9 PM against Nashua Red.

Thursday, January 17
Undefeated in 12 Straight Games with Win Over Bosnia 4-2

With two games in two days this week, DEA was dealing with short numbers for the start of this game with Bosnia. With some last minute negotiations, however, the front office would be able to agree to at least a two game contract with Ararat Keeper, Gary Karibian. DEA keeper Chris Cloutier was MIA on baby duty. Jim McCall would also hang around to help DEA after his team showed up a day early for their match.

DEA played very smart and never lost control of this game. Bosnia was content with packing 5 guys in their own end and only sending two attackers. This made things easy to manage for Tino, who commanded the DEA defense with Jonesy and Dale on the flanks. On the other end, DEA strung together some excellent passing and really spread the Bosnian team out. DEA would go up 1-0 early as Jonesy would make a run out of the back and hit a through pass to the far post. Cliney, yes Cliney timed his run perfectly and one timed the pass into the net. DEA continued to test Sadin, the Bosnian keeper, forcing him to make some great saves to keep this game close. Bosnia would come right back and tie the game with a goal on a tough angle shot into side netting. This would last all of one minute, as DEA would take the pursuing kickoff down the field. Ryan would battle a few defenders before he would neatly heal flick a pass back to a charging Elvis. Elvis would scorch one into the back of the net to put DEA up for good. First half would end 2-1 in favor of DEA.

DEA didn't need to change their game plan as the game was very much in their control. The second half started the same. DEA kept possession of the ball with some good passing and some good looks at the net. Laberge and Ryan both had great shots that somehow were tipped away. Then, it looked like Bosnia would tie the game up as they got a break away on a quick counter. Gary would have none of this and he would stuff the attack with a well timed sliding save. This sparked DEA and they would come right back. This time it would start out of the back, Tino to Laberge, across to Dale, up to Cliney on the touch line, back to Ryan. Ryan would have a look and scorch a shot to the far post. This time, McCall would one time it into the opposite corner. Nice goal. With this McCall headed for home. Bosnia would close the gap to one goal as DEA turned the ball over at midfield for a quick counter attack. Gary had no chance at this one as Bosnia did some fine passing in front before the shot. Bosnia was tired and DEA was content with just knocking the ball around. Jonesy would finish the deal for DEA with 2 minutes left. He would take an outlet pass and dribble just beyond midfield to the left side, turn and rip a shot that found only the back of the net. Great shot. This is becoming a trademark for Jones, who is good for at least one of these per session.

GREAT WIN for DEA. This makes 12 straight games without a defeat. DEA goes right back to it tonight at 8PM as they take on the new D1 team Spartans.

Friday, March 9
Elvis' Hat Trick Leads DEA to 4-2 Win Over Hollis
Elvis Zukovic would score three goals and would draw the PK for the 4th goal as DEA beat the tough Hollis squad last night. DEA would have the twilight match against their NEOTHSL D1 rivals, Hollis last night at Rising Stars. DEA was ready to play and put on a good show for the remaining fans as they systematically took apart their opponent. Elvis was red hot last night and got things going early for DEA. First, Dale would take the ball down the right side and spot Elvis making a run. Elvis would time his run perfect to receive Dales cross and DEA was up 1-0. DEA played very smart against the talented Hollis team. They contained on defense and counter attacked very well. Jerold and Mehdi also did a great job of possessing the ball when DEA had 4 men forward. Elvis would get taken down in the box as he was heading in for another attempt to score and was awarded a PK. Jerold redeemed himself at the penalty stripe, blasting a low hard shot into the lower left side. DEA was up 2-0 and was in control of the match. Hollis would get one back as Wisby would blast a shot from 15 yards out that whistled by Tino. Nothing to say but, nice shot. Tino played very strong in net, making some very tough saves to keep the lead going into the half.

In the second half, Tino switched out of the net with Jerold. Tino's fresh legs got things going right off, as he took the ball down the left side and found Elvis open in the middle. Elvis received the pass and rifled one into the net to give DEA a 2 goal cushion once again. Hollis started to feel the pressure and would break out with some good counter attacks. They would get one back on a hard blast into the upper 90 by Shane. Another great shot that brought compliments from both sides. It was now 3-2 and things got a bit chippy. Lopez and Laberge would go at it a bit, but not too bad. Kruger was holding everything in site as he struggled to play defense. Dale and Shane collided hard, but the score remained the same. With only minutes left to play, Hollis pulled their keeper to attempt the equalizer. This would backfire quickly as Chris Laberge would pick off a pass and one time it to Elvis. Elvis would race to the goal and score his hat trick at the buzzer for the final score of 4-2

A great win for DEA. Very smart play with some quality finishing. DEA takes on their cross town rivals the Bedford Blast at 9 PM on Field E2(the one next to the bar).

Tuesday, February 20
Katane Clinches Scoring Title as DEA and Merkins Knot 3-3
Mehdi Katane captured the session 3 scoring title for DEA as the came from behind to tie Merkins 3-3 and head into the playoffs. DEA just did not get up to play for this match as they were riding the #1 seed into the playoffs no matter the outcome of this match. Merkins came out on fire and by the half, DEA found themselves in a 3-0 hole.   

After the half time gripe session, DEA came out with a different attitude. Mehdi got DEA on the board with one of his two on the night. Shortly after, DEA got awarded a PK in a rare call that went their way. Jerold stepped to the line in hopes to bring DEA within one. However, Jerold's miscue was deflected away by the keeper and DEA still down by two. On the other end, #6&7 and Tino were in the net in place of the absent Cloutier for DEA. Barry Fitzgerald would score the next one with help from Tino and DEA was closing in. Mehdi would score the next to knot the score at 3 a piece. The momentum was clearly shifted to the DEA and Merkins was scrambling to preserve the one point for the tie. DEA hit everything but net and the game would end 3-3. Corney, the ref asked if we would like to go another half. Ryan, not appreciative of the calls, answered "yes, if we can get another ref, cuz you ****!!!" Corney didn't see the humor and dealt Carvalho a yellow and a red. Ryan was not too upset as he had to work the following week...

DEA heads into the playoffs ranked in the #1 spot and will take on the winner of the Merkins - FSC match. Game time is at 8:10 PM. DEA is favored to capture the title this session. Last session they were bumped or should I say "dived" out of the championship match... but we won't revisit that.

Other DEA notes: Congrats to Chris and Jen Jones on their new baby girl Lindsey Aime Jones Born:   February 10, 2007 At 1:04 PM Weighing in at 8 lbs 9 oz and 21.5 inches long... Congrats from all DEA !!!!

Baby Jones
Lindsey Aime Jones

Friday, February 2
Big Foot Sighting - DEA Trips and Ties Storm 2-2 (REVISED)
DEA tried very hard to beat themselves last night in Bedford as they took on the Perfect Storm. They did manage to make a comeback and scrounge a tie and a point in the standings. Details are sketchy on this one as the two reporters were absent and we need to rely on word of mouth reporting. Anyway, it sounded ugly. It went something like this.

DEA started the game without their usual keeper, so Jerold jumped in net. Jerold is a good keeper and he was tested right away. Something about a Big Foot type creature ran across the floor. Suddenly, Elvis was flying through the air and scored a leaping salmon type goal over Jerold's head. The Storm was up 1-0 as JD was in the building for the second week in a row for DEA. Willy got a goal back for DEA to tie it up. Willy seems to be getting his scoring touch back, as he was starting to fall behind DEA goal scoring leader Mehdi Katane.

The next goal from the Storm was foggy... we have had a couple accounts of this one. One eye witness claims that Jerold got chipped from the parking lot. Another says that Jerold was wandering aimlessly around midfield looking for something and got chipped to put the Storm up 2-1. This is subject to change as more of the team chimes in.   Time was winding out and it was looking like DEA was about to loose its first game of the session. Then, details are a bit sketchy on this one also, it seems that Mehdi has gone to the Manny school of drawing PK's and he was awarded a PK. Mehdi doesn't miss these and tied the score 2-2. The final whistle blew and DEA headed for the bar. A 7PM start.... I am surprised anyone remembered the score...

Feel free to email me(Dale) any additional details that are missing or inaccurate.

DEA takes on FSC next week at 8PM on E1 field.

News flash.... The schedule appears to have changed... it says that we played New Castle and not the Perfect Storm last night. Is this true?? Anyone??


1. It seems that Mehdi is not the one that went to the Manny school of diving. He was sick that day and sent Sharby in his place. Sharby is the one who drew the foul and the PK. Then Mehdi, noticing that Willy was catching up on goals for this session, took the ball away and shot the PK....

Monday, January 8
DEA Crushes Nashua United 5-1 to Open Session #3
DEA started the 3rd session with a big W over Nashua United at Rising Stars last Thursday night. After a disappointing finish in the playoffs the week before, DEA was out for the kill. Despite not having their starting keeper, DEA ran out to a 3-0 half time lead on goals from Mehdi, Jerold and then Mehdi again. Last session, DEA had a four way tie for leading scorer between Jerold, Willy, Elvis and Sharby. Looks like Mehdi wants a piece of that this session. Chris Florek, who is still nursing a nasty ankle injury, took net duties and didn't see much action. The DEA defense, led by Dan Martin shut down just about every Nashua attack. Jerold would switch with Flo in the net for the second half so that Chris could test his peg. Nashua would try a different strategy, after packing it in for most of the first half. They would try and get some offense started and spread out the field. This worked into the DEA hands however, as they would quick counter on the United squad each time. About 5 minutes into the half, Elvis would send a ball to the left side of the Nashua net that looked to be heading over the touch line. Willy would sprint to the ball beating his defender who was sure the ball was heading out of bounds. Willy hit a screaming cross right onto the right foot of Scott Sharby, who was parked in front of the net. Sharby would neatly redirect the ball into the upper part of the net for DEA's 4th goal. Peter Cline tried to make it interesting as he would be called for a double dribble in the DEA area. Nashua would be awarded a PK. However, Jerold would lay out on the shot and get his right hand on the ball to deflect it out of the goal. Nice save to preserve the shut out. About midway through the half, Nashua would break through however. A shot that was going to the right side of the DEA net was deflected off an unidentified DEA player. As Jerold slid to his left to make the save the ball redirected slowly into the opposite side of the net to spoil the shutout. Barry Fitzgerald would finish the scoring for DEA with a blast from the right side. Nice to have Barry back. DEA is on the right track with this impressive win. Next game is not posted yet. Check your emails for an update or check the league website. Nice win DEA.

Wednesday, November 8
DEA Wins Second with a Comfortable 4-1 Win
DEA shut down the winner of the previous session, Storm, 4-1 this evening to run their record to 2-0 on the season.

After a scoreless first half, DEA allowed Storm to get the scoring started before taking off. Scott Sharby had DEA's first, followed minutes later by Chris Laberge to give DEA the lead. After Chris Jones fine defensive play gave Christian Gagnon an opening, Gagnon tore through the middle and deposited an insurance tally. Goal of the night came on Sharby's second. Laberge's long cross found Elvis, who one-timed a pass into the box that Sharby volleyed home. Well taken all around on this one.

Look for updates for next week's game.

Thursday, November 2
DEA Starts Year Off With a Win
DEA upended Nashua United this evening, 2-1, in a match that wasn't as close as the score indicated. Nashua rarely threatened, as DEA kept the ball in the Nashua end all match. Elvis Zukovic (PK) and Willie Mungere lit the lamp for DEA.

Tuesday, May 2
DEA Bedford Wins the 2006 Summit Cup Championship
Summit Cup
2006 Summit Cup Champions -- DEA Bedford Indoor Soccer Club
Front Row L-R: Nick Masci, Jeff Lereau, Ryan Carvalho Back Row L-R: David Picanso, Jerold White, Barry Fitzgerald, Dale Dubois, Chris Florek, Chris Harrington.

This past Saturday, the DEA Bedford Indoor Club captured the 2006 Summit Cup Championship at Rising Starts Sports Center. The Tournament was put on as a benefit for the American Diabetes Association. Because the tournament was held on a Saturday(normally a day off for the DEA team)we had to do some recruiting. Ryan "Salmon" Carvalho came trough with three quality players to add to the mix.

DEA started strong against a team called "The Kids". DEA controlled the game and went on to a decisive 5-1 victory. Chris Harrington, one of the salmons recruits, was in the net for DEA and got over some early jitters.

The Next game DEA took on a more talented "United" squad. Because they were more talented, they felt that they could run the DEA team. This was to their demise, however, as DEA would counter every attempt and run the score to 7-1 before this one ended.

The next match was with Team Toshiba. This was a battle. DEA was a bit timid at first but managed to score the first goal. However, Team Toshiba hung in there and leveled the scored with about 5 minutes to go in the 25 minute match. DEA just couldn't get the go ahead goal. Toshiba would counter and score the game winner with only a minute left. DEA went down 2-1 in this match.

Based upon the points, it would be a rematch of Team Toshiba and DEA in the finals after a one game break. Toshiba would grab a couple of players off the United team to help with their fitness, but it would be to no avail. DEA was all over them from the whistle. Scoring a minute into the match and would not stop until the final of 10-1 was reached. DEA would take home the hardware and some warm Miller Lite. A fun time was had by all for a good cause... Mike Robinson(Pepperell) reported that $1600 was raised that day....

DEA Indoor Soccer Club
DEA Indoor Soccer Club
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