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Welcome to DEA Indoor Soccer Club Home Page

Welcome to the  17  time Division 1 Champions, DEA Indoor Soccer Club's website. DEA has is a very talented mens over 30 team that competes at the NH Sportsplex in Bedford, NH. After a few years of dominating the indoor league at Fieldhouse Sports in Bow, DEA is happy to be back in Bedford. The core of the team has been together for many years dating back to the days of playing at Indian Ridge with the overgrown tennis balls and Dean's Carpet with the Manchester Indoor Soccer League. DEA has put together a first class team and so far has dominated in Bedford winning 5 out of 6 championships since returning.  DEA will try to repeat in its session 2 of 2008. Come see a game on Thursday nights.

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Thursday, April 17
More Hardware for the DEA Trophy Cabinet

DEA once again was crowned Champions, winning two games to end the winter season on a high note.  They finished the winter season with an ungodly 25-2-1 record and won two of three tournaments (along with being #1 seed all season).

In their first match, they stormed ahead of Newcastle United in the opening minutes and never looked back.  Five minutes in, Jerold White and Tino Martinez worked some passing on the right side before Jerold threaded a pass through traffic to the back post.  There, Ryan Carvalho volleyed home a "Cliney" from a yard out to give DEA an early lead.

Two minutes later, Elvis Zukovic had the honor of feeding Ryan again, this time on the floor where Ryan again proved he is deadly from inside a foot to make it two-nil before the crowd was even settled into their seats.

DEA got an own goal a few minutes later when a had clearance was pounded into the defenders cubicles.  The rebound fell into the net and DEA had this one locked up.

With six minutes left, DEA closed out their scoring when the waiter served up a nice little dessert for Elvis.  Waltzing through the area, his dessert was left for him on a nice silver platter...just laying there virtually still begging to be drilled.  Elvis made no mistake as he pounded home his shot to make it 4-0.

Newcastle would pick up a late consolation prize for the 4-1 final in which DEA played the entire game short numbers.

The Season Finale had Metro Arsenal and DEA going toe-to-toe again.  They had battled all year, with Metro continually getting a lead against DEA only to see the class of the league come back everytime.  This time, there would be no lead to give up as it went down to the wire scoreless before DEA found the netting.

This game was all defense, as Chris Jones and Jerold White was monsters on the backline.  They bottled up the tandem of Pat Mulcahey and Ivan Iwannabuyavowel continually, and when they had nothing it was up to Tino to mark C*ckinthemouth out of the game.

Peter Cline, Elvis, and Ryan also tracked back when necessary as DEA deployed a solid team approach to defense and held any chances into the DEA zone at a minimum.

With about ten minutes left in the match, Tony Karibian showed up from the buffet and got DEA enough players.  In a certain twist of irony, with five minutes left TK was the one who got the winner.

Jerold and Elvis again worked their magic.  When Elvis scorched a low drive that was looking to go just wide, TK was camped at the back post and touched home from 4" out to finally break the ice.

Elvis made it interesting by chopping Mulcahey to the pitch and being awarded both a yellow card and two minutes in the sin-bin.  DEA held off Arsenal without issue to take the title, 1-0.

Another tremendous winter season has come and gone.  The evening continued to get lively as the band was playing in the bar until all hours of the night.  The highlight of the show was a rousing rendition of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" that saw all of DEA join in. 

Check out the O-30's and O-40's websites for updates on their Spring seasons which is just underway.


Friday, April 11
DEA wins last regular season indoor game 3-1, in snooze fest

DEA continued their winning ways, beating up on the division II challenger Nashua United and solidifying the #1 seed in the in the playoffs next week.

You can tell that the outdoor season is quickly approaching, as the indoor season winds down. Old faces like Chris Laberge, who was returning after sustaining a back injury and Flo came out of hibernation to grace the field and the team with their soccer ability.

DEA started the game in typical fashion possessing the ball with pin point precession, knocking it all around the field and spreading out the Nashua United defense. It took the might “blues” only four minutes to breakdown the Nashua defense when Ryan “the giver” Carvalho, found Barry streaking off of the right wing to goal. Baz hit the ball a thunderous stuck up over the goalie’s shoulder and into the top netting of the goal.

It remained one-nil for quite some time.  Nashua United was unable to sustain any meaningful pressure against the DEA defense anchored by Jonesie, Dale, and Flo. However DEA became very content offensively, just keeping the ball out on the perimeter and looked uninterested at points. It was not until late in the second half that a free kick from Elvis energized the DEA squad. Elvis bent the ball around the wall, freezing the Nashua United goalie. Unfortunately the ball hit the up post. After that the DEA boy’s came alive going to net and creating multiple goal scoring opportunities.

Just before the end of the half Ryan “the giver” Carvalho, slotted the ball through to Cline who passed the ball passed the keeper, to give DEA a 2-0 lead at the half.

The opening moments of the second half started off just like the middle of the first half with DEA keeping possession but playing uninspired soccer.  Nashua started to gain some confidence offensively producing a handful of counter attacks that were turned away fairly easily by the DEA defense and replacement goalie Tino Martinez filling in for the missing Cloutier.

With the match near it’s end the DEA boy’s started to get a little ambitious with their runs and dribbling. At times there were flashes of dribbling brilliance from Ryan and Cline. in the middle of the field, their was even a moment that Cline looked like a young Diego slice through the Nashua defense like a hot knife through butter. Even with the backs and goalie got into the action pushing up the field, Flo, Jonesie, and Laberge making 30-40 overlaping runs up the field and Tino receiving back passes at midfield and even throw-ins. It was this foolishness by Tino that got Nashua back into the game when an errant pass was intercepted and chipped from midfield into the back of the net. 

DEA however was able to refocus and hold off Nashua’s final push, with the game almost over Laberge sent a ball across the box that Barry ran onto from the left flank and tapped in to ice the game 3-1. Just like typical DEA though the third half was much more exciting were Ryan “the giver” Carvalho kept his generous ways, giving everyone a little love!

Wednesday, April 2
DEA Stays On the Winning Track, Upends State Farm Douchebags 4-2

DEA continued their winning ways, upending a new team, the State Farm Douchebag Stupid B*tches by pulling away late.

Seriously, the team DEA played wasn't the real team.  Being short numbers, they recruited a few players who were milling around the docks looking for work.  What is always interesting, though, is that when a team is short players (and I'm not talking about the little twerp that played for them ) when playing DEA, they are allowed to recruit.  Then, when their team arrives, they continue to utilize the migrant labor and end up with a full bench, too.  DEA takes the double-standard in stride, as usual.

So, in what has become typical DEA fashion as the winter season winds down, they quickly found themselves in a 1-0 hole five minutes into the match.  When a cross filtered into the box, Jerold "leaped" (liberal use of the term "leaped") and flicked the cross to an open man off the back post.  The touch home from two yards was an easy one, and it was 1-0 before the smoke from the pre-game pyrotechnic display had cleared out.

It remained one-nil for quite some time.  State Farm was only attacking on occasion.  Otherwise, it was all DEA possessing, but there appeared to be an army of defenders camped out in front of the State Farm goal.  One foray from State Farm allowed the little twerp to have a good look off the right post, but Chris Cloutier slid to turn it aside.

As a few fans began to make a break towards the bathrooms to avoid the long lines as the half wound down, Jonesie stepped in front of a pass and sprung Ryan Carvalho free.  Ryan's first touch was a beauty, and his second was even better as he scorched a drive into the short side to level it before the break.

The opening moments of the second half saw State Farm's last opportunity before mop up time, but again Cloutier slid to stop a shot.  DEA then starting clicking on all cylinders.

Jonesie thumped a screamer off the crossbar, before Peter Cline's rebounded volley whistled high.  DEA pressed more and more, and State Farm was starting to get a little pissy.  Then, DEA took their first lead.

Again the play was started out of the back.  Jonesie again stepped in front of a through ball, and noticed inexplicably every State Farm defender had drifted away from their tether in front of the goal.  Jonesie found Ryan all alone, and he again finished superbly to make it 2-1.

State Farm now tried to attack, but having played on their heels all game their ambition at goal was left wanting.  The backfield of Tino, Dale, and Jerold was stopping any real chances.  Ryan even tracked back to head one semi-serious cross away.

After some pushing by Napolean on Jerold,  some State Farm players began to get more mouthy and commented "What, are you going to put it on your web page?"  Yes.  Yes we are.  When Ryan got into another scuffle, he was accused of diving.  He replied with "you're just a bunch of douchebags.  B**chy douchebags."  After two State Farm players collided, he added "Did I mention stupid, too?"  Pure comedy.

Tino waltzed through another set of players and looked to beat everyone and pushed home into the open goal.  Elvis intercepted, and sat down on the one-yard line and ordered a sandwich and a cold drink.  While waiting for his meal to arrive, he took to long too finish it off and had to suddenly beat a defender and the keeper who had scrambled back.  He did so, and DEA had the insurance.

A minute later, Elvis scored a more conventional goal by touching past one defender and firing a laser into the side webbing to make it 4-1.

State Farm collected some trash in the final minute to close the scoring out.

 One more game before playoffs...then we move outside for good.....

Wednesday, March 26
Metro Can't Hold Lead Against DEA (Ararat, whatever the hell the name of our team is) Again

In what is becoming a familiar theme, DEAArarat let Metro Arsenal take an early lead before coming back with a 4-2 victory and taking over first place again.

With the Over-30 outdoor squad holding tryouts before the game, DEAArarat played a spirited 55 minutes as a "warm-up".  Metro took advantage when the game started by jumping on a loose ball in the opening two minutes and slotted home from close range to take an early lead.

After Elvis was sent to the sin-bin for a two minutes for a verbal outburst, DEAArarat had just about killed the penalty without incident when another turnover allowed Ivan Iwannabuyavowel to scorch a hard shot off the crossbar.  The rebound was volleyed home impressively and DEAArarat was down by two.

Whomever was manning the goal for Metro came up big on two glorious chances.  First, Ryan Carvalho skirted past his defender and let fly from close range.  The keeper impressively parried his shot around the corner to keep the scoresheet blank.  Five minutes later, Elvis danced through traffic and he fired in similar fashion as Ryan, but with similar results as the keeper again came up big.

With less than five minutes to play in the half, DEAArarat finally broke through.  After Barry Fitzgerald won a corner, Ryan's ensuing restart found Dale Dubois at the back post.  Dale, in the middle of playing an almost unheard of 150+ straight minutes of soccer, met Ryan's drive at the backpost and nodded home from close range.

With under a minute left in the half, DEAArarat put a dagger into Metro and levelled going into the break.  With Ryan again in the mix, he found Tony Karibian perched off the left post.  TK slotted to a streaking Junior, who was making a furious run down the middle.   The pass found Junior's left foot (which is like a T-Rex's front paws = useless), he somehow got his right boot around and pushed home from close range make it 2-2.

As the second half got under way, DEAArarat had to quell only a couple of early opportunities to keep Metro's confidence waning.  Jonesie threw himself in front of Ivan's grenade launcher to thwart one threat; Tino and Junior Malachie-Crunched c*ckinthemouth to close down another; Jerold simply ran over c*ckinthemouth to stymie a third.

Ryan and Jerold would work an impressive one-two-three-four passing display before Ryan was put clear from close range.  He doesn't miss those bunnies as his shot found all netting to give DEAArarat their first lead at 3-2.

In the final minute, DEAArarat salted it away off a quick counter.  Tino's long cross found Jonesie open on the left side.  Jonesie, standing only 5'6", somehow rose like Salmon-like and settled neatly.  With Elvis open in the middle, he tip-toed around a defender and the keeper and finished into the vacated goal to close it out at 4-2.

An impressive win by DEAArarat which restored their rightful place at the top of the table  as the now close out the season against two Division II teams.

Thursday, March 20
DEA Continues to Roll

After suffering through their humiliating defeat at the hands of Manchester United, DEA again took out their anger on the opposition.  This week's victims were Newcastle United, and the result was an 8-1 drubbing.  As was the case last week, DEA was led by a Ryan Carvalho hat trick.

Ryan opened the scoring early off a pass from Elvis.  The game reporter missed the action, as he was still settling into his seat and chatting with the fans around him.  So, details are sketchy.

Five minutes later, it was Ryan again.  This time, Jerold chipped a pass into the box.  Newcastle's keeper, who is usually a solid shotstopper, made an ill-advised attempt to win the ball well outside of his net.  Ryan flicked it over his head and it softly settled into the webbing.  A nice, quality touch.

TK then finished from close range to keep his scoring streak alive at two games.

Alessandro Del Piero then waltzed across the top of the box, leaving defenders in his wake before ripping a shot to the short side to make it 4-0 at the half.

TK again pounded home from close range when he mopped up Del Piero's hard shot that bounded off the post early in the second half to make it 5-0.  "You can't stop him, you can only hope to contain him" was overheard from the crowd.

Jerold, having spent the evening dishing out helpers, got one of his own before Ryan finished off his hat trick from the spot.

Defensively, keeper Chris Cloutier was only awakened from his slumber twice, and that was when Jonesie was getting too cute in the back.  Newcastle's only goal came on a racist PK call against Jerold.  Rev. Al Sharpton had this to say "It's disgusting in this day and age, with the way people of color have been held down for so long, that they are held to a different standard.  It is my dream, my only wish, to someday see a world where all players, of all races, are treated fairly on the pitch."  However, since the ole' Reverend is irrelevent, nobody really paid attention and, instead, just figured it was a bad call by Phil the Ref.

In a suprise, Dan Martin made his return.  After a no-show run for the last month, he was found in a beach resort in Tiajuana selling fruity drinks to tourists.  Credit goes to the cast and crew of 'America's Most Wanted' for located him and returning him to his rightful place along the DEA backline.


Thursday, March 13
Ararat Gets Back to Winning Ways; Dismantles the Blast as Carvalho Nets Three

Ararat FC, aka DEAArarat, pounded the Bedford Blast 6-0 this evening.

After the Blast knocked DEA out of the playoffs last session, DEAArarat was looking for blood.  Especially after last week's atrocious showing in dropping a 2-1 decision to Manchester United. 

Starting the game down a man, DEAArarat were all over the Blast.  Holding posession, DEAArarat was able to limit the offensive chances by the Blast to attempting longballs to Mehdi, where he was swallowed whole and spit out by Jerold White.

DEAArarat looked to get an early lead when Elvis Zukovic came clear after five minutes, but he twisted his low shot wide of the left post.

Ryan Carvalho would get the scoring started after 8 minutes when he finished off a one-two with Jerold.  After Carvalho found himself clear, he steamed a low shot that Blast Keeper Dave Brunet would only watch as it whistled by.

Six minutes later, Ryan and Jerold hooked up again, with another positive result.  This time, it was Ryan doing the feeding as Jerold finished neatly to give DEAArarat a 2-0 halftime cushion.

At the four-minute mark of the second half, DEAArarat left Jim McCall open at the back post.  He was a bit late arriving, and his shot lacked some mustard as Keeper Chris Cloutier scrambled back to save easily.

With Tino Martinez and Jerold thwarting any momentum, DEAArarat continued to dominate the midfield and got overall great play on the wings from Barry Fitzgerald and Tony Karibian.  Even Ryan was tracking back when needed and defended smartly.

The Blast then had their last chance to make a game of it.  Mehdi got open for his only shot of the game, but Cloutier dived left to parry it aside. 

On the ensuing corner, Elvis intercepted and skated through the middle.  Outrunning his defenders, he fed Tino on the right.  As it looked like Tino was about to run out of room, he somehow dug the ball back off the line and fed across the goalmouth to Ryan.  He had to reach back to gather it before pushing it home to give DEAArarat a commanding 3-0 lead.

Ryan was not done, however.  With DEAArarat facing 4th and long trapped in their own end, Cloutier saw single coverage and audibled for a long bomb down the seam.  Blast defender John Valiskas mistimed his clearance, and after watching defenders fall by the wayside Ryan found himself in clear.  He completed his hat trick by easily touching home to make it 4-nill.

In the final five minutes, TK made two great runs from the back post where Barry's impressive feeds were well-timed to find TK open in the slot.  He finished both from close range to make the rout official.

Seeing as there was only one DEA player in attendance, a formal request for a name change by the Ararat posse was issued.  DEA Management has reported they will take the request under advisement.

Thursday, March 6
DEA Lethargic in 2-1 Loss to Manchester United

DEA played with no will, no passion, no energy...and it showed as Manchester United beat DEA 2-1. 

In only their second loss of the winter, DEA this time couldn't blame the woodwork or lack of chances this evening.  Manchester United was the better squad, playing more aggresively on defense and taking advantage of their chances.

DEA noticed a mish-mash lineup against them and didn't take ManchU seriously for the first ten minutes.  As is often the case, they couldn't get themselves back into the game when the heat was turned on and they never recovered.

Early on, DEA was possessing well but lacked ambition when attacking at goal.  They defended smartly, meaning most of the action was contained to the midfield.  

ManchU took the lead at the 15-minute mark when their beanpole striker waltzed through unencombered and let fly from outside the box.  His shot wasn't roped, but was hit low and DEA keeper Chris Cloutier continued his slump but only flailing at the skimmer and it tucked inside the post.

DEA kept trying to attack, but everything was breaking down in the final third.  They finally levelled with 30 seconds in the half when Ryan Carvalho's scorcher seemed to go through the keeper and it looked like DEA would be able to right the ship.

Instead, a few more reinforcements showed up for ManchU, and they played more cohesively in the back.  They were packing it in, and DEA would try to take the lead, but were lacking the balance between attacking with ambition and patiently waiting for the right opportunity.

With five minutes left, the ManchU beanpole struck again.  Turning his mark along the goal line, he skated down low looking to pass.  Seeing traffic all over, he caught Cloutier sneaking off his line and fired hard toward goal.  It snuck by on the short side, leaving DEA stunned and down.

They did have one good chance to level in the final minute.  Jerold White took Carvalho's pass at the top of the box.  Jerold got caught between pass to Chris Laberge and shot...and instead the easy shot was swallowed up by the ManchU keeper.

Time ran out and, as it always the case about this time of the year, DEA admitted that it has been a long indoor season and their thoughts have turned to the green, green grass of the outdoor pitch.  However, there is still a month-and-a-half left to play, so they had better play better all around to avoid another crappy showing.

Thursday, February 28
Laberge Leads DEA Over Hollis, 3-1

DEA got back on track after the disapointing playoff loss last session with a win over longtime rival Hollis United, 3-1.  Chris Laberge would lead the way with two goals and set up the other.

After Hollis stormed through last session undefeated, and untested, in Division II, they were promoted to play with the big boys.  They also brought over Brendan Gilmarton and Reyad Mohamed from Metro Arsenal, so they looked to give DEA a game.

 DEA was missing some important players, so they were utilizing a mish-mash lineup full of defenders.  They also employed the services of DEA Mercenary Chris Florek as it looked before the game numbers would be a problem.

Hollis got on the board ten minutes into the match when a low shot bounded past DEA Keeper Chris Cloutier and snuck inside the far post.  His goaltending slump appeared to be continuing, which was not a good sign.

DEA would get it back five minutes later when Laberge muscled Gilmarton off the ball in the right corner.  Once winning possession, he turned toward goal and fired a low shot that beat the keeper to the short side to bring the match level.

Back at the other end, Shane broke free down the middle, but was stymied by a sliding Cloutier to thwart a clear chance.  A minute later, after Cloutier stepped in front of a corner and punched clear, the ball squirted toward goal where it was intercepted by Jerold White on the goal line.  With Hollis swarming Jerold, and his heels almost in the cage, he calmly beat his man and cleared from danger.

After Flo stepped in front of a clearing pass, he one-timed to Laberge who was open in front.  Laberge fed Jerold off the right post, where he finished nicely to give DEA a lead they wouldn't relinquish.

As halftime approached, there was still time for some drama.  Julian from Hollis fired a long shot from outside the Cloutier tipped over the bar.

Elvis broke free and curled a low shot that just went wide. 

One more scramble by Hollis found their little Peruvian striker with an open goal, but he manhandled his chance and Cloutier got back in time to smother it.

Early in the second half, DEA searched for some insurance, but it was Hollis who was creating the problems for DEA.  With Flo, Dale, Tino, and Jonesie clamping down in the back as usual, open players kept cropping free as Hollis was sending everyone into the box.  It was getting chaotic at times, but the chances weren't anything that were causing too much harm for the most part.

As time wore down, a restart in Hollis' zone saw a hard shot come clear, and a fast break lead by Shane and Reyad.  With Jonesie covering Shane and eliminating Reyad's options, Cloutier slid out and forced Reyad's shot wide.  DEA had dodged a bullet.

In the final minute, Laberge took a clearance and found himself with some room as Hollis was suceptable to the counter.  He finished calmly just before the whistle to close it out.

Nice to get back to their winning ways, DEA upped their winter record to 17-1-2.


Thursday, February 21
DEA Upended in the Semis

DEA was upended by the Bedford Blast in the semis, 2-1, in a stunning overtime loss.

After seeing Ryan Carvalho, Barry Fitzgerald, and Jerold White give DEA a 3-0 win in their first match over Nashua Red, DEA looked set for another title shot.

The two hour break between games didn't help matters, but DEA dominated the Blast, outshooting them 15-2.  Unfortunately, six of those shots would go off the post and DEA watched Christian Gagnon's late screened shot cancel out Chris Laberge's goal.  In overtime, Gagnon was again left unmarked and tipped home a shot sending DEA home with their first defeat of the winter.

Thursday, February 14

Get yours today!

 This DEA instructional video was released showing the highlights on their clinic to displayed this evening for their Valentine's Spectacular!

Some of the highlights of the 4-0 whitewashing that will be available in HD:

-The slim and trim Ryan Carvalho showcasing his finishing skills with a scalding drive!!

-The precision passing of Peter Cline and Dan Martin that allowed Carvalho to squirm free!!

-The backfield sniper Chris Jones scorching another one of his patented drives, tickling the far-side webbing!!

-Cliney's clinical take of a PK:  low, hard, and not a chance of being stopped!!

-Carvalho taking over the goal scoring lead by showing how you can't miss from inside a yard out!!

-The weaving, pinpoint passing display of Tino Martinez and Cliney that left a pile of jockstraps on the pitch and the ball at Carvalho's feet!!

-See Cliney hammering drives, half-volleys, full-volleys, everything under the sun off the cross-bar, post, and whistling just wide!!

-The defensive prowess of Tino, Martin, Jones, and Dale!!  How to play a solid team defense; when to lock down, and when to let players roam free before baiting them into a turnover!!

-The half-time show, featuring half-naked girls waiving their 'pom-poms' and performing acts never before seen to the human eye!! (OK, that part was edited on from a clip from Barry)

To get your DEA Instructional Video, please send your check or money order to:


1 Rockefeller Place

New York City, NY  12264

That's 17 in a row boys, great job!!!

Wednesday, February 6
DEA Keeps Rolling

DEA continued their impressive run, topping the Bedford Blast 4-2 this evening.

Not wasting anytime, Chris Laberge fired home in the opening moments off Ryan Carvalho's neat pass to put DEA up two minutes in.

The Blast had one early chance to get going, but were stymied by keeper Chris Cloutier. When Medhi found Jim McCall open on the left side, his hard tough angle shot looked to be headin in. Cloutier just slid over in time and parried it over the bar.

At the ten minute mark, Laberge got his second when he pounced on a poor first touch and slammed home a short drive to make it 2-0.

Again, the Blast looked to get back into it. This time, they were awarded a PK that Christian Gagnon stepped up to take. Cloutier guessed correctly, and dove to his right to get a finger tip on the shot before it bounded off the post and out of harm's way.

DEA would essentially salt this away still with time left in the first half when Laberge found a streaking Carvalho on the right side. He threaded a pass beautifully, where it met the galloping Carvalho in full stride. His first touch was true, and his second was better as he back-heeled to an open Peter Cline. Cliney didn't miss from close range and DEA was into the locker room with a three-goal cushion.

 Laberge also was credited with the save of the night late in the first half, heading clear off the line with Mehdi on the doorstep.

Second half saw DEA let up on the peddle a bit. Tino, Dale, and Jonesie locked down and all the action on the fringes.

They would finally close out their scoring when Elvis passed to Cliney, open again in the middle. He finished cooley as DEA ran it up to 4-0.

Jim McCall pulled one back for the Blast, before some more crap in the waning seconds saw another tally for Blast to see DEA's shutout streak end at almost 4 games. The 4-2 final was not as close as it looks.

That puts DEA unbeaten in 16 games this winter with a 14-0-2 record.

Thursday, January 31
DEA "Invincibles" Top Manchester United, 2-0

DEA kept their undefeated string alive, topping Manchester United 2-0 and stirring memories of Arsenal's 2003/2004 undefeated Premiership campaign.  They have now gone three straight games without giving up a goal in chalking up their 13th victory of the winter.

DEA played short for a minute before "George" agreed to step in while Elvis was running late.  Someone has to get him a watch.  DEA knew that this match would be a battle, as the Red Devils had a skillful players at most every position.  The difference, as they found out, is that you don't win matches on skill alone.  Teamwork, passing, and a team approach to defending is what gets you the "W".

ManchU, led by "C*ck-in-the-Mouth", possessed the ball nicely at times in the first half, but only threatened a couple of times.  Minutes after finally getting their full squad together, Jerold's gimpy ankle went out again after blocking a shot.  He went to the pitch, then the sidelines, never to return to the playing field.  "George" stepped back in to fill some space.

As ManchU tried to build up, they were inevitably stuffed outside the area by the trio of Dan Martin, Tino, and Jonesie (who left a sick child at home to make the match - pure quality).  One break through saw keeper Chris Cloutier, fully recovered from a near fatal case of CT, made a squirlish save to keep it level.

DEA found a break with 8 minutes left into the half.  After Chris Laberge won a corner, Tino stepped up to take it.  With Cliney screening the goalie, Tino curled one to the short post.  Keeper never did see around Cliney, and when Peter stepped aside Tino's drive snuck inside the post. 

Playing now with the lead, DEA locked down and was content to go into the half with the lead.  C*ck-in-the-Mouth did finally get free for one drive, but the hard, moving shot was punched aside by Cloutier.  DEA took the 1-0 lead into the half.

Jerold decided to give it a go in the second half, strapping on the goalie gloves and sending Cloutier to the playing pitch.  Pure comedy ensued.

With the first touch of the half, Cloutier passed back to Elvis.  Knowing he'd need a good kick in the ass to get going, Elvis promptly drove a hard shot from midfield that slammed Cloutier in the ass.  Welcome to the pitch...

Playing with a couple players out of position, DEA attacked smartly.  They'd build from the back, find Cloutier up top, who would then lay one back to Elvis or Laberge coming from the back.  Any turnovers were in the opposing end, and they kept a minimum of 6 players behind the ball at all times.

Tino, Cliney, Martin and Jonesie continued to clamp down in the back to help preserve the lead.  Jerold made one fine diving save on a shot that looked destined to sneak inside the post. Half-way through the second session, DEA finally got their insurance.

Jonesie found Laberge with a bit of space just outside the area.  As the defense collapsed, Laberge laid it back to Jonesie who drew two markers.  Elvis showed nicely, and once receiving he furiously began to scribble some equations on some paper.  Protractor out, he was running through some numbers and working the angles for looked liked eons, finally saw a ticker-tape spit out of his adding machine, checked the visual once more, and fired a low scorcher through traffic that settled nicely into the side webbing.  The game was, in effect, over at that point.

The only real drama left was when Jerold, in an effort to displace Cloutier as #1 keeper, tossed out a gimmie and left ManchU with an open shot.  It appeared to be a case of stat building, as a ManchU player took a touch and fired a shot.  Jerold again punched aside the drive.  He got no sympathy, however, as he created the mess so it was up to him to clean it up.  A quality save, however.

Some debate in the third half over how each squad matched up skill-for-skill.  It may be possible the players with the most foot skills didn't win that match.  However, no doubt the best team did.

Look for DEA to continue their unbeaten run next week against the Bedford Blast, who dropped a 3-1 match to DEA in the first session.

Friday, January 25
DEA wins 14th in a row - 2nd half flourish beats Nashua 7-0

DEA started the game just like the Armenians going into battle under manned and disorganized, but just like the Armenian military they packed it in until reinforcements showed up. DEA withheld the Nashua Red attack with ball possession and was finally at full strength about 5 minutes into the match when Tony Karibian and Elvis showed up.
It appeared that Nashua Red showed up to challenge DEA as they played hard the entire first half.  Sending multiple players up the field on the attack causing havoc for the DEA defense and “almost cat like” goalkeeper Jerold White who was playing in net due to an ankle injury suffered playing in Bow.  The action was back and forth through most of the first half with DEA having numerous chances to start off the scoring. However they were unable to capitalize on their chances, missing a couple breakaways and Ryan rocking a shot off the crossbar. It wasn’t until 15 minutes in that DEA finally broke through when Elvis who got a perfect lay off pass from Laberge hit a “Bosnian Bomb” through the defense and past the goalie, that rippled the back of the net like an ocean wave crashing against the shore. Nashua although down 1-0 continued to apply pressure and had a few chances, but nothing that our defense and keeper couldn't handle. Even a twenty yard chip shot at the end of the half that “almost cat like” was able to dismiss with a slight touch over the bar.

The second half was a completely different story, a little upset and frustrated with their play during the 1st half the game DEA came out in the second half like an eighteen year old after prom, energized and looking to score and score they did. Tony Karibian opened up the second half scoring early on rolling a defender and placing a nice low shot past the Nashua goalie into the side netting and from their the flood gates opened up. Ryan just minutes later put away the 3rd goal which was set up with excellent ball movement up the right wing from Cliney and Laberge. Elvis would have had the forth goal after beating two Nashua players and shooting the ball past the goalie but their seemed to be a poacher on the loose and he wasn’t hunting for elephants, Karibian from six inches away from the goal line slammed the ball home clamming his second goal of the match and leaving Elvis with an assist.

After that DEA just continued to knock the ball around the Nashua defense with a surgeon’s accuracy, spreading them out like butter over hot bread and making them prime for a couple more goals. Later in the second half Laberge and Martinez added goals five and six and the rout continued. The final goal was scored four minutes from the end of the game when the Nashua goalie missed handled a ball played across the box from Karibian literally almost throwing it in his own net but rather than allowing the goalie to suffer the embarrassment of scoring on himself Tony “The Poacher” Karibian leaped over the goalie and put away his third goal of the night!!! Total distance of all three shots 4 feet 2 inches. Overall a great game by all and a shut out for Jerold “almost cat like” White, DEA second shutout in a row.

The Final Verdict... DEA 7 Nashua Red 0...

Undefeated in 14 Straight.

Next weeks game is Thursday at 9 PM against Manchester United.

Monday, January 21
DEA Crushes Spartans 10-0 - Welcome to D1- Karibian Gets Shutout

DEA welcomed the Spartans to D1 with a 10-0 spanking to bring their unbeaten streak to 13 in a row.   Gary Karibian was awarded the shutout and had to make 2 really tough saves to keep the Spartans off the board.  Karibian played his second game in as many days and picked up his second win in a row.  DEA's normal net minder, Chris Cloutier,  had the week off, suffering from CT.  Many thanks to Gary, who did an excellent job in Cloutiers absense.  

It seemed that the Spartans showed up to play as they played hard at first and were able to hold their own through the first half.   DEA scored first, however, as Elvis waltzed through the defense and netted one. The next DEA tally came following four one time passes that ended up at the feet of Laberge, who didn't disappoint. The Spartans had a few chances on breakaways, but nothing that our defense and keeper couldn't handle easily. There were also some complaints over the physical play of DEA.

The 3rd goal for DEA came early in the second half and the flood gates opened up. Ryan pounded the 3rd from the right hand side, and then Peter added one after a few good one-touch passes. Elvis put in his second on the night with his knee off a cross from Ryan. Ryan scored the next in a similar manner, being wide open, camping in the front of the goal. At this point, Spartans were trying to send long balls in, but their spirit was broken. They were yelling a lot (not sure if it was Greek or Romanian).

The rout continued with Laberge and Dan scoring the next two. Then it happened.

After Ryan's shot was deflected, DEA got a corner kick. Elvis set up to take the kick. Cliney was on the outside yelling for the ball. It was 8-0 so Elvis hit a long ball over Laberge out of harms way. Peter saw the long ball, took one step and hit a screaming volley across goal into the far post side netting.

WOW -- Complete silence in the arena.

Flo finished of the punishment as he would make one of his trademark runs and hit a ball so hard that nobody realized it was goal for a few seconds. The Spartan keeper never even saw it.

Ending Bell... DEA 10 Spartans 0...  GREAT GAME DEA -- Undefeated in 13 Straight.

Next weeks game is Thursday at 9 PM against Nashua Red.

Thursday, January 17
Undefeated in 12 Straight Games with Win Over Bosnia 4-2

With two games in two days this week, DEA was dealing with short numbers for the start of this game with Bosnia. With some last minute negotiations, however, the front office would be able to agree to at least a two game contract with Ararat Keeper, Gary Karibian. DEA keeper Chris Cloutier was MIA on baby duty. Jim McCall would also hang around to help DEA after his team showed up a day early for their match.

DEA played very smart and never lost control of this game. Bosnia was content with packing 5 guys in their own end and only sending two attackers. This made things easy to manage for Tino, who commanded the DEA defense with Jonesy and Dale on the flanks. On the other end, DEA strung together some excellent passing and really spread the Bosnian team out. DEA would go up 1-0 early as Jonesy would make a run out of the back and hit a through pass to the far post. Cliney, yes Cliney timed his run perfectly and one timed the pass into the net. DEA continued to test Sadin, the Bosnian keeper, forcing him to make some great saves to keep this game close. Bosnia would come right back and tie the game with a goal on a tough angle shot into side netting. This would last all of one minute, as DEA would take the pursuing kickoff down the field. Ryan would battle a few defenders before he would neatly heal flick a pass back to a charging Elvis. Elvis would scorch one into the back of the net to put DEA up for good. First half would end 2-1 in favor of DEA.

DEA didn't need to change their game plan as the game was very much in their control. The second half started the same. DEA kept possession of the ball with some good passing and some good looks at the net. Laberge and Ryan both had great shots that somehow were tipped away. Then, it looked like Bosnia would tie the game up as they got a break away on a quick counter. Gary would have none of this and he would stuff the attack with a well timed sliding save. This sparked DEA and they would come right back. This time it would start out of the back, Tino to Laberge, across to Dale, up to Cliney on the touch line, back to Ryan. Ryan would have a look and scorch a shot to the far post. This time, McCall would one time it into the opposite corner. Nice goal. With this McCall headed for home. Bosnia would close the gap to one goal as DEA turned the ball over at midfield for a quick counter attack. Gary had no chance at this one as Bosnia did some fine passing in front before the shot. Bosnia was tired and DEA was content with just knocking the ball around. Jonesy would finish the deal for DEA with 2 minutes left. He would take an outlet pass and dribble just beyond midfield to the left side, turn and rip a shot that found only the back of the net. Great shot. This is becoming a trademark for Jones, who is good for at least one of these per session.

GREAT WIN for DEA. This makes 12 straight games without a defeat. DEA goes right back to it tonight at 8PM as they take on the new D1 team Spartans.

Thursday, January 10
Metro Arsenal Can't Get Past DEA

Surely Metro Arsenal players layed in bed staring at the ceiling and reuing another missed opportunity to beat DEA after blowing a 4-2 halftime lead and watching DEA come back with more late game drama.

DEA started strong against Metro, who pulled out all the reserves with their strongest squad yet...only to see DEA take an early lead.  Played through by a static Metro defense, Chris Laberge raced forward down the right and squared to Ryan Carvalho.  Carvalho held in traffic while waiting for Jerold White to lose his marker.  He made no mistake with his low drive, firing past an exposed Metro keeper Randy Bryan.

Metro stormed right back to take the lead.  First, Ivan Iwannabuyavowel fed through the middle.  His pass was wrongly turned into the empty goal by Chris Jones, giving him two on the year and nearing him to "JD" status.  Reyad Mohammed then found himself with an inch of space where he scorched a drive to put Metro in the lead.

 Carvalho then pulled a low drive wide.  Elvis Zukovic danced through traffic and found himself in clean on the goal.  He couldn't get the ball out of his feet, however, and Randy smothered his shot.

Not to be outdone, DEA came back right back when Laberge finished off from close range to level this pulsating match at 2-2.

Metro then took off.  Brendan Gilmarton turned his marker and broke clear to return the lead to Metro.  Brendan finished off some slick passing minutes later to put Metro up 4-2.  His close range touch was at the end off a Pat Mulcahey outlet pass and Ivan's feed i the middle.

Halftime came and there was no cause for the riot act.  DEA  had been here before, and knew what had to happen.  Metro was giving DEA fits on the backline, as their quality was the best DEA  had seen this winter.  What was disapointing is the backline was playing well.  Dan Martin has his legs under him and was outstanding in playing in position and clamping down when needed.  Jones, despite the unfortunate OG early, was also huge and took Ivan's laser off the chest to thwart another look.  DEA was possessing, but Metro was getting clear on the break.

Second half saw a reversal in play, and results. 

Metro possessed better than they had, but could only get a few shots off and none were threatening.  Conversely, every time they were stopped DEA attacked with furious pace.  With under ten minutes left, they finally closed the gap.  Carvalho was rudely thrown to the pitch and was awarded a PK.  DEA looked for Rob Cissel to take it, and when he wasn't found Tino Martinez stepped up with a "Just give me the damn ball" look on his face.  He promptly hammered a drive to the side webbing to make it 4-3.

Laberge would get credit with the tying goal with under five minutes left.  A goal-mouth scramble saw a probable hand-ball not awarded.  DEA began to argue, then said "ah screw it" and Laberge pounded home the loose ball to again bring DEA back.  For those of you counting at home, in the course of the last year the Metro squads have squandered four half-time leads against DEA. 

Great TIE DEA!!!

Thursday, December 27
DEA Wins Another Title

DEA took home more accolades, winning another title and the free round that came with it.  They followed that round up with several more as they celebrated into the wee hours of the morning with their adoring fans.

DEA had to play three 35-minute games over the course of a few hours, and due to last week's double-header and another short bench, they had their work cut out for them.

In the opener, they played the BudMuds as each squad started the match down a man.  The Mudders got a full squad before DEA did, but it made no difference as they were dominated this match throughout.

With their methodical passing display, keyed off Ryan Carvalho and Elvis Zukovic, DEA held possession and played with confidence.  The MuddyBuds very rarely ventured into the DEA zone, and when they did were stymied by Chris Jones, Dan Martin, and DEA mercenary Chris Florek.

The Mudhens keeper was having an outstanding game, however, and kept them in this one with 15 minutes left.  Twice thwarting hard Carvalho drives, he had another one pulled off the line by DEA Veteran Kevin McCann.  Elvis then took over.

Taking a short pass from Junior just beyond the center line, Elvis danced through virtually the entire team, the concession stand, both the ladies and men's bathrooms, the strip bar across the street, the returns line at Wal-Mart, and a local McDonalds before calmly finishing to put DEA ahead, 1-0.

With five minutes left, just moments after DEA averted a scare when an open header was missed, Elvis collected inside the DEA zone and started again.  Beating a couple of players, he sent Tino Martinez down the right side.  Tino collected, and returned back to Elvis who finished off to salt this one away with a 2-0 final.


The semi-finals had Newcastle United, suprise winners over the Bedford Blast, looking for some payback for a whipping DEA had administered to start the season.  This one was never in doubt, especially when a collision between Junior and Wiley (their only real player) sent Wiley to the sidelines.

Carvalho fed Junior, who slammed home from short range WITH HIS LEFT FOOT to get things going.   Dan Martin threaded a beautiful pass through traffic to Carvalho, who doesn't miss many when he has a clean look, to make it 2-0.

Elvis owed Tino for his nice assist in the first match, and he paid it back in full with another beauty to close out the scoring.

Play of the match, however, was when Jonesie fed Martin inside the area with an aerial pass.  Martin slammed an overhead bicycle kick, destined to the upper corner.  Unbelievably, the keeper made a nice save to thwart his efforts.  Too bad, as what surely would have been a "Goal of the Week" winner was instead relegated to a sidenote.


The finals saw the top two teams do battle.  Metro Arsenal, fresh off their 8-2 whipping of Bosnia, came in looking for some hardware.  It wasn't a pretty match, as all the goals were trash but DEA still won, 2-1

Metro got on the board early when Pat Mulcahy's cross was palmed aside by keeper Chris Cloutier.  However, it somehow bounced off Brendan Gilmarton's head and found netting.

Tino would be in the right place at the right time five minutes later when Carvalho's drive was whistling wide.  Tino was camped out by the post, and had an open net to level.

The trio of Mulcahy, Gilmarton, and Ivan Iwannabuyavowlandplaywithmyownball were working the DEA backfield, but shots at goal were few and far between.  Again, Jonesie, Martin, Flo, Junior and Dale Dubois (who also played a match in the Division II tournament) were not letting any good chances through.

DEA offensive threats were keying off Carvalho and Elvis.  Both are masters at holding the ball in traffic, and allowed some assemblance of order with the rag-tag lineup DEA had thrown out there.

DEA took the lead with nine minutes left, and again it the same cast of characters who were involved all night.  Carvalho's shot was bounding wide, when Elvis sneaked in by the far post.  He calmly bodied home his drive with an heir of tranquility to put DEA in the lead.

DEA averted one more scare, however with under a minute left.  Ivan was left open on the left side, and he hit an absolute screamer that just whistled outside the post.  The crowd hushed at the ferocity of the drive, and Mulcahy even let out a yelp thinking it was in.  However, it only found the outside of the webbing and DEA was again lofted to the top of soccer world.

Another session, and another trip to the Winner's Circle. 


Wednesday, December 19
DEA Drops First Points of the Season, Ties #3 Seed and Topples #2 Seed in Back-to-Back Games

With a snow-out from the previous week causing havoc to the schedule-makers, DEA was forced to play back-to-back games against their closest pursuers.  They came away with four out of a possible six points on the night in suffering their first blemish of the winter.

In the 9:00 match, DEA took on third place Team Bosnia.  With only 8 players at the match, DEA was looking to control the play as much as possible so they could have enough in their reserves for the 10:00 nightcap.

An open man allowed Bosnia to score first midway through the first half before Ryan Carvalho levelled with a low screamer from the left side.

Second half saw DEA with the better of the chances, but their last touches were going astry.  Bosnia then put DEA in a hole by converting to go up, 2-1.  A somewhat underserved result as defensively the backfield of Dale Dubois, Dan Martin and Chris Jones were superb.  They were allowing Bosnia to build up, but were clamping down when needed.

DEA avoided getting into a two-goal hole on three consecutive chances that were thwarted by keeper Chris Cloutier.  First, he slid out to stop a break away.  The second was a beautifully taken restart that was swirling into the upper ninety.  He just got a piece of it, deflecting it as it slammed off the bar.  Last, another clean break was closed down before the low shot clanged off the post.  Lady Luck was on their side.

The breaks allowed for DEA to level late.  Elvis Zukovic crossed into the box where Jones and the keeper collided.  Peter Cline, who is money inside a yard from goal, squirted home from in close to knot it.

After the match, Cline's attorney, Robert Dewey of the firm Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe served up papers forcing an injunction against further derogatory comments made by Carvalho.  Ryan had been riding Cliney for his "interesting" play at times.  However, after seeing some of Junior's touches on this game, it is believed that Cliney is not the problem, and should therefore not be held liable for any poor results.  The case is pending.

 On to the nightcap....

With thoughts of beer on their mind, DEA was willing to forego this match and instead hit the bar to quench their thirst.  Metro Arsenal, the #2 seed, was laying about with only two players.  They managed to scrounge up some migrant labor while Brendan Gilmarton woke from his slumber, and it was decided to play on.

The match started using Ivan Iwannabuyavowel's ball.  If you know Ivan, he likes to play with his own balls.  This little gem, made of a particularly hard mixture of smokey quartz and Southern Italian Turbidite, was not well received.  After five minutes, DEA rolled it out and replaced it with a real soccer ball.  Ivan responded moments later by receiving a pass, picking it up, and drilling it off the pitch....then retrieving his own ball.  A strange act, indeed.

So, the game proceeded playing with the stone of choice, and DEA played with it beautifully.  Again, it was the red-hot Carvalho who got the scoring underway before Cliney again finished off from inside a yard (this time by a smart Dan Martin pass) to make it two-nil.  Cliney's two goals on the night were from a total distance of 54 inches.

Just before the half, Carvalho made it three-nil and DEA was looking thirsty. 

Early in the second half, the arrival of Gilmarton brought more energy to the pitch.  His header was saved by Cloutier, but Metro would soon start their comeback.

Their little troll-like striker scorched a shot from a tough angle that Cloutier could only "ole`" at poorly.  An open man two minutes later brought the match to 3-2.  Then, another mismatch on the weak side saw an open look...and it was levelled.  DEA was running on fumes still with ten minutes left.

Carvalho was not done on the evening, scoring again to restore their lead.  This see-saw battle was not over, though, as Metro again levelled with under four minutes left.

Instead of settling for a draw, however, Elvis worked a one-two with Ryan and slammed home from close range to give DEA the lead for good. 

Metro's last, best chance came when Ivan drove his quarry that Cloutier parried over the bar.   Junior was outstanding defensively late to keep the lead as well.

In the waning seconds, Elvis broke free and twisted the Metro keeper into the ground before salting it away and giving DEA the 6-4 win.

A good showing against two quality teams with no subs.

Playoffs start next week.

Tuesday, December 11
DEA Reporter Crosses Picket Line, Agrees to Continue Game Write-Ups

DEA reporter Chris Cloutier had been honoring the picket line and refusing to complete his game write-ups in a show of support for the Hollywood Television Writer's Strike.  However, he has a family to feed and needed the income...forcing him to cross the picket lines.  As he writes this, his house is being bombarded from angry sitcom writers as he has been labelled a 'scab'.

Due to the delays, many of the game report records were recently lost.  So,  only a quick summary will have to suffice...

Two weeks ago, DEA pounded Nashua United, 7-2.  Peter Cline, Elvis Zukovic and Ryan Carvalho would lead the way with two goals apiece.  Chris Laberge came back from hiatus and chipped in with three helpers.  Many of the goals were the result of some incredible passing as it looked like DEA was playing basketball out there. 


Last week, DEA started slowly and was held by Nashua Red 1-1 at the half.  They would eventually blow it open with a 6-2 victory.  Ryan "The Poacher" Carvalho would again lead the way with a hat trick.  Jerold White had a pair before Elvis would close out the scoring late.

Thursday, November 15
DEA Beats BudMuds

DEA beat the BudMuds, 4-0, in clinical fashion this evening.  The score could have been 12-0 as DEA worked on their passing game instead of running up the score.

In the early going, Lizzie Carvalho found himself wide open in front of the goal.  He "Cliney'd" his touch and missed from just a few feet away.  Awful.

However, he made up for it in fine fashion by stealing the ball from the sweeper and finished to get DEA going.  He then was on the receiving end of a one-two with Jerold White to make it two-nil.

Junior then shinned home a drive to keep the catcalls down for a bit to put DEA up by three.

Carvalho finished off his hat trick from an Elvis Zukovic pass to close out the half.

Second half saw mostly passing and not many chances as DEA looked to keep the injuries down.

In running their record to 3-0 on the year, they have outscored opponents 11-1 so far.

Thursday, November 8
DEA Runs Record to 2-0

Goaltending reigned supreme this evening as DEA upended the Bedford Blast, 3-1 in a classic battle.  Blast keeper Dave Brunet had a phenomonal first half in holding DEA to only one goal, while DEA keeper Chris Cloutier was virtually his equal in the second half as DEA held on for the win.  Cloutier was auditioning for the Over-40's goalkeeping position that is opening for the Spring Season.

With a bevy of Gagnon brothers, along with former DEA Indoor stalwart Mehdi Katahne patrolling the pitch for the Blast, this match saw action at both ends of the pitch.

DEA got the chances going early when Ryan Carvalho sprung free and let a low drive fly that Brunet pushed away.  A minute later, Jerold White stormed through the middle and again shot low, with a similar result.

Jeff Guild was left alone in front of the DEA net, but his hard shot was kicked aside by Cloutier.  As DEA looked to gather their chickens, Christian Gagnon had a good look that Cloutier easily dived to his side to make the save.

Two more solid chances by DEA, one by Elvis Zukovic and another by Barry Fitzgerald in a scramble couldn't find netting as the match looked to be heading into the half scoreless.

Instead, Elvis found Chris Jones open on the left side.  Jonesie calmly settled and saw Brunet coming out to close the angle.  He lofted into the side webbing to make it 1-0 at the half.

Blast came out strong in the second half.  Hard shots from Alan Gagnon and Mehdi were saved by Cloutier.  Another by Christian was saved but the rebound was left in the box.  Cloutier had to scramble gather it up.

Elvis then got some insurance when Jonesie returned the favor from the first half.  He found himself open in the slot and neatly finished Jonesie's pass to give some insurance. 

DEA then looked to blow it open.  Elvis scorched the crossbar twice, once leaving the rebound in the box that Jerold bicycled into the vacated net that Christian blocked.  Ryan's open bid was also saved.  Elvis then set his laser sites on the netting and finished with precision accuracy.

Lining up a shot, he bent in a swirler just inside the post and the game looked over.

Instead, the Blast blew the doors open and threw everything at DEA.  Another shot by Christian was again saved by Cloutier, but again he left the rebound for Mehdi.  Mehdi finished to ruin Cloutier's shutout streak at 80 minutes (covering 1+ games).  He was called upon to make three more great saves.  The key, however, was the chances were all on outside shots.  The defensive work of Dan Martin, Dale Dubois, Dan Martin and Junior (Making his DEA debut) was impressive as they locked down inside the area.

DEA looked to salt it away when Jerold fed a wide open Peter Cline.  Cliney, a mere two yards from goal, somehow missed the bunny.  Unknown how in the world that was missed.

In the waning moments, Mehdi was gifted a PK.  To close out the night, Cloutier guessed right and kicked out another save to put some icing on that cake.

Wednesday, October 31
DEA in a Halloween Win

DEA started off their Thursday night Indoor season on Wednesday...with no ref.  Glad to see the organizational skills have kicked in for Rising Stars/NH Sportsplex.

Playing short two players, DEA took on a Newcastle squad filled with underage players and one that has played DEA well in the past.

No matter, as DEA waltzed to comfortable 4-0 victory.  As the game stretched on, they did manage to pick up some migrant labor off the street.  Tom Labonville came on just after Tino Martinez (two goals) had made it 1-0.  Tommy did manage to get two goals on the evening.  They also signed Dave Brunet to a 25-minute contract for the second half to make it even.  However, it wouldn't have mattered today.

Dale Dubois, Elvis Zukovic,  Ryan "Woodchopper" Carvalho, Chris Florek, and Chris Cloutier also had fine matches to get the indoor season started the right way.

Tuesday, April 17
DEA Drops Final to Close Out the Indoor Season

DEA ended the Indoor season by dropping a hard fought 2-1 decision to Hollis in the finals. DEA now moves outside after compiling a gaudy 25-2-3 record, winning one championship and also taking home the title in two additional tournaments. Overall, a successful campaign.

In the first match, DEA battled with a fired-up Nashua Red team. Nashua has some talented players who at times can give DEA fits when they defend well. Other times, DEA treats them like their ***. This evening, it was a little bit of both.

DEA got the scoring started at the 8-minute mark when Ryan Carvalho touched home a Barry Fitzgerald pass. DEA was not content to sit on the lead, as they mixed the strong backfield defending of Dan Martin, Chris Jones, Jerold White and Dale Dubois with their typical offensive flair. Carvalho and Chris Laberge both had great opportunities to get some insurance, but failed to connect.

Nashua pounced on a corner kick and headed home to level.

Not to be outdone, DEA came right back to regain the lead with under ten minutes left. This time, Barry and Ryan combined down low and find Laberge in the slot. Laberge settled and as he wound up to drive, Jerold came careening through and slammed home a low drive to give DEA a 2-1 advantage.

With under a minute left, a questionable call gave Nashua restart just before midfield. DEA Keeper Chris Cloutier made a meal of the ensuing drive, flailing at it as the screamer was labelled for the upper 90. An awful effort to a great shot...and they were headed to extra time.

The only real opportunity in extra time saw Laberge's header bounce of the crossbar in the waning moments, and they were headed to the ole' style NASL breakaway shootout.

-Nashua went first, and Cloutier went low to push aside a fine save.
-Carvalho went for DEA, and pushed his first touch way too far ahead and Nashua smothered.
-Nashua then went ahead on a hard, low shot to the right.
-Jerold nutmegged the keeper to bring DEA level.
-Nashua scored to the left to make it 2-1, putting the pressure on Mehdi (just arriving from a Co-Ed game).
-Mehdi dribbled the keeper before calmly pushing home to make it 2-2.
-Cloutier then made another save, forcing the pressure to Tino Martinez
-Tino's dribbled the keeper, fended off a push, and touched home to send DEA into the Semi's.


Semi-Final action saw DEA taking on Bedford Blast. The key to this match was for DEA to get on the board early, and then not let up. They did just that when Jerold found the Blast defense sagging and he drilled a low drive to make it 1-0 in the opening minutes.

Barry and Ryan hooked up again to make it 2-0. Elvis Zukovic (in street clothes for the first match due to a previous red card), was fresh and waltzed through traffic before scorching a hard shot to put DEA up 3-0.

After some minor controversy allowed the Blast to make it 3-1, Tino and Dale combined to finish off some pretty passing and give DEA the 4-1 win.


The finals would bring on Hollis, always willing to give DEA a game. This match would prove to be as close as the prognosticators has forecasted. Hollis getting the first opportunity when a turnover allowed for a crashing drive that thumped off the crossbar.

Back at the other end, Carvalho spawned and won a header that found the bar as well.

DEA took a lead when Cloutier's outlet pass allowed Elvis to part the seas and skate through the middle. He fed Scott Sharby, who gave it right back. With Elvis storming through the middle, a Hollis defender's attempted clearance off the goal line found netting. Technically, an own goal but honestly the defender had no chance. Facing the goal, with Elvis on his back, on the goal line, it was academic.

Could DEA hold on? Hollis' gargantuan keeper was coming up big on balls in the air. Shots down low were missing wide. Jerold stole a pass, ran through the middle, and just missed to the right.

Hollis leveled when a matchup problem on the left side allowed for a pretty clear shot. They didn't miss and it was 1-1. With five minutes left, another mismatch gave Hollis just enough space for a soft, perfectly placed shot, giving them a 2-1 lead.

DEA stormed the castle, with Laberge and Fitzgerald getting the best chances. However, they went for naught and DEA lost for only the second time all winter.

DEA moves outdoor on Sunday, thankfully. They were getting a bit stir crazy inside. Overall, a successfull winter that saw more hardware for the DEA trophy case.

Tuesday, April 3
In Form DEA Dismantles Nashua Red

DEA was clicking on all cylinders in a 5-0 drubbing of Session 2 finalist, Nashua Red. The first ten minutes of the match was the most impressive ball movement DEA has displayed all winter.

Mehdi Katane got the scoring started at the five minute mark by finishing off some quick passing between Chris LaBerge and Barry Fitzgerald. The heads of the Nashua defenders were spinning around as DEA moved about the pitch.

Elvis Zukovic would make it 2-0 minutes later on some more spectacular passing. Barry fed an open LaBerge, cutting through the middle. As the defenders scrambled to get a body on LaBerge, he dummied and took everyone with him. Elvis slid into the now vacated slot and scorched a one-timer into Upper 90.

DEA was relentless. More great passing saw Mehdi drive one off the bar, as did Barry. DEA was trying to keep the hammer down to put this one away early.

As impressive as their first ten minutes were, the first ten minutes of the second half was as equally disjointed. DEA came out flat, and Nashua pressured to get back into the match. Defensively, the trio of Dale Dubois, Jerold White, and Chris Jones kept most of the action on the outskirts. Only a couple of drives made their way through, but they were harmless and were easily handled by Chris Cloutier.

Midway through the second half, DEA began to click again. Again, Barry and LaBerge were involved. Barry's short pass found LaBerge on the right flank. He drilled a low drive after cutting inside his marker to give some more insurance at 3-0.

Mehdi would get his second after a nifty one-two with Elvis for a four-goal cushion. Jerold was add to his scoring lead by fronting a big defender in the low post. Dale's long pass was received by Jerold, where he turned on his defender and scorched a drive to close out the scoring.

Cloutier had to be awake to make a couple of more easy saves, just enough to give him a slight sweat. Nothing serious.

DEA tried to turn this into a serious rout, but hit the bar no less than six times during the match. This really could have got ugly.

Thursday, March 29
DEA Waltzes Past Nashua United, 3-0

Another week, another win. I'm running out of adjectives to describe the beatings DEA puts on other teams...

This one lacked the spark of some matches. Instead, it was all experience as DEA dominated all over the pitch. In typical fashion, they tried like hell to make it close, eventually over coming themselves in recording their first shutout of the year.

At the ten-minute mark, Chris Jones took a short pass from Chris LaBerge and turned toward goal. He took his compass and sextant, jotted down a few celestial notes, punched in some calculations into his abacus, and let a scorching 20-yard blast go. The shot took a slight deflection on the way in, but this rocket was labelled for netting either way.

DEA held dominance for the rest of the half, but couldn't score again. Ryan Carvalho, recently described as a 'sniper' in another article, looked anything but. His shots, while well hit, were all over the place. Everytime he lined up, birds scattered. One shot was so high, it wouldn't have been a goal on the quidditch pitch.

Back at their own ranch, Nashua never threatened all game. Not a single shot made it past Dale, LaBerge, Tino Martinez, Jonesie, Cliney, or the defensive tracking of Elvis Zukovic.

Halftime would come with DEA only up 1-0.

Second half saw a conspiracy to try to keep Jerold White from his continued goal-scoring spree. First, Jerold's low screamer was saved nicely by Mehdi Katane. Next, Elvis made another great save on another of Jerold's drives. Fortunately, Jerold collected the rebound, dribbled around Elvis, and pushed home the insurance tally.

Dale would score one by screaming down the right side, collected his blocked shot and driving home from short range to make it 3-0.

All that was left was for Ryan and Mehdi to each slam shots off the crossbar. The game was probably the most comfortable 3-0 victory ever seen.

Some confusion on the game next week. Read your e-mails for further details as they become available.

Thursday, March 22
White's Four Goals Leads DEA to a 6-1 Whipping of Newcastle

The game reporter is tied up today, so the write-up will come in the evening edition.

Edit: Sorry. After a few days, the details are sketchy. Jerold White was on fire, scoring from all over to lead DEA to a 6-1 dismantling of previously troublesome Newcastle. Can't wait to get outside and play......

Friday, March 16
DEA Blasts the Blast

An out of sync DEA squad weathered a first half of turnovers and off-the-mark passing to explode with four second half goals in a 5-1 victory against cross town rivals Bedford Blast. Ryan Carvalho would lead the way with two goals and one assist.

DEA would get on the board at the 8-minute mark when Ryan received a Dan Martin pass 10 yards from goal, took a touch, and fired a low left-footed shot that caromed off the post and found webbing to give DEA an early lead.

DEA would keep the pressure on, with both Jerold White and Barry Fitzgerald having good looks, but Blast Keeper (and DEA Summer League stalwart) Dave Brunet stoning them from close range. Blast would level when a turnover in the backfield created an open shot from five yards, and some pickup scrub finished from close range.

After Blast levelled, DEA continued with their disjointed play. A multitude of turnovers in their own end allowed the Blast to create some opportunities. Fortunately, only a few of those chances where legitimate as the backfield of Chris Jones, Dan Martin, and Jerold helped to mop up the sloppy play.

DEA Keeper Chris Cloutier was called upon occasionally to ensure they stayed level, with one particularly fine drive on a clean break that was palmed aside to the low right side. Other than that, what looked to be mayhem was closed down when the going got tough.

At the break, it was much more quiet than normal. Where was Chris Laberge's typical halftime speech? Who was going to step up and get DEA going? With DEA leader Dale Dubois out with an apparent CamelToe injury, DEA looked rudderless. What would the second half bring?

The first five minutes of the second half belonged to Barry Fitzgerald. While he didn't score, he created many chances that allowed the play to open back up again. Two headers, and a scorching drive that Brunet made a tremendous save on, resulted in no goals, but lots of panic by the Blast.

Carvalho would get the eventual winner on an inocuous restart. Jerold's throw in reacahed all the way to the area. Laberge flicked on, and the Leaping Salmon touched home from close range. The floodgates were officially open.

Jerold would get one of his own a few minutes later. After taking Carvalho's pass, he waltzed through the middle below the radar and found netting to give DEA some insurance.

DEA then started to dominate, but honestly the star of the game was Brunet. He was outstanding. He saved, in order: Jerold's cheeky chip; a Laberge short touch home; an Elvis Zukovic scorching drive; two clear headers by Martin; and a Scott Sharby shot. DEA was beginning to dominate the play, but were really in the need of another goal.

I would eventually come when Elvis sent a long pass to Sharby off the far post. He touched home from close range to make it 4-1. Jonesie then took a pass from Jerold, and as the Red Sea split he calmly walked right through the middle and drove home to close out the scoring.

On one hand, DEA didn't seem to play well enough for a 5-1 win. On the other hand, they created at least eight legitimate chances that were stymied by the on form Brunet.

Hey, a win is a win. The DEA squad hopes that as the spring rolls around, the injuries that have started to pile up will heal in time for the outdoor season. Currently, Chris Florek (ankle), Willie Mungere (various), and Dale (forementioned CamelToe) are laid up.


Friday, March 9
Elvis' Hat Trick Leads DEA to 4-2 Win Over Hollis

Elvis Zukovic would score three goals and would draw the PK for the 4th goal as DEA beat the tough Hollis squad last night. DEA would have the twilight match against their NEOTHSL D1 rivals, Hollis last night at Rising Stars. DEA was ready to play and put on a good show for the remaining fans as they systematically took apart their opponent. Elvis was red hot last night and got things going early for DEA. First, Dale would take the ball down the right side and spot Elvis making a run. Elvis would time his run perfect to receive Dales cross and DEA was up 1-0. DEA played very smart against the talented Hollis team. They contained on defense and counter attacked very well. Jerold and Mehdi also did a great job of possessing the ball when DEA had 4 men forward. Elvis would get taken down in the box as he was heading in for another attempt to score and was awarded a PK. Jerold redeemed himself at the penalty stripe, blasting a low hard shot into the lower left side. DEA was up 2-0 and was in control of the match. Hollis would get one back as Wisby would blast a shot from 15 yards out that whistled by Tino. Nothing to say but, nice shot. Tino played very strong in net, making some very tough saves to keep the lead going into the half.

In the second half, Tino switched out of the net with Jerold. Tino's fresh legs got things going right off, as he took the ball down the left side and found Elvis open in the middle. Elvis received the pass and rifled one into the net to give DEA a 2 goal cushion once again. Hollis started to feel the pressure and would break out with some good counter attacks. They would get one back on a hard blast into the upper 90 by Shane. Another great shot that brought compliments from both sides. It was now 3-2 and things got a bit chippy. Lopez and Laberge would go at it a bit, but not too bad. Kruger was holding everything in site as he struggled to play defense. Dale and Shane collided hard, but the score remained the same. With only minutes left to play, Hollis pulled their keeper to attempt the equalizer. This would backfire quickly as Chris Laberge would pick off a pass and one time it to Elvis. Elvis would race to the goal and score his hat trick at the buzzer for the final score of 4-2

A great win for DEA. Very smart play with some quality finishing. DEA takes on their cross town rivals the Bedford Blast at 9 PM on Field E2(the one next to the bar).

Thursday, March 1
DEA Starts off the Next Session with Another "W"

DEA beat Divsion 2 Champions Bosnia, 5-3. Bosnia came into this match fired up after being promoted, and brought what appeared to be the remnants of the old Bosnian army along with a retired Bosnian General. DEA had no subs, so needed to play well-rounded match. They did just that.

Bosnia got on the board five minutes into it when a player took a pass and stormed through traffic, scorching a hard shot into the upper corner. Bosnia was all fired up, but not for long.

DEA would get two back, both by Barry Fitzgerald, and both times at the end of some pretty passing between Elvis Zukovic and Mehdi Katahn.

Bosnia tied it up with some trash, before DEA got some trash of their own. This time, it was Ryan Carvahlo playing the part of Willie, mopping up a fumble by the Bosnian keeper to make it 3-2 at the half.

DEA scored early in the second half, with Barry getting his hat trick.

Bosnia, more interested in complaining about every call and looking more for fouls than shooting, eventually got a player kicked out for dropping the f-bomb. They made a go of it, though, when the General made a meal of Jerrold's slight push and got the PK. Ivan Iwannabuyavowel, playing his 29th game of the day, scored on the ensuing PK to get it close. Jonesey salted it away off a scramble to finish up the scoring.

Friday, February 23
DEA Takes Home Another Cup (REVISED)

DEA took home their second title in a week, winning the Session Two playoffs with three straight victories.

In the first match, DEA took on the always troubling FSC. However, this time FSC was no match as DEA's precision passing game resulted in a clinical 3-0 victory.

Scott Sharby got the scoring going when he tapped home from two yards. He was on the fortunate end of some neat passing between Mike "Tino" Martinez and Jerold White. Tino got one of his own minutes later, finishing Chris Jones' nice pass to effectively end this game. Jonesie closed out the scoring by receiving Chris Laberge's long pass and slammed it home.


After the typical two-beer break (how does the #1 seed get the worst schedule?) DEA shut down another troublesome squad, Newcastle. This time, DEA conceded fairly early before taking off. Tino, caught in the scrum on Newcastle's goal, fired a hard shot just a few moments later to level. Elvis then performed another 'Magic Man' act by dancing through a crowd and pushing home the eventual winner. The insurance tally came courtesy of Laberge's effort. After receiving Mehdi's through ball, Laberge couldn't get the hard drive he wanted off. Briefly losing the ball, he won it back and steroided it home for the 3-1 victory.


The finals brought the upstart Nashua Red. Nashua themselves set the over-under for their defeat at five goals. It proved to be a heckuva lot closer than that, as DEA was very flat for this match. Sitting around all night tends to take the sting out of one's level of play.

Elvis got the scoring going after combining with Jerold. Nashua levelled when keeper Chris Cloutier played pass on a cross. Pass it was, but it was mis-hit and found netting to make it 1-1.

With Dan Martin, Jones, Tino and Dale Dubois anchoring the back, DEA wasn't really tested as they searched for the winner. With about five minutes left, Nashua didn't like a call that actually went DEA's way. They complaining resulted in first a yellow, then another, then finally a second yellow and the resulting red. 90 seconds ticked off during the madness, with DEA just standing there stunned. They had nothing to do with the controversy, and didn't seem to know what to do with themselves.

Once the restart finally came about, they wasted no time. Tino send a long ball into the area, where Willie Mungere nodded home the tourney-winner. It seemed anti-climactic after the mayhem.

Tino had a tremendous evening. Playing all over the pitch, he was solid in the back as well as getting involved on half the goals.

Dale was voted as tourney MVP as was voted by the TV-viewing audience, the league directors, and the media staff. He brought home a 1977 AMC Pacer with the award.

DEA gets right back in action next week, taking on D2 winner Bosnia at 8:00pm. This should be a battle.

Saturday, February 17
DEA Newcastle Cup Champions

DEA rode strong goaltending and fended off terroristic threats in going undefeated to capture the inaugeral Newcastle Cup today at Rising Stars Sports Complex. DEA allowed only one goal during the tournament, and was behind for only 10 seconds all day.

In their first match, DEA was clicking on all cylinders with an 8-0 drubbing of Hurricane SC. This match was never in doubt, but it was a bit closer than the score appeared. In fact, Hurricane went on to have a much better tournament than they showed against DEA. However, this was a clinic.

Willie Mungere and Mehdi Katane hooked up to start the scoring 8 minutes into the match. After Lucas Hill (DEA's ringer keeper who was flown in for the tournament) fired a long pass down the seam in the middle of the field to Mehdi, Mehdi beat one player and found Willie camped in front of the goal. Willie calmly chipped the keeper from just outside the box, as it settled daintily into the webbing.

Next, Ryan Carvalho finished off Elvis Zukovic's pass to make it 2-0, before Mehdi got one of his own off a hard shot for a three goal cushion. DEA was just getting warmed up.

Elvis scorched a hard drive, and Mehdi got his second off some nifty passing. The rout was on now. Back at the other end, Lucas was tested only once as the Jones' Brothers (Chris and Ronald) as well as Dale Dubois and Chris Cloutier kept anything fluidity to the attack.

Midfielders Chris Laberge and Barry Fitzgerald combined to put pressure on the edges, and the all-out assault was impressive.

Ryan would pick up his second, before Willie got a piece of luck when his long shot skipped pass the Hurricane keeper for a 7-0 lead.

Goal of the day, however, was by Cloutier. He put the match out of reach by making an incredible run through traffic. Willie just caught onto Cloutier's blazing speed with a great through ball. Cloutier calmly waited out the keeper, pushed left, and drove home a stunning left-footed shot with four seconds left. Just a thing of beauty ;-)


The second match was against Metro Arsenal, and it proved to be much tougher. DEA continued to be the best team on the pitch, but couldn't break through before the game almost got out of hand. Metro brought some skill players, with Ivan Iwannabuyavowel and Dickinthemouth leading the charge. While there was more flow to this game than in the first match, the Jones brothers and Laberge continued to keep any threats from reaching through to Lucas.

Mehdi hit the post on a good chance. Willie and Elvis both had great looks but the orange jersey on the keeper appeared to be a target, as most chances hit him square in the gut. DEA was getting their looks, but wasn't capitalizing. Then, the game took a turn for the worse.

Dickinthemouth started just hacking people. First, he slammed into Cloutier. A minute later, he did the same to Mehdi. Next, for no real reason he kicked Mehdi in the shin like a little school girl who just had her hair pulled. Laberge had seen enough, and finally told Dickinthemouth so. They started jammering, first with Dickinthemouth telling Laberge he was on steroids, and Laberge piping back. Then, Dickinthemouth decided to read off his soccer resume, and finally threatened "I'm Colombian...I'll bomb your house." WTF???

The match ended 0-0, and Metro took the game like a victory while DEA took it as a loss.


The third match saw DEA taking on ACA. Needing a win to ensure they'd battle for the Cup, DEA came out strong. Willie, vying for the Golden Boot, got the scoring going early. Ryan was then taken down hard with a lunging tackle. As Ryan pinwheeled out of control, he slammed to the pitch with a resounding thud and looked to be shelved for the day. However, he came back strong a few minutes later, which was a relief.

DEA took advantage of the ensuring power play. First, Cloutier had an open look and his hard drive slammed off the crossbar. A few seconds later, Jerold White (making his first appearance of the day) dribbled through traffic and fed Barry with an open goal. Barry pushed home the bunny to make it 2-0.

DEA again was never really threatened, as the backf and mid-field continued to dominate. With about five minutes left, DEA closed out the scoring when Jerold was taken down in the box.

Jerold took the PK, and possibly for the last time. He drove hard, but the keeper got a mitt on it before it bounced off the crossbar. The ever-opportunistic Willie headed home into the open net for a 3-0 win.


The finals would see a rematch of the DEA/Metro match from earlier. While it didn't have the nastiness of the first match, it was entertaining.

DEA continued to create some great scoring chances, but all shots were seemingly destined for the keeper's gut. Then, five minutes of mayhem found DEA with their first deficit of the game.

Metro hit the post off a scramble, but DEA didn't completely clear. With the keystone kops still going on, another free look gave Metro an open shot. Lucas slid out, but it just squeaked by and DEA was down, 1-0.

Willie took the restart, touched to Jerold, took it back, beat two players, and slammed home from 20 yards. Just like that, it was back to 1-1.

It stayed that way throughout the rest of the game and 5 minutes of "Golden Goal". Not without lots of action, however. Metro would hit the post twice, but DEA created more overall chances. Lucas made two huge saves in extra time. Willie missed the best chance with under a minute left, adn the match headed to the ole NASL shoot-out.

Willie went first for DEA, and he easily scored.

Lucas stopped his shot.

Mehdi went second, and his shot was missed.

Lucas stopped his shot.

Elvis then took his turn, looking to ice the Cup. He came in clear, performed his magical disappearing act, reappeared behind the keeper in front of the open net, and calmly touched home the Cup Winner.

Willie was awarded the Golden Boot with his five goals on the day. Lucas was the real hero as he played huge all day.

A great time was had by all, and the beer flowed nicely out of the cup.

Tuesday, February 20
Katane Clinches Scoring Title as DEA and Merkins Knot 3-3

Mehdi Katane captured the session 3 scoring title for DEA as the came from behind to tie Merkins 3-3 and head into the playoffs. DEA just did not get up to play for this match as they were riding the #1 seed into the playoffs no matter the outcome of this match. Merkins came out on fire and by the half, DEA found themselves in a 3-0 hole.   

After the half time gripe session, DEA came out with a different attitude. Mehdi got DEA on the board with one of his two on the night. Shortly after, DEA got awarded a PK in a rare call that went their way. Jerold stepped to the line in hopes to bring DEA within one. However, Jerold's miscue was deflected away by the keeper and DEA still down by two. On the other end, #6&7 and Tino were in the net in place of the absent Cloutier for DEA. Barry Fitzgerald would score the next one with help from Tino and DEA was closing in. Mehdi would score the next to knot the score at 3 a piece. The momentum was clearly shifted to the DEA and Merkins was scrambling to preserve the one point for the tie. DEA hit everything but net and the game would end 3-3. Corney, the ref asked if we would like to go another half. Ryan, not appreciative of the calls, answered "yes, if we can get another ref, cuz you ****!!!" Corney didn't see the humor and dealt Carvalho a yellow and a red. Ryan was not too upset as he had to work the following week...

DEA heads into the playoffs ranked in the #1 spot and will take on the winner of the Merkins - FSC match. Game time is at 8:10 PM. DEA is favored to capture the title this session. Last session they were bumped or should I say "dived" out of the championship match... but we won't revisit that.

Other DEA notes: Congrats to Chris and Jen Jones on their new baby girl Lindsey Aime Jones Born:   February 10, 2007 At 1:04 PM Weighing in at 8 lbs 9 oz and 21.5 inches long... Congrats from all DEA !!!!

Lindsey Aime Jones

Thursday, February 8
Lethargic DEA Pulls Away from FSC with Late Flurry

The packed DEA sideline could be the reason, or maybe they are just getting cocky, but DEA seemed disinterested for much of the game. However, when it came time to tally the goals, DEA were winners again with a 7-3 thrashing of FSC.

FSC got on the board early by staking themselves to a 2-0 lead. A DEA turnover in their own crease, followed by a fumble, and DEA was down by two and hadn't even allowed a shot yet. Disgusting.

At the other end, Jerold White slammed a hard drive off the crossbar, and Mehdi Katane was robbed from in close. DEA finally broke free with a pair of quick goals just before half.

First, Ryan Carvalho's driven corner kick found Willie Mungere's head. A few minutes later, Chris Jones waltzed through the middle unscathed and placed a perfect low left-footed shot to level at the half.

The second half started the same as the first. In the opening minute, a throw-in near the top of the box found DEA keeper Chris Cloutier inexplicably trying to come out to punch it away. He was woefully late, and FSC watched as the ball caromed off a players back and slowed trickled into the unoccupied net. That's three goals off zero shots for those of you keeping score. Eee-gad.

Still playing with little emotion, DEA just yawned at the threat and pulled away with a five-goal barrage to close out the match.

First, Cloutier rifled a thirty-yard pass to Slick Willie, running a post pattern down the left sideline. Willie took a touch and left-footed home his shot to bring DEA back to level.

Mehdi would get the eventual winner when he took Jerold's pass and found a small opening between the maze of bodies in front of FSC's goal. Mehdi didn't miss, ripping a low drive to make it 4-3.

Chris LaBerge got the insurance tally with a RIGHT-footed shot, and Jerold got one of his own by finishing off his own rebound.

Willie would finally get his hat trick in the closing minutes by taking Mehdi's pass and pushing home a close shot with his right foot. "I score with my head. I score with my left foot. And, I score with my right foot."

That might have been the worst four-goal victory ever recorded. Nonetheless, a win is a win is a win, and with that win DEA has clinched #1 seed going into the playoffs in two weeks.

Friday, February 2
Big Foot Sighting - DEA Trips and Ties Storm 2-2 (REVISED)

DEA tried very hard to beat themselves last night in Bedford as they took on the Perfect Storm. They did manage to make a comeback and scrounge a tie and a point in the standings. Details are sketchy on this one as the two reporters were absent and we need to rely on word of mouth reporting. Anyway, it sounded ugly. It went something like this.

DEA started the game without their usual keeper, so Jerold jumped in net. Jerold is a good keeper and he was tested right away. Something about a Big Foot type creature ran across the floor. Suddenly, Elvis was flying through the air and scored a leaping salmon type goal over Jerold's head. The Storm was up 1-0 as JD was in the building for the second week in a row for DEA. Willy got a goal back for DEA to tie it up. Willy seems to be getting his scoring touch back, as he was starting to fall behind DEA goal scoring leader Mehdi Katane.

The next goal from the Storm was foggy... we have had a couple accounts of this one. One eye witness claims that Jerold got chipped from the parking lot. Another says that Jerold was wandering aimlessly around midfield looking for something and got chipped to put the Storm up 2-1. This is subject to change as more of the team chimes in.   Time was winding out and it was looking like DEA was about to loose its first game of the session. Then, details are a bit sketchy on this one also, it seems that Mehdi has gone to the Manny school of drawing PK's and he was awarded a PK. Mehdi doesn't miss these and tied the score 2-2. The final whistle blew and DEA headed for the bar. A 7PM start.... I am surprised anyone remembered the score...

Feel free to email me(Dale) any additional details that are missing or inaccurate.

DEA takes on FSC next week at 8PM on E1 field.

News flash.... The schedule appears to have changed... it says that we played New Castle and not the Perfect Storm last night. Is this true?? Anyone??


1. It seems that Mehdi is not the one that went to the Manny school of diving. He was sick that day and sent Sharby in his place. Sharby is the one who drew the foul and the PK. Then Mehdi, noticing that Willy was catching up on goals for this session, took the ball away and shot the PK....

Thursday, January 25
DEA Slams Hollis, 8-4

DEA broke open the scoring floodgates early, and never let up in notching their season high for goals scored in an 8-4 drubbing of Hollis. Hollis deploys much the same lineup as the Metro teams. They have to clearly be frustrated playing DEA by now, having blown two leads in the first session and losing last week when DEA couldn't even field a full team.

DEA started fast, with Willie Mungere on the end of Elvis' Zukovic' pass. Mehdi Katane made it 2-0 two minutes later.

Manny Diver pulled one back, but Elvis scored one of his own to make it 3-1 at the half.

Hollis pulled to within one again with a shot through a screen, they DEA pulled away. Elvis again. Mehdi off a steal. Jerrold White with his first, and suddenly it was 6-2 and DEA was putting on a clinic.

Dale then JD'd one into his own net, and Hollis got another lucky bounce to close it to 6-4. However, that was as close as it would get as Willie and Chris Laberge closed out the scoring off some pretty passing for the 8-4 final.

Back in their own end, Dan Martin and Chris Jones were outstanding along the backline. Not content to just clear the ball when defending, their short passing game and buildups started much of the offensive action. Keeper Chris Cloutier made a couple of nice saves when called upon.

A rousing win against a quality team. DEA continues look tough to beat.

Thursday, January 18
Ararat Beats Metro Arsenal, 4-3

When this reporter gazed at the starting lineup this evening, he saw five players w/ Ararat pedigree and just a single representive with long-term DEA bloodlines. It was difficult to call the team 'DEA'. A nod should go to the Ararat folks who have stormed the DEA castle, and deserved the mention in the headline for the daily papers.

Nonetheless, the shirts said DEA, and they took on the impressive Metro Arsenal squad down by two players, but determined to have a go. They did better than that, again coming back against Metro and deposited the winner with under ten seconds left. A heckuva match.

Arsenal got on the board first, when a missed clear found an open player just outside the box. He lined up and fired off a solid drive, with the lone DEA holdover and keeper Chris Cloutier getting a mitt on it as it whistled by. Typical.

DEA was playing pretty well, and held the chances even playing down two men. First, the Leaping Salmon Ryan Carvalho found an open slot, but shot well high and wide. They would need to do better with their chances.

Snake-bitten Willie Mungere did the same with the first of his two chances. The second was taken with a better line, but bounded off the crossbar and out of harm's way.

Brendan Gilmarton broke free for Arsenal, but his low shot was kicked aside by Cloutier. Gilmarton, always a threat, was bottled up pretty well in the back by Jerold White and Mike Martinez. They would do battle for much of the match.

DEA levelled when Cloutier stepped in front of a cross and rifled through the seam to that speedster, Carvalho. He took a touch or two, and shot low to the right side. As his shot worked it's way through traffic, a turtle passed it and just beat it to the goal line. However, both the turtle and Ryan's shot cleared the line, and it was 1-1.

DEA took the lead a few minutes lader when Martinez, representing the Mexican fanbase, slipped a throughball to Elvis Zukovic. Elvis thought about shooting, but instead saw Jerold sipping a Mai Tai in open space. Elvis fed Jerold, who scorched a low shot that took some post on it's way by. 2-1, DEA.

DEA looked for more, but all they found was woodwork. Jerold slammed the crossbar, as did Carvalho. Elvis from the corner, and then Jerold's chip...all the the crossbar. DEA asked for a check of the goal height at the half, as sure it must've been too low. What other reason could account for all the crossbars?

Arsenal levelled when a goal-mouth scramble resulted in some real crap, but the ball ping-ponged around before going in. Crap, I tell ya'.

To make matters worse, in the last few minutes of the half, not long after DEA had picked up some migrant labor "Tom", Gilmarton took an Ivan Iwannabuyavowel pass, and shot low to Cloutier's side. He shoulda' had it, but didn't, and DEA went into the half down 3-2.

Second half saw more pace all around. Willie continued shooting wildly, getting robbed on occasion, but often missing horribly.

Elvis' compass was not in working order, either, as his shots were well hit, jut off target.

Carvalho broke free to shoot, but found all arm as his thumping blast rattled off the keeper three times, but did not find goal.

DEA finally tied it when "Tom" was on the receiving end of Willie's great pass. All he had to do was to touch in from a yard, and the build-up from the back resulted in the easy goal. 3-3.

Cloutier then was forced into three fine saves. Punching aside Gilmarton's drive, he then slid to stop a breakaway before scrambling back to get in front of another clear opportunity. With the clock running down, it was time to pull this one out.

Elvis received Jerold's pass, and again looked to shoot. However, he saw Willie open on the left. Willie one-timed his helper, and found nothing but net. 4-3 DEA, with Phil looking at his watch.

Seconds after the restart, the whistle blew and DEA had pulled out another hard fought 4-3 win.

Not sure what happened, but the last e-mail showed four more "IN"s and a couple more possibles......

Thursday, January 11
DEA Upends Defending Champions Bedford Blast

DEA went to 2-0 on the season with a 6-2 pasting of Session #1 winners, Bedford Blast. DEA welcomed The Leaping Salmon (Ryan Carvalho) back into the fold, fully fit and recovered from his summer knee surgery.

DEA got on the board early when Scott Sharby swept up some loose trash, cleaning up after Mehdi. Mehdi got one for himself a few minutes later when he stripped Mark Major of the ball, and slammed home from 8 yards.

The Blast pulled one back midway through the half when Jim McCall dribbled from the corner. He found an open Christian Gagnon up top, and Christian ripped home from outside the box through a maze of bodies.

Not to be outdone, Elvis Zukovic crossed beautifully to the head of Chris Laberge. Laberge nodded home to restore the two-goal cushion.

The lead grew to 4-1 at the half when Ryan lined up Elvis' pass and scorched home to the short side. Man, he's barely touched a ball over the last six months, falls out of bed, and begins scoring again. You paying attention, Willie?

Christian forced a turnover during a line change early in the second half to make it 4-2, but that was as close as they would get.

Ryan deposited his second off Jerold White's pass to eliminate any thoughts of losing this lead.

A goal mouth scramble gave DEA a 6-2 lead, and it took a review of the tape to see how got credit. That went to Mehdi, as he finished off another Jerold pass and the ball was close to the goal line. Willie mopped up, but it appears the ball was already in the net and he was accused of "stat-building".

Willie still wanted to get one, so with a few minutes left he pulled Keeper Chris Cloutier from the net, and DEA went with an empty backfield to close it out. Willie got his chance, streaming through the middle and driving a hard, low sizzler that looked to find the far corner. Blast's keeper came up huge, punching it wide and leaving Willie speechless. Good times all around.

The Editor is paying for it this morning. After arriving at home after 2:00, it has been a sluggish day at the news desk today.

Monday, January 8
DEA Crushes Nashua United 5-1 to Open Session #3

DEA started the 3rd session with a big W over Nashua United at Rising Stars last Thursday night. After a disappointing finish in the playoffs the week before, DEA was out for the kill. Despite not having their starting keeper, DEA ran out to a 3-0 half time lead on goals from Mehdi, Jerold and then Mehdi again. Last session, DEA had a four way tie for leading scorer between Jerold, Willy, Elvis and Sharby. Looks like Mehdi wants a piece of that this session. Chris Florek, who is still nursing a nasty ankle injury, took net duties and didn't see much action. The DEA defense, led by Dan Martin shut down just about every Nashua attack. Jerold would switch with Flo in the net for the second half so that Chris could test his peg. Nashua would try a different strategy, after packing it in for most of the first half. They would try and get some offense started and spread out the field. This worked into the DEA hands however, as they would quick counter on the United squad each time. About 5 minutes into the half, Elvis would send a ball to the left side of the Nashua net that looked to be heading over the touch line. Willy would sprint to the ball beating his defender who was sure the ball was heading out of bounds. Willy hit a screaming cross right onto the right foot of Scott Sharby, who was parked in front of the net. Sharby would neatly redirect the ball into the upper part of the net for DEA's 4th goal. Peter Cline tried to make it interesting as he would be called for a double dribble in the DEA area. Nashua would be awarded a PK. However, Jerold would lay out on the shot and get his right hand on the ball to deflect it out of the goal. Nice save to preserve the shut out. About midway through the half, Nashua would break through however. A shot that was going to the right side of the DEA net was deflected off an unidentified DEA player. As Jerold slid to his left to make the save the ball redirected slowly into the opposite side of the net to spoil the shutout. Barry Fitzgerald would finish the scoring for DEA with a blast from the right side. Nice to have Barry back. DEA is on the right track with this impressive win. Next game is not posted yet. Check your emails for an update or check the league website. Nice win DEA.

Thursday, December 28
Controversy Dooms DEA Playoff Run

DEA's run to another title was sidetracked by some dubious officiating and even more disgusting play-acting as Metro White "beat" DEA 2-1 in the semi-finals. Bedford Blast came out of nowhere to take the title. It was good to see most of the Blast players were seasoned DEA players in some form.

DEA took their first round match, 2-1, against Newcastle United. DEA was sluggish and lethargic in their match, playing with almost no emotion but still having enough in the tank to take the "W".

It started bad for DEA as their first touch was sent to nobody, and almost resulted in a corner kick. Damn near impossible to do, you would think. To make matters worse, Newcastle took the lead midway through and put DEA behind.

Willie Mungere fed Mehdi to tie it up, and Jerold White put home the eventual winner. After the initial 25 minutes or so, DEA wasn't really challenged.

The Semis brought on Metro White, who blew a three-goal lead to DEA a few weeks ago. The crowd hung around for this one, as these two squads looked to be the class of the league.

After much ebb and flow, with each team having some good chances, DEA took the lead when Chris Jones stepped in front a pass and sprung Jerold. Jerold deposited the go-ahead goal with a well-placed, low shot into the far corner. DEA kept the pressure on in search of the badly needed insurance tally, but could not break through. Elvis, Willie, and Jerold all had splendid chances that either whistled wide or found the woodwork.

Back at the other end, Dan Martin was eating Manny Diver alive. Metro's attack was to try to go long to Diver, where he would try to lay it off to Brendan Gilmarton or Ivan Iwannabuyavowel coming in late. Instead, DEA doubled the Diver, fronting him with either Chris Laberge, Dale Dubois, or Jonesy and Martin on his backside. This worked very effectively.

Metro had a couple of solid chances, hitting the post once and forcing Dale to clear one of the line with a goalmouth scramble. With under five minutes left, DEA was in control, but badly needed another to ice it.

Instead, Diver found himself clear for one of his only opportunities, and he made DEA pay by firing a drive into the upper corner to level it. Metro had their chances, but DEA was clearly the better squad. Did they have time to get the winner?

Peter Cline hit the post, as did Jerold. Willie missed another great chance, and Elvis scorched two more wide. It just wasn't meant to be.

The match went to "Golden Goal", and this is where the game took an unfortunate turn. With Diver doubled by Martin and Jonesy, Diver leaped forward and did a triple backflip with a 1/4 twist. The crowd ooed and awed, with several of the judges holding 9's and 10's on their scorecards. There was a little bit of splash, but not much, and it looked like he was in position to take home the gold. Oops, sorry, after that performance this reporter thought he was watching the action at the Olympic Trials. Instead, Cornelious the Ref blew his whistle and pointed to the spot. Yes, a PK in overtime. Essentially, Cornelious was ending the game right then and there. A horrible display that goes against everything good with soccer. I'm still fired up.

Diver easily put home the ensuing PK and DEA's run was over. The action was far from it, however. As Diver tried to point out his actions were "just part of the game", it wasn't sitting well with DEA. They wanted no part of it, and as the booze flowed it got more and more raucous. The finals between the Blast and Metro were filled with catcalls, and eventually Diver stormed to the sidelines and got into it with Jerold. Separted by the netting, Diver acted tough. Jerold climbed through the netting, and Diver sauntered away. Justin Hickman from the Blast then scored off an impressive diving header to give Blast the title. After the match, Cornelious was threatening Jerold for next week's game. Diver and Jerold got into some heated shouting matches. Things appeared to be calming down as the sun was starting to rise.

An awful way to bow out. One would only hope that to give a PK, it would be a clear scoring opportunity. This wasn't...but DEA looks to start anew next week in the second session.

Tuesday, December 26
Full Squad DEA Wins Going Away

Apologies from the editor. The game reporter lost all his game notes during the shanagans after the game. All that could be found was some chicken scratching on a cocktail napkin, which read, in part "...DEA won again, a lot to a little. It was close at half, but they won going away..."

Playoffs next week.

Thursday, December 14
Shorthanded DEA Wins Again

DEA played down a man all game, and still defeated Newcastle United 3-1 this evening. DEA continued to dominate the game for large stretches, and seemed to enjoy the extra space that was allowed to them.

DEA opened the scoring midway through the first half with a nicely played restart. Jerold White passed to Scot Sharby, who was fronting the keeper. Sharby laid the ball off to Dale Dubois, who was left unmarked on the right side. Dale one-timed a hard, low shot through a screen to give DEA a 1-0 lead.

A few minutes later, Jerold drove a shot that took a fortitious deflection. The keeper was left flat-footed and could only watch as the ball cleared his head and into the back of the net, making it 2-0.

DEA continued to pressure, but were again having problems finishing despite the two goals. Jerold shanked a shot wide left. Willie Mungere, who suddenly has the touch of a left back, missed chance after chance inside the area. It was unfortunate, as Willie was doing all the hard work by possessing and allowing for his help to arrive, but his skillfull finishing was not evident this evening. Even when he did do well to get a solid chance off, luck was just not on his side. It has been recommended by the Team Psychologist to lay off the sex for a while so he can focus on his soccer skills.

Second half saw the DEA backfield of Dale, Dan Martin, and Chris Jones locking down Newcastle. Jonesy's block off a scorching drive surely left a mark. Keeper Chris Cloutier had to come up with a couple of solid saves, and was solid in coming off his line this evening.

Newcastle broke through with a rippah' that a screened Cloutier never saw, but wouldn't have had anyway. The hard shot, destined for upper 90, was tucked just inside the corner. In a game of "Battleship", that drive would have landed on A-1.

With the score now 2-1, and DEA starting to feel a bit tired, they had to clamp down in the backfield. Jerold tracked back, fin up, and stopped a chance with a hard tackle. After Cloutier cleared long down the right side, Sharby did a tremendous job tracking down the ball in the far corner. Sharby then beat a man, and sent a perfect cross to Jerold. Jerold chipped the keeper, collected himself, and touched home for the bunny to close it out at 3-1.

Another great effort with short numbers, against a team that wasn't top quality, but a solid second-tier squad.

Wednesday, December 6
DEA Has Metro's Number

DEA performed another miracle comeback this evening, notching two late goals to level Metro Green 2-2. This Metro Green squad had many of the same players as Metro White...who blew a three-goal lead to DEA just last week.

Coming into the match, DEA and Metro Green were tied at the top of the table with 4-0 records. After the tie, they will remain notted up for first place.

In a similar fashion to last week, DEA started pretty well with their strong passing game. Metro can knock the ball around, too, so the match was full of quality. As has been the case all year, DEA's first half finishing was as poor as the build up was beautiful. Passing and movement resulted in some good looks, but the final touches were left wanting. The game had the flavor of "just a matter of time" before DEA would break through, but it was Metro who opened the scoring.

Manny Diver got a fortuitous bounce of Chris Laberge's clearance and fired from 10 yards out. Keeper Chris Cloutier pawed it, but not enough as Metro took the lead.

A minute or so later, Cloutier's goal kick through the parted Red Sea to Elvis Zukovic started a clean break. Elvis found Willie on the right side, who slid a pass across to Jerold White. Jerold calmly sized up the goal before finishing...but it somehow went off the post and the keeper corralled the rebound. Just unlucky. A few minutes later, Willie forced a turnover in Metro's zone, turned, and had every defender scrambling. His shot, however, clammered off the post and out of harm's way.

Second half play saw more of the same. DEA storming the castle, but chances all going awry. The defensive trio of Dan Martin, Chris Jones and Chris Laberge were keeping Metro's slick passing attack on the perimeter, but not many shots made it through. The three combined to render Ivan Iwannabuyavowel basically useless, completely bottling him up and holding him shotless. Cloutier was forced to make a couple of fine saves to keep DEA down 1-nill. Then, controversy errupted.

Sean Wisby caught a 15-yard pass inside the area for a first down, held the ball for a moment or two, then dropped it to his feet. As DEA screamed in horror at the ref, Wisby figured "no whistle, no call" and passed to pretty boy Pat Mulcahey. Mulcahey's shot nutmegged Cloutier, who was too interested in yelling at the ref to realize the game was live. Mr. Referree, who didn't make a single call against Metro until the final moments, continued with his stare into space with an Alfred E. Newman's "What, me worry?" look on his face. 2-0, Metro.

As DEA began to get more and more angry, as literally every call was going against them, Mehdi finally had enough and lumberjacked Mulcahey at the center of the pitch. Mehdi got a deserved yellow, and almost got the showers by coming into contact with the ref. Fortunately, the ref blew off the contact, but DEA had to answer to Wisby (who had to put on his Commissioner's hat) after the game.

With under five minutes left, things were starting to look bleak. Laberge finally broke the ice when he picked off Jerold's pass, got a clear look and scorched a drive into the upper 90 to get DEA back to 2-1.

Time was running down under a minute when Willie was tossed to the pitch, and DEA got their second call in their favor all game. While the braintrust sorted out how to play this restart, Jerold's nifty touch to Elvis on the right side allowed Elvis to have an open shot at goal. Elvis then hit an absolute blast, with the shot hitting post and crossbar before settling into the far side. Incredibly, DEA had come back again to level.

Did they have one more? Unfortunately, they didn't have enough time left to get the winner. Five more minutes in the match, and DEA wins that game. No doubt.

Another solid comeback and a well played match. Metro brings a couple of good teams, but they have to be disapointed to give up solid leads to DEA twice in the last two weeks.

Thursday, November 30
"That game was all DEA"

The line quoted above can be credited to Chris Laberge, and he was right. In a tale of two distinctly different halves, DEA came back from a 3-0 halftime deficit to win 4-3 against a pretty tough Metro White team. This was the first test for DEA in the indoor season, and they passed with flying colors.

As DEA sauntered in and putzed around while getting ready, the ref was blowing his whistle as he apparently had a plane to catch. Without a warmup, DEA touched off and were immediately put on there heels. Metro, lead by indoor mercenary Ivan Iwannabuyavowel and Reyad Mohammed (of the Pepperell O-30's), proved to have the quality that DEA had not seen this season. It didn't take long for Metro to break the ice, as a fast break saw Ivan and Manny Diver tic-tac-toe through the "D" and put Metro in the lead. A few minutes later saw Ivan rip a shot that took two deflections on the way to put Metro up 2-0.

At the other end, DEA was playing well enough but their finishing was poor. A nice buildup was often followed by a shot that would go wide. Elvis Zukovic and Willie Mungere were the main culprits, missing some bunnies to keep DEA in the whole. No matter, as they would eventually get their revenge. Back in the DEA half, Ivan put DEA in a big hole just before half when he tooks Reyad's nice pass and scorched one of his patented left-footed drives at DEA keeper Chris Cloutier's head. Knowing he had an important meeting the next day, Cloutier ducked and got a hand on the shot, but not enough as it blew by to put DEA down by a field goal at the half.

Laberge's emotional scolding at halftime provided the fire DEA needed. Knowing it was virtually impossible to score three goals on one play, DEA had to be content to chip away at Metro. Get the first goal, then worry about the second. Once you get the second, then worry about the third....The key would be the first goal.

As he is proving in his short time in his DEA career, Slick Willie proved he can be the go-to guy. After Dale's throw in sent Elvis down the right side, Elvis had to put on his track shoes to keep it in. Once he settled, he found Willie just off the right post. Willie pulled the Hidden Ball Trick, barely touching the pass and redirected it into the corner. Keeper never moved. 3-1.

Next, after another throw-in, Chris Jones waltzed up the left side with room to roam. Not finding a better option, Jonesy calibrated and ripped a shot to the far side. 3-2.

After Dan Martin had a great chance to level with a screaming drive that just went wide, DEA finally got the leveller. Starting out of the back, DEA put on a passing clinic of bibical proportions. This writer can't do it justice, but suffice it say it was pretty. Dale-to-Martin-to-Jonesy-to-Elvis-to-Laberge-to-Willie for the tap in, and it was tied up, 3-3. DEA had levelled, and there were jock straps lying all over the place as Metro were picked apart. DEA had come all the way back...did they have room for one more?

Elvis would answer that with a "yes" a few minutes later. After taking Laberge's pass in the corner, Elvis skated along the left of the goal along the touchline. As he beat his last defender, he took a chop. To ensure the whistle, Elvis embellished it a bit. Make no mistake, he was fouled, but the poor acting job left Metro in a tizzy. Elvis slammed home the PK to give DEA their first lead at 4-3.

Not to be outdone, Metro then turned on the heat. Ivan ripped one of the post, as did Manny. Finally, with Martin draped all over Manny like a cheap suit, Manny flopped to the pitch and screamed for a make-up foul. His acting job was better suited to a "B" movie you'd see on late night TV than a soccer match, and the ref wasn't buying what he was selling. No call. Game over. What a comeback.


Friday, November 17
DEA Keeps on Rolling

DEA pounded previously undefeated FSC 7-0 this evening. They started fast, finished strong, and dominated all phases in between.

Willie Mungere ripped a shot to start things off. Peter Cline then scored a goal only a defender would love. He stepped in front of a clearance and the rebound found it's way into the net. Hey, they all count. Jerold White then got the first of his two on the evening to put DEA up 3-0 at the half.

Second half saw much of the same. Elvis Zukovic with a perfectly calibrated swirler to the far side. Mehdi slammed home a short drive, and Chris Laberge tapped in from close range before Jerold closed out the scoring.

Back in their own end, Dale, Dan Martin and Chris Jones dominated and what was left over keeper Chris Cloutier was there to mop up with a couple of fine saves.

Next action is on 11/30 at 9:00 against Metro White.

Wednesday, November 8
DEA Wins Second with a Comfortable 4-1 Win

DEA shut down the winner of the previous session, Storm, 4-1 this evening to run their record to 2-0 on the season.

After a scoreless first half, DEA allowed Storm to get the scoring started before taking off. Scott Sharby had DEA's first, followed minutes later by Chris Laberge to give DEA the lead. After Chris Jones fine defensive play gave Christian Gagnon an opening, Gagnon tore through the middle and deposited an insurance tally. Goal of the night came on Sharby's second. Laberge's long cross found Elvis, who one-timed a pass into the box that Sharby volleyed home. Well taken all around on this one.

Look for updates for next week's game.

Thursday, November 2
DEA Starts Year Off With a Win

DEA upended Nashua United this evening, 2-1, in a match that wasn't as close as the score indicated. Nashua rarely threatened, as DEA kept the ball in the Nashua end all match. Elvis Zukovic (PK) and Willie Mungere lit the lamp for DEA.

Tuesday, May 2
DEA Bedford Wins the 2006 Summit Cup Championship

2006 Summit Cup Champions -- DEA Bedford Indoor Soccer Club
Front Row L-R: Nick Masci, Jeff Lereau, Ryan Carvalho Back Row L-R: David Picanso, Jerold White, Barry Fitzgerald, Dale Dubois, Chris Florek, Chris Harrington.

This past Saturday, the DEA Bedford Indoor Club captured the 2006 Summit Cup Championship at Rising Starts Sports Center. The Tournament was put on as a benefit for the American Diabetes Association. Because the tournament was held on a Saturday(normally a day off for the DEA team)we had to do some recruiting. Ryan "Salmon" Carvalho came trough with three quality players to add to the mix.

DEA started strong against a team called "The Kids". DEA controlled the game and went on to a decisive 5-1 victory. Chris Harrington, one of the salmons recruits, was in the net for DEA and got over some early jitters.

The Next game DEA took on a more talented "United" squad. Because they were more talented, they felt that they could run the DEA team. This was to their demise, however, as DEA would counter every attempt and run the score to 7-1 before this one ended.

The next match was with Team Toshiba. This was a battle. DEA was a bit timid at first but managed to score the first goal. However, Team Toshiba hung in there and leveled the scored with about 5 minutes to go in the 25 minute match. DEA just couldn't get the go ahead goal. Toshiba would counter and score the game winner with only a minute left. DEA went down 2-1 in this match.

Based upon the points, it would be a rematch of Team Toshiba and DEA in the finals after a one game break. Toshiba would grab a couple of players off the United team to help with their fitness, but it would be to no avail. DEA was all over them from the whistle. Scoring a minute into the match and would not stop until the final of 10-1 was reached. DEA would take home the hardware and some warm Miller Lite. A fun time was had by all for a good cause... Mike Robinson(Pepperell) reported that $1600 was raised that day....

DEA Indoor Soccer Club
DEA Indoor Soccer Club
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