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DEA Bedford Soccer Club

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Bedford Local Weather
DEA Bedford Soccer Club
Dale Dubois
Fax: 603-669-0900
Bedford, New Hampshire

DEA foils, past and present
-Oscar (Eagles)-An all-timer, this striker of Latin American descent had a knack for scoring big goals, and also scoring with big blows. Love him or hate him, he was tough to play against, and if years of abuse didn't get in the way, he'd have been a great player.

-Frosty (Easton)-Young blood, Ole' Frosty is more talk than action. (Actual name is Dustin, which was slanged to "Dusty", but DEA being what they are, we changed it). Frosty's attitude made him the immediate guy to crack, but frankly he doesn't really do much out there.

-Corey (PSC)-May be past his prime. Several torn hamstrings have depleted his wheels. Scored some big goals in the early years of their rivalry, coined the phrase "Here I was having a conversation with the old guy, and along comes Chico the Half-Breed...".

-Sammy (Kingston)-Best way to control him is to send a player from the Middle East out to crack him in the knee brace. Sammy will then respond with a "F*** You!" and will be subsequentially red-carded.

-Kenny Cincaid (Durham)-Just an ass. I don't need to add anything more than that.

-"Crusher" (Dover)- Known around DEA as "Bizarro Dale", he's just a bit slower, shorter, doesn't jump quite as high, play quite as hard, and isn't quite as good. Wears number 16 though.

-Bill Walton (Amherst)-See Kenny Cincaid above.

-Billy the Man (York)-It amazed us that a goalie who actually saw only one shot, and it went in, could talk sooo much trash. DEA won't rest until we have at him again. **UPDATE-DEA spanked Billy the Man in their 2001 semi-final game, 4-1. Fans on the sideline renamed him "puncher".**

-Dave Pinkham (Gilford)-Actually no longer associated with the summer team, Mr. Pinkham would go out of his way to avoid making his little Gilford boys travel to any away games, then *** about it when they always lose early in the playoffs.

-Peter Tufts (Exeter)-Always a prick to play against, throws a forearm shiver to Jimmy Gray in a playoff game just to see how much internal bleeding he could inflict. Special thanks to Robbie Johnstone of PSC for getting him back for us.

-Any of those A**holes from Peterborough.

-Who was that little puke from Charlestown we used to beat up?

-Garrett (Gilford) Mouthy, not a bad touch, but the big stud from Colby-Sawyer talks the talk, but doesn't walk the walk. Tom Labonville body-slammed him once for a classic comeback.

-Bizzaro Beckham- This young player for TN is equipped with a David Beckham starter kit. Long styled hair, headband, white boots and obviously number 23. Quoted as saying: "They are just mad and play dirty cause they were poor and had no shoes to play in, when they were young." (a remark clearly directed at Webby and Corlton)

Friday, July 7
--Eminem-- This youngster is clearly a thugchild created by the rap mogul himself. His mouth continued from the starting whistle to parking lot. Light short hair and fair skin makes him a spitting image of Eminem with an attitude to match. This speedy forward's claims to fame are DEA literally giving him two goals... and firing a PK over the bar when his team needed him most. He can be seen in action at college powerhouse New England College, if anyone is interested.   

DEA Bedford Soccer Club
DEA Bedford Soccer Club
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