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DEA Bedford Soccer Club
Dale Dubois
Fax: 603-669-0900
Bedford, New Hampshire
  Famous Quotes  

Tuesday, May 5
Jerold, when realizing his pass was a foot or two outside Cliney's reach, commented "Yeah, I wanted you to go get it, then I realized it was like turning a submarine around"

Tuesday, May 5
Chungalo (v) - To clear a ball unnecessarily far away when trying to kill time.  Named after Bryan Chunglo, legend from the 80's and 90's who left a trail of enemies as long as the tassles on his socks.

Soccer Is Church
In a discussion regarding the players not being able to make Sunday morning games due to church... Chris Cloutier's response was, "Soccer is Church!!"

"You Wanna Drink With Some Winnahs?"
With the annual Dover battle winding down, a couple of lookers came pulling into the parking lot...looking for the Dover team.

After some polite talk, one particular young lass began to move on, after identifying the Dover team on the other side of the lot. Not ready to give up the ship just yet, Chris threw out proposition that was thought to be a sure attention grabber "Hey, you wanna drink with some winnahs?" in reference to DEA's 7-2 spanking of Dover that night.

It must have had her thinking, as when she drove off she invited us to some Irish bar to continue the fun....

"Where's your national championship ring?"
A quiet exchange, this was Doug Blais' response when told an opposing player was asking "Geez, whose father do you think that is?"

He's not injured. He's Fat.
In a game against Nashua United at Ben Brewster field, Ryan Cloutier was asking the referee to let him out because of an injury. One smart ass from the United team said, "He's not injured, He's fat!"

18 - 6 = 12
This is best defined by Jon Cloutier when a referee stepped off his 10 yard wall, with the ball placed on the 18 yard line. After stepping off the supposed 10 yards, Jon looked down, saw the six-yard box, and yelled out "Hey, hey, ref...18-6=12...that's 12 yards, not 10. Come on, ref, that's just simple mathematics!". A yellow-card ensued, never really did figure out why.

15 years ago
While having a conversation with the forward during the Gilford Game, Mike Cloutier was overheard saying, "...If I were as bad as you are 15 years ago, I would have given up playing then".

You don't see me in the gym
Date in question. Doug Blais had been repeatedly run by a muscle-bound player. Finally, Doug yelled out "Hey, what are you even doing out here, anyway? You don't see me in the gym, do you?"

Hey, look at you in the pink shirt
Hopkinton, circa 1990. After attempted to rag on Paul by the entire town that turned out for a play-off game, Paul responded with the now famous line. "Hey, look at you in the pink shirt." It stunned, and quieted the crowd. I believe it was the simplicity that made it so effective. In this same game Paul was later overheard in a conversation with this same lumber jack fan saying " least I don't paint my fingernails." This enraged the fan who felt it necessary to wait until the end of the game and track down Paul to explain that he really didn't "paint his fingernails."

More than 10 years ago Mike Cloutier was in a heated argument (does anyone believe that?) with then referee and current DEA advocate Peter Perich. At one point in the conversation as Referee Perich was searching for his "cards" he was heard to utter "Not one more word Michael!" Always one to push the envelope, Mike's response was "word!". A yellow card was issued and $5 was added to the team fund.

Hands like a digital watch
While speaking with the Gilford goal keeper Colin summed up the keepers ability with the phrase, "You have hands like a digital watch."

Late 80's: In a heated match against Exeter, Former Memorial stand-out and kick boxer George Dovis, called out to Exeter player/coach Peter Tufts, "listen frito-bandito, you're already missing a few teeth, if you don't want to be missing any more, SHUT UP!"

W-w-w-w-what was tthe call?
Current Central Supply captain and former Bedford player asking for a clarification on a call made by an official:

Official: "T-t-t-tripping on green"
Player:   "W-w-w-w-what was the call?"

Bitch slap
DEA's only minority (not including cheeco the half-breed) got into a tussle with another player and lightly slapped the player. The opposing player yelled to the official, "he just punched me" and the DEA field general stated "that wasn't a punch, that was a *** slap"

He grabbed my ass!
Early 80's: While playing one of the tougher Manchester teams, former Fish's stand-out Dan Potter, got into a pushing match with an opposing player while setting up a wall. The player stated "you can't move me I'm a brick wall." Dan reached down and grabbed the ass of the "brick wall" and the player jumped 10 feet screaming in a voice higher than Kurt's girlfriend in the heat of passion, "he grabbed my ass, he grabbed my ass!"

Nothing but a left-back in a summer soccer league
Made famous by Joe Bradley in the mid-80's, this quote was thrown out during some heavy trash talking, it's cut being a left back, especially in a summer soccer league, is considered the end of the soccer line. One current left back (then midfielder)overheard the comment and loved it. Years later, he found himself there. In some weird DEA way, this quote has become a rallying cry for DEA left backs everywhere.

DEA Bedford Soccer Club
DEA Bedford Soccer Club
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