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DEA Bedford Soccer Club

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Bedford Local Weather
DEA Bedford Soccer Club
Dale Dubois
Fax: 603-669-0900
Bedford, New Hampshire
  Important Info  

"Peking Duck"
In a tribute to long-time West High soccer coach Dave "Goose" Gosselin, the current West coach has agreed to change his name to Jim "Peking Duck" Gray.

"Cheeco the Half Breed"
Dale is not of Spanish ancestry. He is actually of French Canadian descendant.

"Old Guy Defensive Push"
Contrary to popular belief, Paul is not the oldest guy on the team. We have all heard the fans and players say things like, "you think he is 50?", "here I am having a conversation with the old guy...", and "hey old man".   All we know is the one sure way to get serious productivity out of the defense is to convince the other team to call Paul "old man".

"Dale's Ball"
Most of the opposition is not aware that Dale's ball is an acronym for scatter. When you hear "Dale's ball" during a game, you would be wise to move quickly an area at least 5 yards in any direction from the player commonly known as Chico the half breed. The ball will land at your feet shortly after the call of "Dale's Ball" if you follow these instructions. Failure to follow these instructions has resulted in serious injury.

Rag Doll: Definition
1. Noun; a puppet like toy filled with a soft stuffing that can be easily thrown about the house. 2. Verb; to pick up one person, shake violently, and throw to the ground as if they were weightless, ususally resulting in a red card(ex. Did you see Rob "rag doll" that guy in Keene?)

DEA is not under Federal Government Control
DEA actually stands for Dubois Engineering Associates, although it is often mistaken for the agency run by the Federal Government. No one is quite clear why this error commonly occurs. Could it be the blue uniforms with yellow letters or possibly Dana's black suburban with smoked windows? An example of this mistake in identity was during the 1999 NH State Title match against the Easton Aliens in Tilton. The Easton fans, in an effort to spark their weary(perhaps drug induced)team, were heard chanting "Beat the Feds, Beat the Feds." Strange words from strange people. We all know that DEA was victorious in the title game and no arrests were made. This fan behavior is not as surprising to the DEA players now that we have had a chance to play at Easton's home field. One DEA player was quoted. "We thought playing at Colebrook was bad...Do they even have Cable?"

This best defined by Jon Cloutier when a referee stepped off his 10 yard wall, when a ball was placed on the 18 yard line. After stepping off the supposed 10 yard, Jon looked down, say the six-yard box, and yelled out "Hey, hey, ref...18-6=12...that's 12 yards, not 10". A yellow-card ensued, never really did figure out why.

We need to work on our History... I know we have finished 2nd place for coors and a number of times before.... year, team, HELP

It's the beer to have when you're having more than one!

DEA Bedford Soccer Club
DEA Bedford Soccer Club
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