Don Ayres Time Corners Little League: Welcome

Online registration for 2013 is now open! Click the Register Now! link on the left sidemenu.
Don Ayres Time Corners Little League Leagues
Big League Baseball (16-18 yr old)     Coach Pitch (6-7 yr old)    
Junior League Baseball (13-15 yr old)     Major League Baseball (11-12 yr old)    
Minor League-Baseball (9-10 yr old)     Prep League (7-8) yr. old    
T-Ball (4-6 yr old)    


Our league serves SW Fort Wayne/Aboite Township, Indiana and provides Baseball for ages 4-18, and Girls Fastpitch Softball for ages 5-16. Our board members, managers and coaches are all volunteers. Click on your league site at the top of this page. For more information on Girls Fastpitch Softball go to  

Registration:  At the Chapel, February 8th & 15th 2014, 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

On-Line Registration is available at and ends Feb 28th 2014. 

Check out the forms page on the left of this page. There you will find forms for registration, pre-tryout clinics, coupons to Dick's Sporting Goods, and much more. To save time at registration print out the medical form, registration form, and volunteer form and bring them filled out to registration with your child's birth certificate and proof of residence.
Here is a link to the 2014 approved bats list for majors and below. For approved bats for Jrs, Srs, and Bigs see their page by clicking on the link at the top of this page.

If you have any pictures that you have taken from games this season please send them to Please include the league (Prep, Minors, Majors, T-Ball, Coach Pitch), your name, team name, and name of kids in the shot if known. We'll put them up in the sites photo gallery. Or you can put them on our facebook page.

2014 Leagues
T-ball/Coach Pitch Ages 4-7         $80 registration fee                         $250 Sponsorship fee
Prep ages 7-8                                     $150 registration fee                      $500 Sponsorship fee
Minors ages 9-11                              $150 registration fee                      $500 Sponsorship fee
Majors National ages 9-12            $150 registration fee                      $500 Sponsorship fee
Majors American ages 10-12       $150 registration fee                      $500 Sponsorship fee
Dual participation ages 12-13      $150 registration fee                      $500 Sponsorship fee
Junior ages 13-15                             $150 registration fee                      $500 Sponsorship fee
Bigs ages 16-18                                  $125 registration fee                      $500 Sponsorship fee
Prep ages 5-8                                     $100 registration fee
Minors 8-11                                        $120 registration fee
Majors 10-12                                      $120 registration fee
Juniors 13-15                                      $120 registration fee
A-M (minors and majors)             March 22nd 12-4 at the Ashe Centre
N-Z (minors and majors)               March 23rd 12-4 at the Ashe Centre
Juniors and Bigs                                March 23rd 4-6 at the Ashe Centre