NJ District 3 Little League: SENIOR Softball Section IV Tour

Tournament Information and Schedule
All games will be played at:
Elmer Little League
US Rt 40, Elmer
View Tournament Information for Coaches. The Document contains important information about the tournament.  Each team should print a copy of the guidelines.
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DIRECTIONS to the PARK: The field is located on Harding Highway (Route 40), next to the Elmer Diner, cross the street from Fred Harz & Son. Heading east on Harding Highway (Rt. 40), after entering Elmer go through the traffic light the park is on your left just pass the Elmer Diner. Heading west on Harding Highway (Rt. 40) after passing Elmer Lake the park is on your right. Coming to Elmer from Dutch Row Road or Centerton Road - You enter Elmer with the lake on your right. Turn right on South Main Street, go to the traffic light. Turn right, the park is on your left just pass the Elmer Diner. Entering Elmer from Pine Tavern Road or Richwood Road - as you enter Elmer the Post Office is on your left. Go to the traffic light, turn left, the park is just pass the Elmer Diner on your left. 

Tournament Schedule
Senior Softball Section IV Tournament
 Game  Date Time  Team Score    Team Score
 1  Sun. 7/5 5:00  District 15   vs.  District 21  
 3  Mon, 7/6 6:00  District 3   vs.  Winner Game 1  
 4  Mon. 7/6 8:00  District 16   vs.  District 14  
 5  Tues. 7/7 6:00  Loser Game 1    vs.  Loser Game 4  
 7  Wed. 7/8 6:00  Winner Game 3   vs.  Winner Game 4  
 8  Wed. 7/8 8:00  Winner Game 5   vs.  Loser Game 3  
 9  Thurs. 7/9 6:00  Winner Game 8   vs.  Loser Game 7  
 10 (Possible Final)  Fri. 7/10 6:00  Winner Game 7   vs.  Winner Game 9  
 11 (IF Game)  Fri. 7/10 8:00  Winner Game 10   vs.  Loser Game 10



 District 3 0 0
 District 14 0 0
 District 15 0 0
 District 16 0 0
 District 21 0 0

The Section IV winner will play at Lodi LL (District 5), July 14 to July 17 in the New Jersey State Championship.

Section IV Champion