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Code of Conduct/Expectations


We have taken into consideration that each team has paid to play in our tournament and are initialed to and should expect quality officiating. We assure you that all of our umpires are experienced and have the best interest of the kids in mind and have pledged to us and to you to do their best. With that in mind I can guarantee there will be calls in which you may not agree with. It is the manager’s responsibility to control his fans and players as well as him/herself.
The umpire should not have to remind you to control your fans; it’s the managers’ responsibility. Consider yourself very lucky if he gives you a second warning. Once the umpire has warned you about your fans, he may before a second warning call the game. We will have an appeal committee there to assist the umpires. The request for assistance must come from the umpire. The umpire will make the finial call. This committee is put in place so that the right call is made when in question. Any governing body does not sanction this tournament and no points will be given, so please keep this in mind before you lose your temper. There will be a wide pool of talent. Some teams may have very little experience in tournament play and some teams have won state championships. So please lets keep this in mind and let the kids play.

Smoking is prohibited in and around the fields. No alcohol allowed near the ball field. We ask that you support our snack bar and we will not allow any ice chest in the ballpark. We will have a full snack bar and Bar-B-Q. Please inform all of you parents of all the above information.



Thank You All For Coming!         

 Lynn Stuart

 Jeannine Culp

 Lanette Wright


Tuesday, August 26
Rules 8-15-2008
Dare 2 Dream Baseball Rules Dare 2 Dream has the right to combine age groups.

Unless noted prior to the event, National Federation High School Rules will be used with the following notations. Dare 2 Dream reserves the right to enforce particular invitational tournament rules.

1. Age Requirement: May 1st will be the designated date to determine ages. Photocopies of birth certificates will be required and should be kept in manager’s possession the entire tournament in case of challenges.

-For example: To play with 13 year olds a player must not turn 14 before the May 1st deadline (same for every age group).

2. Roster: May not exceed 14 players during the tournament and may not be added to during the tournament.

3. Protest Fee: $100 cash (on rule interpretation only).
- Protests must be done immediately. Please inform the umpire(s) and then proceed to find the tournament director.

4. Game Time: Starting time is forfeit time unless delay is created by Game times on different field.

5. Home Team: Determined by coin flip. Choice of dugout will be given to first team there. Home team is required to keep the official book. Higher seed is awarded the home team in playoffs and championship games. If records are tied and there was not head to head play, we will use a coin flip.

6. Player Minimum: A team must start with a minimum of 9 players but can finish with less, taking outs in the vacant batting order positions.

7. Championship Games: No time limit. Run rule is still in effect.

8. Pitching Rules (Innings per Tournament):

8's,9's and 10's = 6 innings, 11's and 12's = 8 innings, 13's = 10 innings 14's, 15's, 16’s 12 innings, 18's are up to the coaches =  One inning can be added in each game after your 5th game (6th game)*

*Each player on the roster gets (1) additional inning per game played starting in a team’s 6th game played.

- Violation of these pitching rules will cause the Pitcher in question as well as the Manager to be thrown out for the rest of that game.

*Scorebook must be signed by both team managers after the game to verify the score and pitching (Managers, please help us out)

*No limit on the number of appearances.

*One pitch will be considered an inning pitched.

*Eight warm-ups to start, five thereafter.

*If pitching rules are violated and the infraction is detected, the situation will be reviewed and consequences may include elimination of team from the event and suspension for the following year, coach and/or player ejection.

9. Infield Warm-Ups: All teams are encouraged to warm-up as much as possible before game time. No pre-game infield.

10. Baseballs: Will be provided by Dare 2 Dream (2 new game balls per game) all home run balls must be returned or replaced.

11. Metal cleats allowed in ages 11 and up.

12. High- School bat-weight/length differential rule is waived for ages up to and including 14 year olds.

13. Uniforms: Numbers necessary, matching uniforms recommended. Players must use the same uniform number throughout the tournament to help maintain accurate pitching charts

14. Adverse Weather: The Dare 2 Dream Baseball Tournament could be played in adverse weather conditions. The format may be changed and may include lesser time limits or fewer innings to complete the tournament. Coaches and players accept these conditions when entering the tournament.

15. Decisions: Tournament Director shall have final decision on all tournament questions.

16. All field ruling are up the umpires.

17. Refund Policy: There will be a $50 administration fee charged for complete rain outs; 1 game played = 50% of entry fee; 2 or more games played = no refund.

18. Tie-Breaker System: Used only in playoff or Championship games. If the game (playoff or championship) is tied after all innings have been completed, the "California" tie breaker rule will go into effect. Each team puts the batter who is scheduled to bat last in that respective half of the inning on second base and plays out a full inning. This happens until the tie is broken and the game is complete.

19. No Show: Teams that no-show will forfeit their entry fee and may be subject to suspension from competition in Triple Crown events for the following season.

20. All age groups can have an EH (Extra Hitter) if they choose to bat 10, the EH will be treated as any other position player. Teams in the 9 through 12 age brackets may choose to bat their entire lineup and have free substitution. If this option is chosen, there will be no courtesy runners. Ages 13 and up must only bat 9 or 10 with the EH rules.

21. Courtesy Runners: (not used if batting entire line-up) A courtesy runner may be used for the pitcher or catcher. However, The courtesy runner must be a substitute player that has not been in the game. He may run for the pitchers spot every time it comes up in the game. A different substitute must run for the catchers spot. If there are no substitutes available, there will be no courtesy runner allowed.

23. Visits to the mound: Each team is allowed three charged visits to the mound within a game. A charged visit is a trip in which the manager or coach does not remove the pitcher. After the three charged visits are used, every trip to the mound after that will result in the pitcher being removed. An uncharged visit is when the manager removes the pitcher from the mound. This visit will not be a charged visit. Remember, charged visits are cumulative for the entire game. No restrictions on visits per inning.


* The following dimensions are set by Dare 2 Dream Baseball however minor discrepancies may occur due to particular field set up at various locations. Example: 9's and 10's may have 45' pitching and 60 ft. bases. 11's and 12's may have 48' pitching.

9's**46'pitching**60 to 65' bases**1hrs45 min**6 innings**
15 runs after 3 or 10 runs after 4 or 8 after 5.
9's Championship game: no time limit, 6 innings, and run rules are still in effect.

10's** 46' pitching**60 to65' bases**1 hrs45 min**6 innings**
15 runs after 3 or 10 runs after 4 or 8 after 5.
10's Championship game: no time limit, 6 innings, and run rules are still in effect.

11's or 12's**50' pitching**70' bases**1 hr 45 min**6 innings**
15 runs after 3 or 10 runs after 4 or 8 after 5.
11's or 12's Championship game no time limit, 6 innings and run rules are still in effect.

13's **54' pitching**80' bases**2 hrs**7 innings**
15 runs after 4 or 10 runs after 5 or 8 after 6.

14's **60'6" pitching 90' bases 2 hrs**7 innings**
15 runs after 4 or 10 runs after 5 or 8 after 6.

13's or 14's Championship game no time limit 7 innings and run rules are still in effect.

15's, 16's, 18's**60'6" pitching**90 ft. bases**2 hrs **7 innings**
15 runs after 4 or 10 runs after 5 or 8 after 6.
15's, 16's, 18's Championship game no time limit, 7 innings, and run rules are still in effect.

************All ages have a 20 run rule after 2 completed innings. **************

Note: The Tournament Committee will rule on any rule not covered above. All rulings are final.

This copy of the rules will supersede any other rules you may have obtained from our web site or in any other manner.

Dare 2 dream Productions
Dare 2 dream Productions
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