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Saturday, August 16
Crude Dudes Partnered Up With OINKERS

Blackfalds- The Crude Dudes are proud to announce they have teamed up with Oinker's BBQ & Catering for their Charity event Sept 12-14. The food cart will offer Hot Dogs,Hamburgers,Taco in a Bag,Fries and Poutine and of course their Pulled Pork Sandwiches. The Cart will be located at the arena Friday and Saturday Night as well as Sunday, and will be at the Ball diamonds Saturday morning serving Breakfast Sandwiches to all the teams camping and playing those early triple header games. The best news....Oinkers will donate 20% of proceeds Directly to our Fundraiser, so eat up boys, lets make them run out of food!!

ALSO: Looks like the upstairs Arena and 3 of 4 Diamonds have been claimed for sponsorship which is amazing! 

Tuesday, August 12

Blackfalds-  This year due to popular demand we added 4 teams to make this a 16 team double sport tournament, the biggest double sport tournament in Western Canada.  The Dudes partnered up with STARS Air Ambulance for this years Charity. We look forward to 9 new teams entered this year and can only say sorry to the many teams I had to turn down from this event (8 as we speak). 

All teams this year will play Hockey first on Friday night however due to the size of the tournament 3 games will be played Friday night in neighboring Lacombe,AB


Friday:  6PM       (1) Scottsville  VS Power Hawks Blackfalds

7PM (5) Jagerbombs VS` Fighting Cocks Lacombe

7:30 (2) Bigfoots VS. Baron Oilfield Blackfalds

8:30      (6) Red Deer Pirates    VS Microwatt Mashers Lacombe

9:00 (3) GoodTimers VS  Edm. Vikings Blackfalds

10:00 (4) Barley Kings VS Kodiak Bears Lacombe

10:30 (7) 4-Play vs.  High Level Kings         Blackfalds

Midnight (8) Crude Dudes VS Chico's Beavers Blackfalds 


 BALL  ****ALL TEAMS PLAY TRIPLE HEADERS FOR FIRST 3 BALL GAMES***  (A,B,C,D) are just for placement

 SATURDAY  8:30am  Scottsville vs GoodTimers diam 1

" Barley Kings vs Vikings diam 2

"   Baron vs  Power Hawks diam 3

" Bigfoots vs Kodiak Bears diam 4


10:00am Winners  vs  Winners (A) diam 1

" Losers vs Losers (B) diam 2

" Winners vs Winners (C) diam 3

" Losers vs Losers (D) diam 4


11:30am Winner (A) vs Winner (C) diam 1

" Winner (B) vs. Winner (D)  diam 2

" Loser (A) vs Loser (C) diam 3

" Loser (B) vs  Loser (D) diam 4 


2:30pm Mashers vs. 4-Play diam 1

" Crude Dudes vs Pirates diam 2

" Chico'sBeavers Vs  Jagerbomb diam 3

" Fighting Cocks Vs H.L Kings diam 4 


4:00pm Winners vs  Winners (A) diam 1

" Losers vs Losers (B) diam 2

" Winners vs Winners (C) diam 3

" Losers vs Losers  (D) diam 4


5:30pm  Winners (A) vs Winners (C) diam 1

" Winners (B) vs Winners (D) diam 2

" Losers (A) vs Losers (C) diam 3

" Losers (B) vs Losers (D) diam 4



SAT  8:00AM    Loser (5) vs Loser (6) B Pool B side

9:30am Winner (5) vs Winner (6) B Pool A side

11:00am Loser (7) vs Loser (8) B Pool B side

12:30pm Winner (7) vs  Winner (8) B Pool A side

2:00pm Loser (1) vs Loser  (2)      A Pool B side

3:30 Loser (3) vs Loser (4) A Pool B side

5:00pm Winner (1) vs Winner (2) A Pool A side

6:30pm Winner (3) vs Winner (4) A Pool A side

8:00PM Loser  1vs 2 vs  Loser 3vs4 A Pool D-Final

9:30pm Loser  5vs6 vs Loser 7vs8 B-Pool D-Final 



SUNDAY 9:00am Loser of 1vs 2 vs  Loser 3vs4 A-Pool C-Final

 10:30am Loser of 5vs6 vs Loser 7vs8 B-Pool C-Final

NOON Winner  1vs2  vs Winner 3vs4   A-Pool B-Final

1:30pm Winner 5vs6 vs Winner 7vs8 B-Pool B-Final

3Pm Winner 1vs2 vs Winner 3vs4 A-Pool A-Final

4:30 Winner 5vs6 vs Winner 7vs8 B-Pool B-Final 



9:00am at the earliest   ALL GAMES TBD  ALL Teams play one Ball game final



Tuesday, September 24
Crude Dudes 2013/14 Schedule is now Complete

Season Starts Sept 29 with the home opener vs. Dixon Rye Kings. All Sundays will be at 9:15 with no missed weekend this year including grey cup and superbowl. Please contact myself of Jermey Deleeuw if your unable to attend.

Tuesday, September 24
5th Annual Charity Hockey/Slo-Pitch in the Books

The 5th Event of the Annual tournament went on and once again raised a lot of money for charity. We didnt hit our goal of $4000 but did manage to raise $3767.00 Thanks to the top 3 teams donating their money back to the cause. Our goal would have been met had the team from Hobbema not short the tournament out of $290.00 The one dark cloud of the tournament. 

With a 3 way 15 points tie at the top spot the High Level Kings took home their 2nd Championship in 3 years thanks to posting the tournaments top Tippy Cup time. The Jagerbombers picked up second place and last years Champions Eckville Polar Kings picking up 3rd place.

Thank you once again for all your support, and the many buisnesses that helped us out with donations.

And a very special thanks to the girls who helped bartend and clean, they not only donated their time, but also their tips.