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Tuesday, September 15
Crude Dudes 7th Annual Charity Tournament A Big Success

The Crude Dudes 7th Annual Charity Hockey & Slo-Pitch Tournament (September 11th-13th) was one to remember this year. A record 20 teams joined the fun in Blackfalds and Lacombe to kick off the 2015-2016 season with a bang. For the first time in 7 years, the Crude Dudes were able to capture the championship in a close tie breaker.

At the end of the tournament, $6,158 was raised for the Blackfalds Food Bank, and more than $1,200 was raised for the local Ringette team. Tournament organizer and long time Crude Dude Chris Tobler had this to say:

"I was so excited to present $6158 to the food banks today and help out the Ringette team with $1200+ It's better than winning a tournament."

We would like to thank our sponsors and players for making this one of our best tournaments ever! Special thanks to all the volunteers that helped run the bar, set up, tear down and get this tournament organized. An additional special thanks goes out to the record breaking amount of teams that came out to support the tournament and play two of the best games on earth.

The Crude Dudes are back at home on the 20th for their final practice / intrasquad scrimmage before the season begins on September 27th against rivals Setter & Sons.

Tuesday, November 4
Losing Streak Snapped Against Pylons

Blackfalds-  After enjoying the highs of a 4 game winning streak, the Crude Dudes felt what it was like to be on the end of a losing streak. It all started with a road trip to Rimbey to play the Tigers. The boys must of been road weary because in the first 10 minutes they found themselves down 4-0, however the guys didnt give up and played their hearts out and fought back by dominating most of the game, but ended up losing 5-4 clearly losing because of an extemely hot goaltender as he played unreal. 

Next up was the Delburne Rockets, a team that must of heard the rumours about the Dudes losing streak in their white jerseys as they only brought their black jerseys. The game was close for most of the game and a few late goals sealed the dudes fate as they lost 11-7.

As the boys prepared for the Write-Offs they remembered their last meeting against them when they blew a 1 goal lead late in the game only to lose the game in the dying minute. Thinks would be slightly different but this time the Dudes lost the game with 8 seconds left in the game. Like the previous tilt these two teams played, the offensive zone was dominated by the Dudes but the Write-Offs were able to capitalize on the few chances they were given. Two straight unfortunate bounces in the final 5 minutes cost the Dudes as for the first time this year they went on a 3 game losing streak with a 6-5 loss.

Life wasnt about to get any easier for the boys in Black and Yellow, they were about to face the Pylons a team in which they last beat 4 years ago and never in their own barn. Things looked great early on as the Dudes shocked the Pylons with a quick goal on the first shift, followed with another 2 shifts later to build up a 2-0 lead. However reality was quickly set in when an end to end runs put the Pylons on the board. Lead by some hard back checking the boys turned over the puck and was able to make a few nice plays down low and built an amazing 5-1 lead, but once again in fact on the very next shift after the 5th goal the Pylons stormed back with 2 quick ones making it a natural hatrick for the red helmet Pylon known as Clarky. The Dudes managed to go into the locker room with a 5-3 lead.

Happy with the lead the Dudes talked about building on the good work they had done in the first period, however in the Pylons locker room there may have been a few people cursed at and a few garbage cans kicked around because they came out firing on all cylinders scoring two quick goals to even it up at 5. Instead of giving up after blowing a 5-1 lead the Dudes turned it back on and got 2 more goals and the lead back. No lead is safe in hockey and for some reason the Dudes have had trouble closing out games, which happened again as they gave up a two goal lead late. 

With the score tied 7-7 and the possibility of a 4 game losing streak the Crude Dudes showed some heart attempting to block shots and clear out any chances, and with 3 minutes they got rewarded with a go ahead goal. The Pylons put their top line out for the remainder of the game but this was a lead the Dudes would not give up winning 8-7.

The 2014 Dudes now have 9 wins this year out 14 games, a feat that took them 30 games last season. Up next is Resolve on Thursday night. 

Tuesday, October 14
Crude Dudes vs Polar Kings

A small turnout of players for this Thanksgiving Sunday game. Out team only having 7 skaters and our opponents with 6. It was decided to play full ice , 4 on 4 for the game.

There proved to be a lot of open ice for both teams, with lots of odd man rushes & breakaways early on. The teams began exchanging goals early on in a fast paced first period . Both teams looking really good. With only a couple seconds left in the first, out home team was able to get the lead, up 4-3 heading into the intermission.

The second proved to be just as fast paced as the first. With a lot of shots by both teams. Polar Kings were able to get the lead early on in the period, but it proved to be short lived. The Crude Dudes got a handful of goals themselves and were able to get ahead by 2. With the clock winding down , the Polar Kings were able to get one more goal. The Crude Dudes were able to hang on to the lead this time. A high energy game which had the Crude Dudes taking the win 9-8! 

Friday, October 10
DUDE!! Where are all the Dudes?

Let's start this off with a math question. What do you get when you have 23-17+3?? 10-4 is the answer. 

23 players on the roster, minus 17 players that couldn't make the game, plus 3 players called up to play in theThursday night game. The result was a 10-4 win for the Crude Dudes! 

Our team had the pressure in early and were doing really well controlling the puck in the offensive zone. They were able to capitalize on chances early and get up to an early 2-0 lead. Then the two teams began to exchange goals in a well played first period. Heading into the intermission with the Dudes ahead 5-2.

The game plan was to keep playing the same way in the final period as we did in the first. We were able again to keep the puck in the offensive zone for the majority of the period. The puck was able to meet the back if the net 5 more times for us, and Tarpon was credited with 2 more goals. 1 of which was controversial and didn't appear to actually go in for our opponents. Final score was 10-4 for us. A couple players getting hat-tricks as well as single goals scored by various players. Our 9 skaters played really well together and were able to have a lot of chemistry together. A great game for Jesse and the rest of the players. Keep up the great work guys! An awesome start to our season! Next game Sunday night October 12 Blackfalds Arena

Monday, October 6

The Crude Dudes had a chance to wear our new black jerseys for the first time of the season. They look really sharp! 

During warm up the opposition Setter & Sons mentioned that they could use a couple players. They only had a goalie and 4 skaters show up. We gave them 3 skaters and had 10 remaining on our home bench. 

The last time our team had this many shots was when the guys were all partying at Branley's! Total shots for the game were about 60-45 for the Crude Dudes. 

Early on in the first the Dudes came on strong getting the lead early. They kept the pressure on and kept putting them in the net. They had the score up to by about 5 goals near the end of the period. Setter & Sons got a second wind and came in strong scoring 3 goals in a span of a couple shifts. Going into intermission score was 8-6 for the home team.

The Crude Dudes came on strong in the second. The opponents goalie was doing really well at the start of period to keep the puck out. Then the Dudes finally got one past him and they just kept coming. Getting helpers from a wide range of players tonight. Jesse played great tonight and was able to keep the opponents scoreless in the second half. 

Final score 15-5 for the Crude Dudes

Sunday, October 5
Write-offs vs Crude Dudes

October 4

Some of the Crude Dudes seemed a little fatigued before the game. They weren't hung over, they were just tired from being up all night drinking! An awesome house party at Chris's house Friday night. Great food and drinks all provided by a great host. Everyone who was able to make an appearance had a really good time!  

For tonight's game, the Crude Dudes had 12 players show up to the collicut. The two teams were very evenly matched. The Write-Offs got up by a couple goals in the first period. Our team was down, and yet they did not give up. Late in the period the Dudes got two in a row to bring the score to 3-3 going into the intermission. Early on in the last period the Write-Offs got a goal to go ahead 4-3. It didn't take long for the Crude Dudes to tie it back up. They eventually took the lead and then lost it. With a tie game the opposition had two penalty shots late in the period. No goals on either effort. With under 2 minutes to go in the game Ryan got a break away opportunity. The goalie stopped it and the play got turned around quickly. The play came back into Crude Dudes territory and the Write-Offs were able to sneak one into the net. This proved to be the Game Winning Goal. A great effort by the Dudes and they came short tonight by a goal. Final score 7-6 for the Write-Offs

Thursday, October 2
"Don't call it a comeback, we've been here for years"

Since the Crude Dudes were established in 1983, there has been a great many comebacks. A big win October 1 at the Centrium for the Dudes! The new jerseys and socks were unveiled at this game for the 2014-2015 season. The jerseys and socks look awesome! A big thanks to our team sponsor Pebble Pushers Gravel Company for providing the new gear! 

The second game of the season proved to be a challange against the Rusty Rebels. The Crude Dudes , with their 9 skaters, couldn't capitalize on a lot of their chances in the first. At the half the Rusty Rebels had the lead 5-3.

The Dudes came out strong in the second and quickly tied up the game. Midway through the second period Ryan Brown was rocked by an illegal hit from the Rusty Rebels D-man. No penalty called on the play. Our player definitely had his bell rung. While laying on the ice trying to regain his composure, Ryan looked up and said he was seeing stars. At first I thought he was just talking about looking up and seeing Rob and Toby! After a minute resting on the ice, he was able to go back to the bench. Ryan was able to return to the game and help the team to a 10-7 victory. A great effort by the Crude Dudes goalie and players to have another comeback win! 

Monday, September 29

The home opener introduced some new talent for the 2014-2015 season.New into the line-up was Wade, Rob, Logan and Jesse and Curtis all making their regular season debut.  Great turnout with 14 players showing up for the Sunday nightBarn-Burner in Blackfalds! 

Prior to the game starting, it was a difficult warm-up. Bobby was testing out an 87 flex Bauer and let a wild wrist shot go and hit the goalie Jesse hard in the helmet.  Jesse got shook up a bit and said he had a ringing sensation in his ear well into the first period. The first period proved to be a tough one, and the boys went into the half down 6-1

In the dressing room there was a lot of motivational talk going around. Jer reminded us that we are a last period team. George explained that we had them right where we wanted them. Using our "Rope & Dope" technique to tire them out. 

The Crude Dudes came out flying in the second period getting two goals in the first couple shifts. They continued their relentless effort to get back into the game and with about ten minutes left in the game tied it up at 10 goals each. The Crude Dudes kept up the hard working effort and took the lead and kept it. Winning a huge comeback victory over Setter & Sons 12-11

Goals scored by:

Jason Holman - 3 
Jason Waterhouse  -2
Rob Bisio - 2
Dubes -1
Jer. N- 1
Donny ( "The Gazel") - 1
Cory - 1
George -1

Next game is Wednesday at the Centrium vs the Rusty Rebels. Be a ure everyone brings out their Friends, Girlfriends, Wives, and Children out to the Crude Dudes next home game which is a rematch against Setter & Sons as it should be another great exciting game!  October 5, Blackfalds Arena 9:30 pm 

Dallas or Nashville
Friday, September 26
Season is just Starting but,where will it end??

The Season is just about to start, but where should it end? We have 2 options this year, both around April 10-15 2015. Dallas, Texas home to the Stars and the 50th Anniversay of the Acadamy of Country Music Awards which we could attend. Or the Home of Country Music Stars Nashville,Tennessee. Home to the Predators and the Country Music Hall of Fame. Both are amazing places to attend and prices are roughly the same at $1000/player and $800/guest. these prices include airfare,hockey tournament, hotels, breakfast every day and a team party. Not included would be NHL tickets Events or concerts. Nashville has lower bowel tickets for $139 that includes all you can eat and drink for example.

Friday, September 26

Blackfalds- The Crude Dudes 6th Annual Charity went off with a great success with approximatly $6700 raised for STARS Air Ambulance and an additional $1500. to the Blackfalds Food Bank. $8200 total destroyed last years previous mark of $4680. We would like to thank our sponsors and players for making this our best tournament ever! Special Thanks to all the volunteer ladies that helped run the bar and get this tournament organized. (Amber,Kat,Keltie,Amy C and Amy S)

The tournament was won by a first year entry team The Fighting Cocks  with Bigfoots from Calgary placing a very close second. Red Deer Viking picked up 3rd place and PowerHawks from Edmonton squeaked into 4th due to a record Flip Cup Time. 

Next Years Tourney  will be Sept 11-13

Saturday, August 16
Crude Dudes Partnered Up With OINKERS

Blackfalds- The Crude Dudes are proud to announce they have teamed up with Oinker's BBQ & Catering for their Charity event Sept 12-14. The food cart will offer Hot Dogs,Hamburgers,Taco in a Bag,Fries and Poutine and of course their Pulled Pork Sandwiches. The Cart will be located at the arena Friday and Saturday Night as well as Sunday, and will be at the Ball diamonds Saturday morning serving Breakfast Sandwiches to all the teams camping and playing those early triple header games. The best news....Oinkers will donate 20% of proceeds Directly to our Fundraiser, so eat up boys, lets make them run out of food!!

ALSO: Looks like the upstairs Arena and 3 of 4 Diamonds have been claimed for sponsorship which is amazing! 

Tuesday, August 12

Blackfalds-  This year due to popular demand we added 4 teams to make this a 16 team double sport tournament, the biggest double sport tournament in Western Canada.  The Dudes partnered up with STARS Air Ambulance for this years Charity. We look forward to 9 new teams entered this year and can only say sorry to the many teams I had to turn down from this event (8 as we speak). 

All teams this year will play Hockey first on Friday night however due to the size of the tournament 3 games will be played Friday night in neighboring Lacombe,AB