Crookston Blue Line Hockey: News: BLC RENTAL EQUIPMENT


If you are in need of breezers or helmets the BLC has them at very reasonable rental fees for the year.

If you are a first year termite or dynamite and have never played the sport, we have a kit with all the equipment you will need, excluding sticks and skates, for you to use at no charge.

If you are 2nd year termite or dynamite and still have the kit from last season, you will need to return that to the BLC or if you wish to use again for this season there will be a rental fee of $25.00.

If you have any BLC equipment from last season and no longer need it, please return it as soon as possible to avoid possible late fees.

If you have BLC equipment from last season and are still in need and wanting to use again you will need to contact us, and renew or re-rent.

Please go to the BLC office, located at the front entrance of the Crookston Sports Center, Monday-Friday  10-3pm.  Or you can make arrangments by call the BLC office at 470-0423.