Crookston Blue Line Hockey: TOURNAMENTS

Information related to our tournaments; registration forms, roster forms, and policies & procedures.

Summer Roster 2015Summer Roster 2015

2015 Summer Registration updated2015 Summer Registration updated

2015 summer Tournament Flyer2015 summer Tournament Flyer

2015 Tournament Waiver2015 Tournament Waiver

2015 Waiver Form

2015 Tournament Waiver2015 Tournament Waiver

Tournament Policies and Procedures


Tournament Host List


Hosting a Tournament Checklist


2001 Drafts Freeze Out Schedule/Waiver/Roster

2001 Drafts Freeze Out Schedule2001 Drafts Freeze Out Schedule

2015 Tournament Waiver2015 Tournament Waiver

Summer Roster 2015Summer Roster 2015

More Handouts:
  • BLC - Information pertaining to the Crookston Blue Line Club.
  • CONCESSION STAND - This will contain concession stand policies and notifications. All parents are required to work throughout the year as part of the parental committment to the youth hockey program.
  • PARENT REP DUTIES - BLC policies for parent reps.
  • CYHC - All forms pertaining to the Crookston Youth Hockey Committee.
  • GENERAL INFORMATION - Information here will be general hockey information not necessarily pertaining to any one thing. Examples: referee instructions, clock person Instructions, consent to treat, concussion information.
  • FALL LEAGUE - Information listed here will pertain to the Fall League held in Crookston at the CSC in September.
  • GOLF TOURNAMENT - Annual golf tournament fundraiser information.
  • HOCKEY FUN NIGHT - Information on our annual Hockey Fun Night Fundraiser.
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