Croatian Eagles Soccer: Team Goals

Saturday, February 2
Team Goals


First and foremost we are a TEAM. Our successes and/or failures will be measured as how we work together as a TEAM.

2) Gain a complete knowledge of the game we are playing. A key to success is to know the rules of any game in which you play. Practice time will be dedicated to making sure our club team players have an understanding of the rules and how they apply to game situations.

3) Learn HOW to be competitive. Everyone wants to win, but if winning were the only objective, we would only select to play against teams we know we could easily beat. By selecting and playing quality competition, we learn to compete as sportsmen and handle our successes and failures as a TEAM.

4) Take PRIDE in self, and in the team is a life skill which players can carry on throughout their life. This skill will play a significant part in school and eventually in each player's work place.

5) Promote and develop self respect in each individual. Ironically being a member of a TEAM promotes self respect and self esteem in an individual. However, this can only occur as long as the group sticks true to the definition of TEAM.

6) PLAY HARD! Close games will come down to hustle. The club teams willing to play hard, hustle and give 100% will win most games.

7) Handle ourselves with class. Understand that everybody is playing to win. Anything that happens on the field of play happens there and should be nothing personal between players. When the event has ended, both teams are to be congratulated and should do so in a respectful manner.

8) Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. Come to practice with an attitude that you can acomplish that which you are introduced, no matter how difficult. Practice at all times as if it were a game situation. Take what you learned in the team practice home with you and continue to work on it until you can perform it without fail.

9) HAVE FUN!!!! This may be our last club team goal listed but certainly not the least important. Practice hard, play hard, but remember after all, its just a game. HAVE FUN!!!!