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Get Directions to CrispinPhiladelphia Local Weather
Holme & Convent Aves.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Welcome to Crispin Football! Our club offers a 1st class youth football program for boys ages 5 to 15 living in Northeast Philadelphia. Our Clubhouse is located at the corner of Holme and Convent Aves. We play in the Keystone State Midget Football League. Our football program has been in existance since 1961.

Saturday, March 1

Spring football practice for currant and new players ages 8 to 15 will begin on Sunday, April 6th at 4pm. Coaches will be notifying current players and parents with details. New players are welcome to join us. We will be practicing without pads about once a month until Summer Camp in July. There is NO cost at this time. Registration will be announced later. This will be a great opportunity to meet new coaches and teammates.

Sunday, March 2

Football Committee meetings will begin in March. Anyone interested in helping the program in some way should attend. We will meet on the following dates at 7pm in the Clubhouse at Holme & Convent Aves.: Thurs., March 27th Thurs., April 24th Thurs., May 29th Thurs., June 26th Thurs., July 24th

Friday, February 8
KSL AGE and WEIGHT breakdown for the 2014 season !

See below for all of the age and weight requirements for the 2014 season:

Friday, February 8

The following are the names, age, and weight requirements for the teams we expect to field in the upcoming season:

INTERMEDIATE American- 13 year olds born between January and June of 2001 & 14 year olds born in 2000 & 15 year olds born between July and December of 1999, whose max weight is between 140-142 pounds.

JUNIOR American- 12 year olds born in 2002 & 13 year olds born between July and December of 2001, whose max weight is between 120-125.  Additionally, 13 year olds born between January and June of 2001 whose max weight is between 110 and 115 ("specials").

MIDGET American-  10 year olds born in 2004 & 11 year olds born in 2003 whose max weight is between 105-110 pounds.  Additionally, 12 year olds born between July and December of 2002 whose max weight is between 85-90 pounds("specials").

MIDGET JV- If there is sufficient numbers to create a second team from above group. 

PEE WEE American-  8 year olds born between January and June of 2006 & 9 year olds born in 2005 whose max weight is between 85-90 pounds.  Additionally, 10 year olds born between July and December of 2004 whose max weight is between 75-80 pounds("specials").

PEE WEE JV- If there are sufficient numbers to create a second team from above group. 

MITES American- 6 year olds born in 2008, & 7 year olds born in 2007 & 8 year olds born between July and December of 2006 whose max weight is between 70-75 pounds.

 MITES JV- If there are sufficient numbers to create a second team from above group.

Travel Flag Football- 5 year olds born before September of 2009 & 6 year olds born in 2008 who are new to football.

Wednesday, October 3
Directions to Away Games

You can find directions to all away fields on the KSL Website.  You can link to that site by clicking the links section to the left of this page.

P.S.  You can find Standings, Results, and Schedules on that site as well!!!

Wednesday, March 7

You can communicate with the Football Committee and ask questions by e-mail at :

E-mails are reviewed weekly.

Friday, September 14

See LINKS section to the left to get to our FACEBOOK page.

Monday, June 25
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Crispin Football
Crispin Football
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