SouthStar United '96: '10-'11 United U15 Season Results

Sunday, December 11
'10-'11 United Season Results

'10 Fall Season (8-7-4)

Regular Season (5-2-1) 

United  1               Springfield Thunder  0

Goal: Joey,  Assist: Carl
Player of the Game: Jason, for a nice shutout and outstanding play in the goal.

United  3               Warrior 96 Black  0

Goals: Kip, Kyle, Jason  
Player of the Game: Carl, for fantastic hustle, passing and overall play.

United  2               Grand Lake United  3

Goals: Brendan, Kyle,   Assist: Blake  
Players of the Game: Cole Dales, for excellent play on defense the entire game and Kyle for great play and a fantastic goal at the end of the game.
United  1               Metro FC 96 White  0
Goal: Kyle.  Assist: Nick  
Player of the Game: Blake, for great play on offense and defense.
United  2               BSA Celtic  0
Goals: Kip & Brendan.  Assist: Kip & Nick  
Player of the Game: Jack, for amazing play the entire game.
United  2               Piqua Warriors  3
Goals: Joey (2).  Assists: Kyle & Carl  
Player of the Game: Kip for great hustle and play and Joey for great play and getting both goals.
United  1               Gunners FC  1
Goals: Kip.  Assist: Blake  
Player of the Game: Zak, for great play on defense and saving the go ahead goal.
United  3               FC Bellbrook Eagles  2
Goals: Brendan (2), Kyle.  Assists: Blake (2), Cole D.  
Player of the Game: Brendan, for two outstanding goals and fantastic play the entire game.



CCAA Labor Day Inv. Results: (1-2)
Game #1
CREW  0                      CU Galaxy  5
Goals: 0.
Player of the Game: Tyler, for his great play in goal.
Game #2
CREW  4                       Kolping Select  0
Goals: Kip, Carl, Joey & Brendan.  Assists: Kyle (2) & Joey 
Players of the Game: Jack for hustle and great play and Cole Dales for excellent defensive play. 
Game #3
CREW  0                       Warrior 96 White  2
Goals: 0
 Player of the Game: Cianan, for outstanding play on defense and hustle.


Midfest Soccer Classic Results: (1-1-1)
Game #1
CREW  4                      Waynesville Chargers  1
Goals: Kip (2), Nick & Sage.  Assists: Joey (2), Kyle, Carl 
Player of the Game: Kip, for his fantastic play and 2 goals.
Game #2
CREW  0                       Thunder United Metro FC  0
Goals: 0 
Players of the Game: Great overall effort by the entire team.  
Game #3
CREW  2                       FC Tippacanoe Fire  4
Goals: Nick & Kyle.  Assists: Kip (2)
 Player of the Game: 
Cincy Challenge Results: (1-2-1)
Game #1
CREW  2                      WASA Global  5
Goals: Kip & Blake. 
Player of the Game: Blake, for his fantastic play and his first goal of the season.
Game #2
CREW  0                       GNA Revolution  1
Goals: 0 
Players of the Game: Cianan, for excellent effort the entire game.  
Game #3
CREW  1                       Metro FC Rapids  1
Goal: Kip.  Assist: Brendan
 Player of the Game:
Game #4
CREW  4                       SCSA Fury  0
Goals: Kyle (2), Joey & Jason.  Assists: Kip, Carl & Brendan 
Players of the Game: Kyle, for outstanding play the entire game and 2 great goals.