SouthStar United '96: '05-'06 Crew U10 Season Results

'05-'06 Crew U10 Season Results
                          SouthStar Crew 
       Spring 2006 MVYSA U10 Boys

'06 Spring Season (14-3):

Regular Season (8-2) - Champs
CREW  4             FC Bellbrook Eagles  0
With the Championship in hand, the CREW mixed things up and had fun. Everyone played different positions than normal, but the CREW still managed to dominate the game. The defense of Will, Alex, Kip, Drew, Cody, Wyatt, Conor and Davis only allowed 4 shots on goal the entire game. While the combination of Davis, Hunter and Kip recorded the shutout. On FC Bellbrook best chance at a goal, Kip dove at the ball and caught it, keeping the shutout alive. The offense of Alex, Kyle, Hunter, Drew, Kip, Jacob, Conor, Wyatt, Will and Cody put pressure on the FC Bellbrook defense the whole game. Scoring for the CREW were Jacob, Kyle, Hunter and Drew, but the best shot of the day was by Cody who put a great shot in the corner of the net, only to be called offsides. That finished the regular season with the CREW finishing at 8-2 and once again the 2006 Spring MVYSA U10 Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CREW  1             Metro FC '95 White  0
The CREW played tough but sloppy in a 1-0 victory over Metro FC. The defense of Will, Alex, Kip, Jacob, Cody and Wyatt won this game for the CREW. The defense played great and kept Metro FC from scoring. Metro FC had a good chance to tie it up in the second half with a good shot that Davis tipped and was still going towards the net, but Wyatt was there to save it from going in. Hunter scored the lone CREW goal to give the CREW a 7-2 record and a 7 game winning streak. With this win, the boys have wrapped up 1st place in the division for the second straight spring season. Way to go boys.

CREW  2             Club X Crush  1
The CREW continued their winning ways with a tough fought 2-1 win over Club X. The undermanned CREW fought hard the first half and scored the first goal of the game. Kyle put a corner kick into the box that was batted down by the goalie, Jacob, surrounded by at least three Club X players, continued to kick the ball until it found it ways through into the goal giving the CREW a 1-0 lead at the half. Well into the second half, Club X managed a goal off of a corner kick to even the score. Both team were getting tired, but with about 10 minutes left in the game Alex made a great pass up to Kyle who had a breakaway against the goalie and put the ball in the corner of the net to put the CREW up 2-1. Everyone played another fantastic game. The defense of Cody, Wyatt, Will, Alex and Jacob only allowed Club X to get off 5 shots on goal. Davis had a great game in the goal. Noland, Kyle Conor, Jacob and Alex played great offense and passed the ball well. The CREW is now in first place and on a 6 game winning streak.

CREW  3             NUSA '95  1
The CREW continues to dominated their opponents. Although the first half was a 0-0 tie, the CREW kept the ball on the NUSA side most of the half not allowing NUSA any shots on goal. In the second half the CREW finally got a goal by Kyle to put the CREW up 1-0. NUSA came back with a goal of their own to tie it up. Then Noland took over. Noland scored two quick goals, one assited by Alex and one by Kyle, to put the CREW up 3-1. NUSA had another chance to come within one, but Wyatt kicked it away before it went into the goal. The defense of Alex, Will, Cody, Wyatt and Jacob continue to play great only allowing 4 shots on goal. Kyle, Jacob, Conor and Noland kept the pressure on the NUSA defense the entire game. We are now on a 5 game winning streak and one point out of first place.

CREW  4             Club X Crush  0
The CREW continues to roll with its second shutout in a row. Kyle got things started with a goal early in the first half. Hunter headed in a corner kick from Kyle to make it 2-0 at the half. The CREW defense, Alex, Kip, Cody, Wyatt and Jacob, put on another clinic keeping Club X to only 6 shots on goal and Davis getting another shutout. In the second half, Kyle put in his second goal of the game by putting a corner kick in the net. Kip finished it off with a great goal to put the game at 4-0. The offense, Kyle, Hunter, Noland, Drew, Conor, Jacob and Kip continued to play well and pass well. Great game boys. It was a very tough and physical game. The CREW are now on a 4 game winning streak and in second place.

CREW  8             Springfield Thunder  0
The CREW played their most dominating game of the year against the Thunder. The CREW defense of Cody, Wyatt, Kip, Jacob and Will, had another spectacular performance keeping the Thunder off our side of the field and only allowing 4 shots on goal. Davis got his second shutout of the year. The offense exploded with eight goals, Kyle and Hunter each got 4. The CREW offense, Kyle, Drew, Hunter, Conor, Jacob and Noland, made great passes, talked to each other and kept the pressure on the Thunder defense the entire game. The boys are playing very good soccer right now and we hope it continues thoughout the rest of the season. 

CREW  4             Metro FC '95 White  1
The CREW played the most complete game they have played all year. With only eight players and no subs, the CREW played tough the entire game. Even though they got tired in the end, they didn't give up. The defense of Wyatt, Cody, Alex and Jacob was fantastic and kept the Metro FC to only eight shots the whole game. They played very aggressive and took advantage of Metro FC's weaknesses. Davis had another outstanding game in goal. The offense of Kyle, Noland, Jacob and Conor also played great. Noland got the first goal of the game in the first half to give the CREW a 1-0 lead at the half, and like the previous game the CREW exploded in the second half with three more goals by Noland giving him 4 for the game. Kyle had two assists. The offense continues to pass great and play aggressive. Great game boys, we are now 2-2 and in third place.

CREW  4             FC Bellbrook Eagles  1
The CREW finally put it all together with a big win. Both teams played tough in the first half allowing one goal each. The second half was a different story. The CREW took control and dominated the second half only allowing one shot on goal and getting three more goals to put the game out of reach. Scoring for the CREW were Kyle, Kip, Drew & Hunter. Great game boys.

CREW  2             NUSA '95  3
The undermanned CREW got off to a good start playing into heavy winds in the first half, getting goals by Jacob and Wyatt, but gave up two goals as well making it 2-2 at the half. In the second half, with the wind to our backs, the CREW couldn't manage another goal while NUSA did. The CREW had a couple of chances to even it up, but couldn't get the ball in the net. Great play by the whole team, especially from Cody and Davis. Cody had an outstanding game on defense and Davis made some great saves. Tough start to the season, but there is plenty of soccer to be played. Keep it up boys.

CREW  3             Springfield Thunder 4
The CREW started slow while the Thunder were attacking. The Thunder got things started quickly and scored the first goal early in the first half and scored two more before the half. With the score 1-3 at the half, the CREW came out and played very aggressive and started to make their comeback only to fall short in the end. The CREW goals were scored by Kyle, Drew and Noland.

WC Spring Blast Results (4-0): Champs
Game #1
CREW  14           Springfield Thunder  0
The CREW started off a little slow and let Springfield control the first 10 minutes of the game, but the CREW finally came alive offensively during the rest of the first half and the seconf half. The CREW got goals from Alex (3), Hunter (3), Jacob (3), Kyle (2), Cody (1), Drew (1) and Noland (1). The defense played a fantastic game only allowing 2 shots on goal. Good game boys.

Game #2
CREW  10           SouthStar Thunder  2
The CREW played another all around great game against the Thunder. The offense played great, with nine different players scoring. Goals were scored by Kyle (2), Alex, Hunter, Kip, Noland, Wyatt, Blake, Conor and Davis each with one. The defense played great keeping the Thunder out of the net for most of the game. The Thunder had a good surge towards the end of the game scoring two goals. Good solid game.

Game #3
CREW  6             Club X Predators  2
The CREW started off extremely slow again against the Predators. The Predators controled most of the first half of the game. The Predators jumped out to a quick 2-1 lead in the first half with the CREW goal from Kyle. The second half was a different story. The CREW came out in the second half hungry and ready for the physical Predators. The CREW neutralized the Predator's offense with great defesive play by Cody, Wyatt, Kip, Blake, Drew, Alex, Conor and Davis in the goal, shuting out the Predators in the second half. On the other end, the offense got going with goals by Jacob, Alex and three more from Kyle putting the game out of reach. The boys did a great job of coming back from a rough first half to put the Predators away. On to the Championship game.

Championship Game
CREW  2             Club X Predators  1
In a rematch of the earlier game, the roughness picked up were it left off from the first game. The CREW knew what they had to do to slow down the Predators since they did it in the second half of the first game and continued to do it in the entire game. The defense of Alex, Blake, Kip, Cody, Wyatt, Jacob, Conor, Noland, Drew, Kyle and Davis in goal played fantastic and kept the Predators to 6 shots on goal. The scoring strarted when Noland put a free kick right into the penalty box where Hunter took the ball and put it right past the goalie. With the score 1-0 at the half, the CREW continued to play good defense and kept pressure on the Predator's defense. The Predators, though, tied the game up in the middle of the second half. With the game tied and the pressure building, the physical play came out. Both teams were trying hard to break the tie, but the game came down to a corner kick Kyle put in front of the goal and one of the Predators was called on a hand ball. On Kyle's first attempt, the goalie moved before the ball was kicked and saved it, but since he did not remain on the goalline until the ball was struck, the kick was redone. This time Kyle kicked the ball to the other side and scored and gave the CREW the 2-1 win. It was a tough physical game and the boys fought through it. Great tournament boys. That was a great way to finish the season.

Middletown Spring Blast Results (2-1):
Game #1
CREW  4             adidas Thunder United  3
The Crew looked a little rusty in their first outdoor game of the season. Neither team got off many shots on goal, but the Crew made theirs count. Crew goals were made by Kyle (2), Hunter (1) and Drew (1). Davis and the defense held the Thunder to three goals. Good hard fought game guys.

Game #2
CREW  8             ESSL Arsenal White  0
The Crew looked much better in the second game. The offense passed better and the defense was more aggressive. Nine different players had shots on goal, while the defense only allowed the Arsensal 5 shots on goal. Kyle and Drew scored 2 each and Hunter added 4, one which was a great header from a corner kick from Kyle. Davis and Hunter combined for a shut out. Great all around game.

Game #3
CREW  1             PASA  12
Well, the wheels came off in the third game. The Crew started off great scoring the  first goal of the game with Drew finishing off a corner kick from Kyle into the net, but PASA went on a scoring frenzy scoring 12 before it was all done. It was only 1-4 at the half, but PASA was a very good passing team and wore the Crew down. Good overall tournament boys. Now on to the regular season.

'06 Indoor Season (3-4-1):

CREW  7             Ridgeville Lions  8
In the last game of the indoor season, the CREW started off fast taking a 3-0 lead. The Lions stayed in the game scored three goals tieing the game 3-3. Each team alternated goals until the Lions took a 8-6 lead. With time running out Kyle scored as the buzzer went off making the final score 7-8. CREW goals were scored by Hunter (2), Kyle (2), Noland, Wyatt and Jacob. The CREW finished 3-4-1. Not bad for playing team much older than us.

CREW  4             Blue Extreme  4
The CREW started off great against the Blue Extreme. Offense was good, the defense was good and the CREW held the lead most of the game, but they got sloppy towards the end of the game. Hunter lead with three goals and Kyle got the other and the CREW lead 4-2 with about 15 minutes left in the game. The Blue Extreme got two more goals, one on a penalty kick, to tie it up. Good overall game, but need to stay focused the whole 40 minutes.

CREW  9             Kingdom - Daniels  2
The CREW played their best game so far this season offensively and defensively. The CREW had over 20 shots on goal and scored on almost half of them and only allowed 10 shots. Five different players scored in the 9-2 win. Hunter lead the team with 4 goals, Kyle had two, and Wyatt, Noland and Alex each scored one each. The defense played great and kept the pressure off the goalies. Great game guys.

CREW  1             Boro Flames  4
The CREW played another good game against the tough Boro Flames. The CREW made several good shots on goal but couldn't manage any to go in until late in the game. Conor scored the CREW's only goal with about :30 seconds left in the game. The Flames were very fast and managed to get three goals against Davis and one against Hunter. Good game guys, we came close many times but they just weren't goning in.

CREW  9             Kingdom #1  1
The CREW played an all-around great game. Hunter lead the scoring with 4 goals, Kyle add 3, Wyatt and Alex each had one. The defense, with Davis and Hunter in goal only allowed 1 goal. Great game boys.

CREW  6             Dragons  5
The CREW played a fantastic game and the best game so far this season. Seven different players got shots on goal and three different players scored goals. The CREW dominated most of the game with three goals from Hunter, a goal each from Noland and Conor and an own goal from the Dragons. The Dragons tried to make a game of it and came from behind towards the end of the game, but fell short. The Dragons had a chance as time expired to tie the game, but the shot was saved by Will catching the ball and falling just outside of the goal. Great game guys, let's keep it going.

CREW  5             Heating & Cooling Facts  8
The CREW played another tough team and stayed with them until the end of the game. Heating & Cooling Facts started off tough scoring quick and scoring often, but the CREW came back with three goals buy Kyle to tie it up 3-3. Heating & Cooling Facts tried to pull away again, but Kyle scored two more to tie it up again at 5-5. Once again the CREW could not hold on and gave up three more goals. The CREW played a great game against a much older, bigger and faster team.

CREW  4             Ridgeville Lions  6
The CREW played tough against a good Lions team. The teams alternated goals throughout the game. Hunter and Kyle both had two goals each and the CREW held the Lions to 4 goals until about 3 minutes left in the game when the undermaned CREW got tired. The Lions added a fifth goal and a sixth with 20 second left in the game. The CREW played a great game, they just ran out of gas in the end.

'05 Fall Season (8-11-1):

Regular Season (3-6-1)
CREW  0             SCA '95 Blitz  8
The CREW faced a very tough and fast Blitz team. The Blitz jumped out to a quick lead scoring in the first minute of the game and added to it to make it 0-4 at half time. The CREW struggled to get shots off with the fast Blitz players catching up to them before they could get the shots off. The second half was much like the first. The Blitz scored four more goals and the CREW was held to 0. Although Davis did a good job in the goal, he was given some playing time in the field for the first time this year and did a great job. Jacob got to fill in as goalie and did a great job. The CREW finished the regualr season at 3-6-1. 

CREW  3             CUSA '95 White  2
In what looked like an identical game to the day before, the CREW beat CUSA again 3-2. This time the CREW got started first by a goal from Blake. CUSA came back with a goal of their own, but Drew put the CREW up 2-1 at the half. Jacob put in the third CREW goal to put the CREW up 3-1. CUSA manged another goal, but that was it. Like the day before, CUSA was awarded another penalty kick. This time, CUSA kicked the ball right to Davis for the save. Two great wins in two days.

CREW  3             CUSA '95 White  2
The CREW came ready to play today. CUSA got things started with a goal, but the CREW bounced right back with a goal by Drew. Kyle added another goal to make it 2-1 at the half. CUSA got back into the game with a goal to tie it up, but Kyle punched in another one to take the lead for good. The CREW had a close call when CUSA was awarded a penalty kick. CUSA made the penalty kick but the referee had not blown his whistle and there was a player in the penalty box at the time the shot was made. CUSA was forced to rekick it and missed it to the left.

CREW  0             Troy Trojans  1
The CREW played the second place Trojans tough the whole game, but couldn't manage to get a goal. The Trojans got a goal in the second half for a 1-0 win over the CREW.

CREW  2             Warrior '95  3
The CREW played the Warriors for the third time this season. Both teams came out playing tough and both scored a goal in the first half. In the second half the defense held tough but the Warrioirs got two more goals to the CREW's one. Goals for the CREW were scored by Kyle and Hunter.

CREW  0             ISC Storm  2
The CREW was shut out for the second game in a row, but played tough. The CREW got off several shots but couldn't get them to go in the net. The Storm scored 1 in the first half and 1 in the second half.

CREW  0             Team Dayton  5
The CREW played a tough clean game.

CREW  2             Springfield Thunder  4
The CREW came out flat today against the Thunder. The CREW struck first with a goal by Hunter, but the Thunder struck back quick with three goals before halftime. Jacob got the CREW back in the game with a goal in the second half to make it 2-3, but the Thunder scored on a corner kick at the end of the game to put it out of reach. The CREW has a week to get ready for Team Dayton. The CREW stands at 1-1-1.

CREW  1             BSA Celtic '95 White  0
The CREW beat a very tough Celtic team today. The CREW's only goal came in the first half after Kyle's shot was mishandled by the goalie and Jacob followed it up with a great shot. The CREW defense and Davis had a fantastic game keeping the Celtics out of the net. Davis made some great saves and the defense kept the Celtics from getting any clean shots at the goal. There were a few close calls with the ball hitting the cross bar twice, but the Celtics couldn't get one to go in. Great hard fought game fellas and a well deserved win. The CREW stands at 1-0-1. 

CREW  1             Warrior '95  1

The CREW started off the regular season with a tie. Both teams played tough defense. The CREW got off more shots on goal than the Warriors but only one got in. The Warriors started the scoring with a goal early in the second half. Noland tied it up with a goal in the middle of the second half to tie it up. The CREW had several times to win it, but couldn't get the ball in the net. Good game boys.

Forest Park Invitational Results (1-2):
Game #1
CREW  0             Team Dayton  4
The CREW started off the tournament looking a little rusty. Team Dayton started quick with a 3-0 lead by half time. Hunter came in to play goalie for the first time this season in the second half and played great only allowing one goal. The Crew only managed 2 shots on goal falling 0-4 to Team Dayton.

Game #2
CREW 0              NK United Redhawks  8
The CREW faced another tough opponent in the second game. Once again the CREW had a hard time getting anything going. Falling behind 0-4 by halftime, the CREW only managed 2 shots in this game as well. The Redhawks piled on 4 more in the second half making the final 0-8.

Game #3
CREW  4             SCSA Storm  1
The CREW finally got on track in the third game jumping out to a 2-0 lead in the first half with goals by Kyle and Noland. In the second half, Kyle and Noland both got another goal each and the Storm managed to get one. A much better showing than the previous two games and the ended the season with a 4-1 win. Good season boys.

MidFest Soccer Classic Results (3-1): Runner-Ups
Game #1
CREW  6             OFC Dragons  5
The CREW started off slow allowing the Dragons three goals in the first half, but the CREW managed a goal from Hunter. With the score 1-3 at half, the CREW exploded in the second half with another goal from Hunter, 2 goals from Kyle and a goal each from Jacob and Noland. The Dragons got 2 more goals but in the end the CREW came away with the win 6-5.
Game #2
CREW  5             Metro FC '95 White 0
The CREW again started off slow only having a 1-0 lead at the half with a goal by Kyle, but they again came alive in the second half with a goal by Kip and Blake and 2 more from Kyle for the hat trick. The defense and Davis did a fantastic job and Davis got a shutout. Great game boys.

Game #3
CREW  4             Thunder United  0
Another dominating game by the CREW. With goals  from Kyle and Jacob and 2 from Hunter, the CREW ran away with this one early. Again, the defense and Davis played great soccer and Davis recorded another shutout.

Championship Game
CREW  2             WASA Eagles  3
The CREW faced a tough WASA Eagles team who jumped out and struck first and had a 0-1 lead at the half. The CREW came back in the second half and got two goals from Kyle to put the CREW in front 2-1. With less than 2 minutes on the clock the Eagles put in the tieing goal. In over time, the Eagles struck first again, but this time the CREW couldn't get one to go in the net. Great tournamnet boys. We're very proud of you.

Mead CUSA CUP Results (1-2):  
Game #1
CREW  2             OFC Invasion  5
The CREW got off to a bumpy start this weekend against the OFC Invasion from Dublin, OH. The CREW played tough in the first half, but couldn't hold the Invasion in the second half. The CREW had several scoring opportunities, but could only get two to go in. Hunter and Kyle each scored a goal, but the Invasion managed to get 5 goals.  

Game #2
CREW  2             KFC Cosmos Orange  4
In the second game the CREW played KFC Cosmos Orange from Knoxville, TN. It was a tough game, but the Cosmos out scored the CREW 4-2. Drew scored and Wyatt got his first goal as a member of the CREW. Great job.

Game #3
CREW  3             Warrior '95   2
In the third game the CREW finally put it all together. The defense played great the whole game and held the Warriors most of the game. The CREW started things off in the first half with goals from Kyle and Jacob. With a 2-0 lead going into the second half, the defense stayed tough, but the Warriors placed two great shots just under the cross bar. Jacob finished it off with his second goal of the game to give the CREW the win. Good tournament boys. I think we're ready for the regular season to start.