SouthStar United '96: '04-'05 Crew U9 Season Results

'04-'05 Crew U9 Season
                   Star City Crew 
       Spring 2005 MVYSA U9 Boys

'05 Spring Season (10-6):

Regular Season (9-1) - Champs
CREW  7             FCB Eagles Gold  1
The Crew started off slow against the Eagles. Kyle started the scoring with Jacob following. The Eagles  managed to sneak one past the defense to make it 2-1 at the half. In second half the Crew exploded. Jacob added another goal along with Kip and Conor. Alex and Cody got their first goals of the season to make the final 7-1. Way to go boys, you all played a fantastic game. The Crew finished the season 9-1 and finished in first place in the MVYSA U9 Boys league. Way to go CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!

CREW  2             BSA Celtic '95 Blue  1
The Crew beat a very determined BSA Celtic 95 Blue team Thursday 2-1. Kip & Kyle both got a goal and the defense held the Celtic to one goal in the second half. The Crew played a very tough game and held on when they needed to. The Crew is now 8-1 with one game left.

CREW  4             Southside Sparks  0
The Crew started off slow in the first half not getting many shots on goal, but Kyle got one to go in to make it 1-0 at halftime. In the second half the Crew came alive and kept pressure on the Sparks most of the half. Noland added a goal and Kyle added two more getting his second hat trick of the season. The defense played another great game and Davis got his third shutout of the season. The Crew are now 7-1 with two games remaining. Keep it up boys.

CREW  4             DC Lightning  3
The Crew had another tough game against the DC Lightning on a cold and muddy Saturday morning. The Lightning started the scoring midway through the first half, but shortly after they scored Conor put in his third goal of the year to tie it up. Drew scored  the Crew's second goal before halftime to put it at 2-1 at the break. The Lightning kept the game interesting scoring two goals in the second half, but the Crew were too much. Jacob scored his first goal of the season and Kyle put in the game winner to seal the victory. The Crew now stand at 6-1 on the season.

CREW  4             FC Springs  1
The Crew played another fantastic game for the full 50 minutes. FC Springs got on the board first with a goal in the first 10 minutes of the game, but the Crew answered back with Giovanni scoring off the crossbar and into the goal before halftime. With the scored tied at the half 1-1, the Crew came out firing. Kyle and Conor both got a goal with a great assists from Noland. Kyle ended the scoring with a goal with about five minutes left in the game. The Crew gave FC Springs only their second loss of the season, while the Crew stand at 5-1 and still in first place.

CREW  1             Club X Crush  0
THE CREW IS BACK!!!!!!! After a tough loss just two days ago the Crew pulled out a win and another shutout by Davis, against a very tough and previously undefeated Club X team. Both teams played great defense and the game was tied for 49 minutes. With about a minute left in the game and the ball bouncing around the Crush's goal after a shot by Kyle, Kip plowed through everyone to kick in the winning goal. It was a great battle between the top two teams in the division. The Crew are now 4-1 and back in first place. Way to boys, that was the best played game all year.

CREW  0             FCB Eagles Purple  2
The Crew suffered their first lost of the season. The Crew had a hard time getting any shots off against the tough Eagles defense and had trouble with the speed of the Eagle offense. The Crew now stands at 3-1 and play the undefeated Club X on Mon.

CREW  8             FCB Eagles Gold  0
The Crew offense and defense played the most complete and dominant game they've played all year. The defense only allowed 4 shots on goal and Alex, while subbing in for Davis, recorded a shutout. The offense started slow, but Kyle punched in two goals before halftime. In the second half, the offense exploded with Drew scoring three goals and Conor, Noland and Will each scoring one. Once again, there were eight different players that made shots on goal. In the end the Crew out shot the Eagles 40-4. Way to go CREW!!!!!!!!

CREW  5             Southside Sparks  1
The Crew picked up where they left off Monday, with a 5-1 victory. Kyle got the ball rollin' with a great cornerkick that went in the goal untouched. He added two more before halftime. The Crew offense kept the pressure on the Sparks the whole game. In the second half, Noland scored his first goal of the season and Kyle finished it off with his fourth of the game. Eight different players had shots on goal. The team played another fantastic game and are sitting in first place with a 2-0 record.

CREW  3             DC Lightning  0
The Crew recorded their first shutout of the year by great play from our goalie Davis and the defense. Drew started the game off early, with a goal in the first 5 minutes of the game. The Crew defense (Will, Cody, Noland & Alex) played great and kept the ball out of our area. Drew got another goal midway through the second half and Kyle finished it off with a goal in the last 2 minutes of the game. The entire team played fantastic. Keep it up boys.

WC Spring Blast Results (1-2):
Game #1
CREW  2             WC United Blue  4
Goals: Kyle (1), Jacob (1)

Game #2
CREW  0             CUSA '95 Blue  8
Goals: 0

Game #3
CREW  7             Southside Sparks  1
Goals: Kyle (3), Jacob (1), Alex (1), Noland (1), Alex B. (1)

Middletown Spring Blast Results (0-3):
Game #1
CREW  0             Ohio Elite White  4
Goals: 0

Game #2
CREW  0             COSA Express  7
Goals: 0

Game #3
CREW  1             Gators SC  2
Goals: Kyle (1)

'05 Indoor Season (2-6):

CREW  7             Fusion  3
Goals: Hunter (6), Alex (1)

CREW  3             NWC Earthquakes  8
Goals: Kyle (1), Jacob (1), Will (1)

CREW  2             Ohio Elite  11
Goals: Kyle (1), Hunter (1)

CREW  5             CUSA Titans  4
Goals: Hunter (5)

CREW  1             NWC Earthquakes  5
Goals: Jacob (1)

CREW  4             Fusion  8
Goals: Kyle (2), Hunter (1), Austin (1)

CREW  2             Ohio Elite  13
Goals: Hunter (2)

CREW  3             CUSA Titans  4
Goals: Hunter (2), Kyle (1)

'04 Fall Season (4-7-2):

Regular Season (3-5-2)
CREW  3             FC Springs  1
Goals: Kyle (2), Drew (1)

CREW  0             Springfield Thunder  5
Goals: 0

CREW  7             FCB Eagles Gold  2
Goals: Drew (3), Kyle (1), Alex (1), Giovanni (1), Michael (1)

CREW  3             Troy Trojans  4
Goals: Kip (2), Jacob (1)

CREW  0             DC Lightning  0
Goals: 0

CREW  0             Warrior '95  1
Goals: 0

CREW  1             adidas Thunder United  2
Goals: Kip (1)

CREW  3             Springfield Thunder  3
Goals: Kyle (2), Jacob (1)

CREW  7             FCB Eagles Gold  1
Goals: Kyle (4), Jacob (1), Kip (1), Giovanni (1)

CREW  0             Troy Trojans  5
Goals: 0

Cincy Challenge results (1-3):
Game #1
CREW  6             WC United  1
Goals: Kyle (2), Kip (2), Drew (1), Giovanni (1)

Game #2
CREW  3             adidas Thunder United  4
Goals: Kyle (3)

Game #3
CREW  1             Ohio FC Dragons  3
Goals: Kyle (1)