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Wednesday, August 26


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The following players have been named to the 2010 Crease Monkeys U15 Roster:


Calvin Fleagle               Colin McLaughlin           Dylan Johnson           Mitchell Butler

Boomer Walton             Tyler Rockhill              Brad Barth                Henry Vido

Joe Creaghan                Jack Pollard                Michael Lanahan        Alex Manges

Tommy Kisielnicki          Keegan Tulek              Logan Karukas            Austin Ruby

Joe Pollard                    Garrett Sadtler          Connor Novak     Jonathan McGrath


Congratulations to all of the Players and thank you everyone for attending tryouts! 


History and Philosophy

The Crease Monkeys were formed in April of 1998 to promote the sport of lacrosse by bringing together players from across the United States and overseas to play in lacrosse tournaments and provide instructional clinics.

In their first attempt at tournament play, the Monkeys did not fare very well. However, their performance off the field, in the social arena, was legendary. They made many, many friends, as well as contacts through out the lacrosse community. The basic philosophy of the Crease Monkeys was born - Make great friends, Visit Great Places and Have Fun!! The team name was instantly popular for its uniqueness and originality.

The following year, because of their gregarious reputation, getting players involved with the Crease Monkeys team and in tournaments was a bit easier, and the second portion of the Crease Monkey creed was solidified - play great lacrosse. Current and former Monkeys include some of the sport's elite players, including World Team members from the U.S., Canada, the Iroquois Nation, England and Australia, College All Americans and professional all stars from Major League Lacrosse and the National Lacrosse League.

The Crease Monkeys team set modest goals for itself in the early years. The team has not only met those goals but far exceeded them. The popularity of the team is unrivaled. No matter what city or country the team visits, the locals want to interact with the players and lacrosse fans everywhere highly covet Crease Monkey gear and apparel.

The Crease Monkey Lacrosse Camp is a wonderful, non-profit, summer camp held in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In 2002 there were over 150 campers. There are also numerous free clinics through out the season to teach lacrosse to children from all walks of life. The emphasis of the camps and clinics is on teaching basic skills and instilling a love of the sport of lacrosse to the participants.
The team has won tournaments in Australia, Hawaii, Chicago, New Orleans and Lake Placid. The Monkeys have toured Canada, England, Ireland, Amsterdam and Japan playing exhibitions and spreading the good will of lacrosse.

The Crease Monkeys have been featured in Lacrosse Magazine, Lacrosse Talk Magazine, and Inside Lacrosse Magazine and on many lacrosse websites including and The team's award winning web site (, which includes thousands of pictures of all the Crease Monkeys games and events, went live on August 20, 1999 and was called the 'Worlds Best Club Lacrosse Website' by Lacrosse Talk Magazine (UK's official lacrosse magazine). The current visitor count is rapidly approaching 200,000.

In the summer of 2002, the decision was made to expand The Crease Monkeys phenomena into club lacrosse. Transforming what had previously been a tournament and touring team, new clubs from Harford County, Maryland and Seattle, Washington will begin play in the American Lacrosse League and the West Coast Lacrosse League respectively. The new teams kicked off their inaugural seasons in the spring of 2003.

The club teams are patterned after the English and Australian style of club sports whereby all members, from the pee wees (6-7 year olds) to the grand masters (over 45), and their families, interact both athletically and socially. Both new teams will be governed by a set of approved By-Laws and a Board of Directors elected from the membership. There is a high level of organization, with the each team's goal being long-term success, on and off the field.

While the tournament and touring version of the Crease Monkeys included all-stars from all levels of lacrosse, the club teams include players of all ability levels who are looking to have a good time playing "social lacrosse." We want to be successful on the field, but not at the expense of having a good time off the field.  The club teams have been very successful from the beginning. And in 2006, in just the 4th year of competing in the American Lacrosse League (, the Harford Crease Monkeys captured their first league championship over Lacrosse Unlimited of New York.

It is in this spirit that we take the next logical step and introduce the Crease Monkeys Youth Lacrosse Club.  Our goal is to become Harford County’s premier youth lacrosse club in very short order.  Be assured that the Harford club team will continue to adhere to the Crease Monkeys motto: Make Great Friends, Play Great Lacrosse, Visit Great Places and Have Fun!!


Monday, March 22
Crease Monkeys add U13 Team!

A roster along with individual and team photos will be coming soon!

Wednesday, May 26
2010 Rip Tide Summer League

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