: The Right Way

Wednesday, July 17
The Right Way



The Right Way consists of five tenets:


Demands commitment


Are providing an environment that encourages and rewards unwavering commitment? Grit and determination are often necessary components to affect change or enhance competitiveness. Be sure that hard work – particularly going above and beyond the call of duty – is rewarded.

Denies selfishness


Do your actions lead players to think beyond themselves? Do you look for players who are humble about themselves and are capable of thinking about the bigger picture? Teach your players to be willing to help one another to achieve collective goals, rather than simply competing against one another.

Accepts reality


Not every day is glamorous, and not every day will lead directly to a win. Realistic expectations are a necessity when things are going well and when they’re going poorly.

Seeks improvement every day


If your team isn’t getting better all the time, it risks being left behind by the competition. Do you strive to improve your processes, commitments and actions each and every day?

Puts team above self


The whole is greater than the sum of the parts,” a quote from Aristotle, embodies this tenet. Everyone on a team benefits from the wisdom and insight of the rest of the team. Do you provide an environment in which everyone’s input is valued and utilized?

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