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Welcome to Coach Conway's soccer Info page!

 *Please Note: This site is not endorsed by any governing body and was created to support the Coach Conway's soccer programs and it's players and parents. The information contained on this site is intended to help support families as they participate in the great game of soccer!

"One athlete of character improves your team - One team of character changes your program - One program of character impacts your community – A coach of significance can impact generations, It begins and ends with strong families" - Proactive Coaching

Event info/cancelation "Remind" To sign up please follow the directions below. This is how we will communictae cancelations and other improtant info.

Girls U12 Elite- Text @csag12e to (513)924-4292 to sign up for all general soccer text 

Girls U12 Premier- Text @csag12p to  (513)924-4292 to sign up for all general soccer text

To receive an email along with or in place of the text, please send an email to csag12e@mail.remind.com or csag12p@mail.remind.com  



Things needed or you need to do:

  • Sign Up for group communication through "Remind". Text @csag12e to 513-924-4292
Things you need to know:
  • Do you have the correct Shinguards? Click here and find out what the referee could ask to see.
  • U12- You need a size 5 ball!
What is up next? Check the calendar for the latest...U12 Elite - U12 Premier

News & Info:

Next Event Keep your eye on the calendar for more information.

Questions?? Contact Coach Conway couchdougconway@gmail.com  




Balconi Top Training is highly recommended for U12 and older athelets. Please contact Coach Conway for details.

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