Concord National Youth Softball: Welcome

Welcome to the Concord National Youth Softball 2016 Season

 The schedules for upcoming games has been moved to the bottom of the page to make room for exciting news...

Calendar Raffle Fundraiser!

We have a bunch of exciting, fun and tasty prizes for you to win this year in our annual fundraiser for CNYS. We expect that each sofballer sells at least 10 raffle calendars, the cost is $10 for one or $20 for three. The team that sells the most gets an ice cream sundae party or Pizza Party!

 If you need additional Calendars you can download and print the form from our Handouts section.

Thank you to all those local businesses that graciously gave us donations to make this fundraiser happen. Please patronize our donors with your business we have provided links to each below!

Nano Brewery Tours & Swag Featuring:
       Odd Ball Brewing
     Out.Haus Ales
Pillsbury Bakery & Café


To all of the Local businesses out there, check out the field sponsor forms in the Handouts section of the website! Sponsoring the field is a cost effective way to get your business in front of a valuable demographic of kid toting parents for over 24 games a year, that is thousands of real local people seeing your banner in the outfield for hours!

The rates are very reasonable and tax deductible, so sign up now.

Download and fill out the form, send it in with a check and provide a contact for us to reach out and obtain a high resolution image for your banner, and voila that’s it you get in front of a captive audience.

A big thank you to all of our 2016 team sponsors: 

Arnie's Place

Beckett Glass and Aluminum

Cimo's South End Deli

Claudia's Signature Salon

Merrimack County Savings Bank

Vermette Orthodontics.

 A big thank you to all of our 2016 Martin field sponsors:

Blue Line Draft Systems, LLC

Dick's Sporting Goods

KM Cheney Concrete Inc. 

Please patronize our sponsors! 

Check out our Martin2 Field Project Page for up to date information and to thank our generous donors that are helping to get a second field at Martin Park.

 Upcoming games and recent results will appear automatically at the top of the page. They can also be found by clicking on the "Schedules" tab to the left, then selecting the division, and team of choice. They can be printed from that page as well. Please note that changes in the schedule may occur. Coaches will always confirm any changes to the schedule. The "Calendar" link also lists games and will let you know if anything else is going on at Martin Field on a particular day (e.g, practices).

*Please note that this site lists games and tracks the results of Concord National contests only. City-wide standings and results can be found at All field locations can be reviewed by clicking on "Locations" link. If you see any errors in the schedule please drop us a line using the email at the bottom of the page.

Clinics, Camps, Drills & Skills:

Many families have inquired about opportunities for players to refine their skills during and off season. We will try to keep any such camps and clinics of interest listed in this section. Feel free to let us know of any camps & clinics that may be helpful by emailing the info to the email address below.

 General inquiries may be made to


Upcoming Games
Date Event Time Location
Wed 5/25 Softball-Fastpitch Cimo's (CN) vs. Banks Chevrolet (HOP) 5:45 PM Martin Field
Thu 5/26 Softball-Fastpitch Arnies (CN) vs. Suncook1 (SUN1) 5:45 PM Martin Field
Fri 5/27 Softball-Fastpitch Beckett Glass (CN) vs. Chichester Rams (CHI) 5:45 PM Martin Field
Sun 5/29 Softball-Fastpitch Speedy Printing (SUN) vs. Beckett Glass (CN) 2:00 PM Volunteer Field (Allenstown)
Tue 5/31 Softball-Fastpitch Winnepocket (HOP1) vs. Claudia's (CN) 5:45 PM Blood Field (Hopkinton)
Tue 5/31 Softball-Fastpitch Vermette (CN) vs. White Dental Park (BOW2) 5:45 PM Martin Field
Recent Games
Date Event Time Location
Wed 5/18 Softball-Fastpitch Cimo's (CN) vs. Suncook (SUN) 5:45 PM Martin Field
Thu 5/19 Softball-Fastpitch Weldon Transport (HOP) vs. MCSB (CN) 5:45 PM Blood Field (Hopkinton)
Thu 5/19 Softball-Fastpitch Arnies (CN) vs. Suncook1 (SUN1) 5:45 PM Martin Field
Fri 5/20 Softball-Fastpitch Becket Glass (CN) vs. Speedy Printing (SUN) 5:45 PM Martin Field
Sat 5/21 Softball-Fastpitch Abby Run Construction (CHI) vs. Arnies (CN) 9:15 AM Carpenter Park (Chichester)
Sat 5/21 Softball-Fastpitch Claudia's (CN) vs. Winnepocket (HOP1) 11:30 AM Martin Field
Sat 5/21 Softball-Fastpitch Suncook 2 (SUN2) vs. Vermette (CN) 11:30 AM Volunteer Field (Allenstown)
Sat 5/21 Softball-Fastpitch Deck Rite (MV1) vs. Cimo's (CN) 2:00 PM Rolfe Park (Penacook)
Sun 5/22 Softball-Fastpitch Beckett Glass (CN) vs. Crossroads (MV) 2:00 PM Dillon Field
Tue 5/24 Softball-Fastpitch Claudia's (CN) vs. Suncook 2 (SUN2) 5:45 PM Martin Field
Tue 5/24 Softball-Fastpitch Winnepocket (HOP1) vs. Vermette (CN) 5:45 PM Blood Field (Hopkinton)