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 The 2012 season is underway and we dont have any teams that seem to standout which could turn out to be a problem for the A's that are going for their fifth year in a row.  We have had players call to try to get on a team and my suggestion to you is to just email us and if any teams need any more players we will be giving you a call.  If you are not called please contact us at the begining of next year and we can try to find you a team.  If you are interested in starting a team.  Contact us early next year and we will invite you to our coaches meeting and give you all the details on starting a new team.  Our league is very competitive so be prepared if you want to bring a new team in.  thanks

The columbia MABL, a summer league, was founded in 1991 as a mens over 30 baseball league. The league has evolved over the years into a highly competitive 18 and over mens league. The majority of the players are in college or played in college with a mixture of ex-minor league and experience high school players.




Email us at or you can check out the Board info for coach and webmaster contacts



We are continuing to grow and evolve into a better league for you.

Congrats to the A's for winning 2011 championship!  Who will emerge victors in 2012?




Sunday, April 25
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