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Columbia Fencers' Club (CFC) General Information

Thank you for your interest in Columbia Fencers' Club.  We are a USA Fencing registered member club located in the heart of Columbia, South Carolina.

CFC members are beginners through advanced level fencers, including kids through adults.   CFC meets at the Columbia Downtown YMCA, 1420 Sumter St., Columbia, SC 29201. Classes are held twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30-7:30 PM.  There is "Open Fencing" after that.  No previous experience is needed.  Most club members attend both days, but others attend only on Tuesdays or only on Thursdays.  (There is a reduced fee for once a week, but one must select either Tuesdays or Thursdays.) 

There are three fees to fence with CFC.  (1) Columbia Fencers' Club monthly dues are $60 per month.  This includes group instruction twice a week and use of the practice equipment for the first 2-3 months at no additional charge.  This way, someone is not required to buy a beginner set of gear to try fencing to see whether they like the sport. (However, if you would prefer to purchase a set of gear, we can provide you with catalogs and help advise you about what to order.)

(2) In addition, there is a monthly YMCA “Activity Fee” of $25 per month for ages 9 through 21.  No YMCA membership is required for ages 9-21.  For those ages 22 and older, you have a choice of paying either a $30 activity fee (limits you to fencing) or regular YMCA dues which are $40 per month for the Downtown YMCA (members are not limited to fencing activities).  There are various other membership options, e.g., a young adult membership for ages 15-21 for $34, or a Family membership which includes YMCA privileges for adults and young adults, and includes the YMCA activity fee for youth to participate in our fencing program.  We can discuss your particular interests to see what is best for you.  If someone joins the Y in order to fence, the Y's $50 joining fee is waived.

(3) As of August 1, 2012, all CFC participants are also required to be members of the US Fencing Association. Their new basic “non-competitive” membership is just $5 per year.

Individual fencing instruction is also available at CFC, but that is not included in the club dues.

Since we provide the equipment, you don't need to bring anything but yourself.  Please wear a t-shirt, general sneakers (no sandals, crocs, or boots), and long pants that cover the full leg (e.g., a warm-up is fine; shorts would not be permitted).  

You are welcome to visit and observe a class.  It is a Fundamentals class.  I adapt each class according to who is in it and their levels so that everyone will progress in his/her skills and enjoyment of the game.  There is no charge to visit and observe, and no obligation to enroll.

If you visit and decide to join, I meet individually with new fencers for about 10 minutes before your first class, to give a brief introduction to help you follow along.  You may start/join at any time during the year; I prorate the first month if you start mid-month.  

It's a terrific sport for all ages!  Our club and classes meet year ‘round.  We also have a "Meet-n-Eat-Out" night once a month so those interested can catch a bite after fencing and get to know one another a little better. 

Thanks so much for your interest.  Please let me know if you have additional questions.  I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you.  Our Columbia Fencers’ Club email is and our web site is