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Columbia Fencers' Club provides.......


One of the things that separates Columbia Fencers' Club from others is we are passionate when it comes to fencing.

We provide fencers the opportunity to participate in fencing at whatever level they choose: Recreational, Recreational-Competitive or Competitive.

Our method of instruction is simple, logical, realistic and practical.

Group Instruction and Individual Lessons are available to fencers.

Beginners through advanced fencers learn and improve their fencing through exercises, drills and bouting.

One is initially taught correct form, but later the personal style of the fencer which evolves is not discouraged.

Performing correctly executed fencing movements in training sessions will help you attain good technique so that you will not be limited because of improper training. (Once a fencer establishes poor fencing habits, it is very difficult and extremely frustrating to unlearn them.)

No step is omitted in the construction of a full arsenal of offensive and defensive weapons. The mixture of these drills, exercises and bouting results in an unbeatable combination of learning and improvement.

Participation in fencing is challenging, enjoyable and rewarding. Fencing is for anyone seeking exciting learning experiences through active participation.

For more information, contact Jane Littmann at  or 803-781-0056.