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Our Philosophy
Our fencers reflect a wide age range and include people from all walks of life, with diverse backgrounds and interests, varied skills, goals, and aspirations. Our fencers were initially attracted to fencing for many reasons, and we still are. Thus, while we share an interest in fencing, fencing has so many dimensions that our fencers typically enjoy it in many different ways. Our belief is one should participate in a sport for the fun it provides. For some, this fun may be through its social opportunities or health benefits, or its competitive challenges, or through the experience of enhancing personal growth, or developing physical skills, mental focus, or tactical thinking, or acquiring theatrical skills-the list is as long and varied as the membership.

We believe sports have tremendous value to all participants.

Winning in sports takes many forms. We believe everyone can win in sports if they have the right attitude. Striving to be the best one can be is winning.

With this philosophy, the fencers of CFC are able to work together regardless of whether one is a recreational athlete or an elite athlete. Everyone helps each other.