Columbia Ravens: Registration

2014 Fall Football Registration Open

Greetings players and parents!!  
The Columbia Ravens Board hopes everyone had a great off season and is ready for another outstanding season.

We are pleased to announce that there will be no increase in the 2014 Fall Registration Fee.

Early Bird Registration Fee - $200
New 2014 Game Jersey - $60
Fundraising - $100/player

Early Bird Registration Begins April 4th and ends May 31st.  

June 1st the registration fee goes up to $225.





New for 2014 

Fundraising Information

The Columbia Ravens Football and Cheer is a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) volunteer organization that relies heavily on sponsors, fundraisers and donations to support our organization.  The cost of purchasing equipment, insurance, game and practice field rental, practice lights, uniforms, player equipment, officals, coaching equipment, safety education, and player development are immense.  New in 2014, Columbia Ravens will REQUIRE each player to fundraise.  


Each player will be REQUIRED to purchase 5 Discount cards at $20 each.  

The cards will be available at equipment pick-up.

You may choose to OPT-OUT of purchasing the discount cards by paying $100 per player.

This requirement is critical to the financial well-being of the organization.


2014 Volunteer Information

The Columbia Ravens Football and Cheer is run 100% by volunteers consisting of parents, siblings, and extended family of the participants in the organization.

It is necessary that the Football and Cheer requests its participant's family member(s) volunteer their time in order for their child to be included in the organizatioin.


For each family involved, at least one member will be required to volunteer throughout the season.  A $100 check will be collected from each family on equipment pick-up day and held by the organization until all volunteer requirements are met.  If the volunteer requirement is met the $100 check will shredded at the conclusion of the season.

For the 2014 Columbia Ravens Football and Cheer season the volunteer requirement is 10 hrs.

Volunteer Options

Volunteer date/time/options will be available through out the season including before the start of the season.

Information on how and when to sign up will be available at a later date.

Families may opt-out of volunteer requirement by paying $100 at time of registration.


If the volunteer requirement is not completed, the $100 check will be cashed by the organization.  Furthermore, if a volunteer committment is no longer able to be met and prior notice has not been given, this will be considered a forfeiture of the $100 deposit. 

Financial Aid

A LIMITED number of Financial Aid applications will be accepted.  If you are interested in applying for assistance for the 2014 Fall Season your application MUST be RECEIVED BY JUNE 30, 2014.  

NEW for 2014

Approved assistance packages must be used by the specified date in the award letter! Assistance awards can only be used offset the cost of REGISTRATION and/or JERSEY. You are still responsible for FUNDRAISING and VOLUNTEERING.

Mail Financial Aid Applications to:

Columbia Ravens, Inc
P. O. Box 6413
Columbia, MD 21045


2014 Raven Game Jersey
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