Colorado Impact: Mental Toughness

10 Qualities of a Complete Winner
by D. Scott Ward, Ph.D.

1. Positive Self-Expectancy
Life is a self fulfilling prophecy.
You get what you expect - so expect the best.

Implications for the Athlete: Always expect success - embrace the challenge!

2. Positive Self-Motivation
Desire and fear are two of the Greatest Motivators.
Learn to go for the rewards of success, not away from the penalties of failure.

Implications for the Athlete: Embrace the excitement, it is why you train so hard. During competition you will have access to power you normally don't have access to - use it!

3. Positive Self-Image
Vivid visualization can assist you in building a more consistent and successful you.
If you can see it you can do it.

Implications for the Athlete: Picture yourself as a world class athlete, and what it takes to get there.

4. Positive Self-Direction
Set Goals - Keep your eyes focused on the prize.
Try to be better today then you were yesterday - In everything you do.

Implications for the Athlete: Ink what you think - Goals need to be written down. It's about going after something that counts - not the outcome.

5. Positive Self-Control
Winners make things happen - Losers let things happen to them.
Take full responsibility for your success - No Excuses!

Implications for the Athlete: Trust yourself and your preparation. You're ready!

6. Positive Self-Discipline
Practice winning every single day. Perfect practice makes perfect.
Be mentally tough - deal with the situation.

Implications for the Athlete: Focus on the task at hand - immerse yourself in the game.

7. Positive Self-Esteem
Single most important human quality - Feel good about being you.
Use positive self-talk every day.

Implications for the Athlete: Always respond with a positive reply.

8. Positive Self-Dimension
Little successes lead to victories.
Live in the NOW - It's the only moment in which have control.

Implications for the Athlete: "Take it One Game at a Time" or play, or shot, or event, or swing, or snap, or serve, etc.

9. Positive Self-Awareness
See your unlimited potential.
Know yourself - Learn to Bust Loose!

Implications for the Athlete: Let your abilities shine through-be a competitor, force yourself to push through the envelope. "You will love the other side!"

10. Positive Self-Commitment
Show confidence in your self, your training, your teammates, and your coach.
Commit to Excellence

Implications for the Athlete: Measure success against self. Don't get caught up with competing against others.