Acton-Boxborough Boys Basketball: Summer Workers

Wednesday, July 16

SUMMER CAMPS - The number of counselors needed depends on the number of kids that register.  As of late May, this is who I need for each week.  If you are a 'probably', I will let you know as we get closer to that week.  

Full-Day Camp #1, June 23-26: Flannery, Jackman, Rutyna, Crawley, PK

Full-Day Camp #2, June 30-July 3:Flannery, Jackman, Rutyna, Graz, Davidson, Crawley/PK

Full-Day Camp #3, July 28-31: Rutyna, Davidson (2), Graz, Crawley, PK, K. McGov

Full-Day Camp #4, Aug 11-14: Flannery, Belanger, Davidson, Crawley, Billings


SUMMER LEAGUE REFS: Flannery, Billings, Marvin (not available June 21-27 and July 4th week), Rogers, Graz, Larsen, Crawley, Jackman, Rutyna, Murray, Danzig, PK, Quantrille, Davidson

REF SCHEDULE WEEK 6, July 14 & 16:

  • Monday: Rutyna (1st 3), Crawley (2nd and 3rd), Doherty (1st 3), Murray (last 2), PK (last 3), Jackman (last 3)
  • Wednesday: Jackman, Billings, Danzig (1st 3), Murray (1st 3), PK (last 3), Rutyna (first 2)