Colchester Youth Soccer: Recreation Program

Recreation Newsletter

"This newsletter is directed mainly to parents new to our program. Colchester Youth Soccer (CYS) is a volunteer run, non-profit organization. It is governed by its bylaws and it’s Executive Board of Directors (E-Board). More information about CYS and the E-Board can be found on this website.

The start of the season begins with the player registration in the spring and summer. We registered that early to be able to form teams and order uniforms by July. By ordering in July we are sure to receive uniforms before the season starts.  In August we will place the goals, line the fields and start practices the week of August 13th. We will have our first game on August 25th. There are no practices for Kindergarten or 1st grade. Grades 2-12 will have one practice during the week from 5:00 -6:30 and a game on Saturday.

In September and October we will order participation trophies and have team and individual photos taken. There is no charge for the trophies; there is a charge for the photographs. Photos will be distributed by your coach when we get them and trophies will be handed out at the last game of the year.

If Colchester Park & Recreation Department closes the soccer fields we cannot practice or play a game until they re-open the fields for play. The Vice President and or the Divisional Coordinators may also cancel games or practices. Canceled games will NOT be made up. On game days, the coaches and teams will be on one side of the field and parents and all other spectators must be on the other side of the field. No parents or coaches may be behind the goals.

Players must wear shin guards for practice and games. No player will be allowed on the field without them. No jewelry (other than medical alert bands) can be worn by any player, this includes studs. Soft hats are only allowed for medical reasons or during cold weather. It is strongly recommended that players come to practices and games with water. Please contact your coach if you are going to miss a game or practice.

Referees will be treated with respect at all times. No comments will be directed referees by coaches or spectators. Any comments or issues must be communicated to your coach, after the game.

In November, we will have a registration for the winter session for those that have not already signed up. Players will be notified at the end of December of the indoor schedule. We start early January and play 10 weeks. We have been playing our games on Saturdays and Sundays at the Jack Jackter gym. Players must wear shin guards and sneakers to play. Due to allergy issues, only water is allowed in the gym. There are no practices during the winter season.

The Kindergarten Division and 1st Grade Divisions are run somewhat differently from the Grades 2-12 Divisions. Theses Divisional Coordinators will be communicating with these parents directly."

Steve Howard
Vice President of Recreation