Coatesville Area Little League: Welcome



Coatesville Area Little League (C.A.L.L.) is a Non-Profit  all volunteer run organization that is comprised of approx. 250 children from the ages of 4-16 yrs.  The league is chartered by Little League Baseball and it provides children the opportunity to learn, play and enjoy the game of baseball along with teaching them the importance of good sportsmanship and teamwork.

Important for Parents

Parents, please contact your coaches regarding jersey and pant sizes if you have not already done so.  Tee ball players report shirt sizes, all others need to report pant sizes. 


New practice schedules have been posted.  Please see the schedule page for your team, location and time.  If you  have not already heard from you coach, you will be hearing from them shortly.


 2014 Spring Little League Prices

(Online Registration has Closed)

TBall - $85.00

Minors - $130.00

Majors - $130.00

50-70 - $150.00



*****Please note that Little League Baseball has banned some composite bats until futher notice.***** 
This ban was created to make a safer game environment.  If you already own a composite bat, you may not be able to use it at the Major League Division (11-12) or below.  
Before using OR purchasing any bat, visit
for more information and details.  


Robo-Call: C.A.L.L. uses an automated phone system to keep parents informed of special events and important information.

Volunteers Needed: Interested in volunteering as a Coach, Umpire, Snack Bar, Home Run Derby, Fundraising or Team Mom? Complete the volunteer form in the handouts section of this website and contact Matt 610-842-2686.

Important Dates: See Calender...


If you are a local business, sponsorship is a way to give back to the community and to create local business awareness.

Interested in a sponsorship? Click the handouts section and complete the "Sponsorship Letter".