Club Sav Junior Olympic Volleyball: History

Club Savannah started in the 2000-2001 season
After the middle school volleyball season
in the Fall of 2000 a number of dedicated
young female atheletes came together to
form Club Savannah. There were two 14 and
under Club Level teams in the club with the
intentions to grow slowly over the next few
years. The two teams performed well throughout
the season. One team with combined members won
the Bunny Blowout Easter weekend in Valdosta, and
won the Columbia tournament going 12-0 in the

The following year 2001-2002 season there was only
one team (15 and under). They finished the regular
season in fourth place in the PVA region with high
finishes in some large tournaments (15th overall in
Orlando, playing in the Milkhouse, 2nd in the Hi-Neighbor).

The 2002-2003 season had 2 teams playing in the Open/Power
division, one 14 and under and one 16 and under. Both
finished in the top 4 in the region and were in first place
on points most of the season.

For the upcoming 2003-2004 season we will have quite a few
teams it seems. Stay tuned!

Interested parents/coaches should contact
Club Savannah members.

Savannah Christian Finishes 2nd in A/AA State Tournament.
SCPS Volleyball Team

Savannah Christian finished 2nd, behind Wesleyan, in the GHSA A/AA State Volleyball Championships. The entire SCPS varsity are members of Club Savannah. Congratulations from your Club Savannah family!!!!

Team Member:   
Brianna Ryals    setter          4 years with Club Savannah
                                     charter member of Club Savannah
   Tanaisha Lawyer   outside Hitter   4 years with Club Savanah
                                     charter member of Club Savannah
   Liz Roberds       Middle Hitter    3 years with Club Savannah
                                     charter member of Club Savannah
   T. A. Muller      Outside Hitter   3 years with Club Savannah
                                     charter member of Club Savannah
   Ashley Rich       Outside Hitter   1 year with Club Savannah
   Kaitlyn Lance    Outside Hitter   2 years with Club Savannah
   Claire McCarthy   Middle Hitter    2 years with Club Savannah
   Casey Rhodes      Defensive Spec. 1 year with Club Savannah
   Alex Simmons      Middle Hitter    2 years with Club Savannah
   Laura Su          Setter          2 years with Club Savannah
   Carrie George    Outside Hitter   2 years with Club Savannah

St. Vincent's Academy finishes in the top four.
St. Vincent's Academy, last year's AAAAA State Champions, returned to the final four again this year, but this time in Area AAA. The entire varsity team are members of Club Savannah. Congratulations ladies!!!!!

Elizabeth Shearouse    2 year member of Club Savannah
                      charter member of Club Savannah
Lauren Bach            2 year member of Club Savannah
                      charter member of Club Savanna
Abby Mamalakis         2 year member of Club Savannah
                      charter member of Club Savannah
Rebecca Boyd          1 year member of Club Savannah
Emily Roche            1 year member of Club Savannah
Lindsey McIntyre       1 year member of Club Savannah
Jessica King          1 year member of Club Savannah
Morgan Boaen          1 year member of Club Savannah
Stephanie Shearouse    1 year member of Club Savannah

New - A Non-travel Program for 6th - 8th Grade Girls
Saturdays, January 22nd - April 9th

To register: Return the Club Savannah Registration Tryout Application and fee to:
                        Club Savannah
                        1019 Walthour Road
                        Savannah, Georgia 31410

Write Non-travel across the top of the application.

Necessary forms: 1. Registration Tryout Application        
                    and registration tryout fee ($30.00)
                 2. Medical release
                    * must be notarized
                    * must be signed by the player and a parent
                  3. Code of Conduct
                    * must be signed by the player and a parent

All of these forms can be found on the Club Savannah website.

Registration Deadline: December 15, 2004
Coaches: Area high school volleyball coaches and players.

Ages: 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade girls

Participant limit: 36

Practice group size: 4 groups with a maximum of 9 players per

Skills testing will be conducted the first day of the program to determine groupings. Training groups will be based on individual skill level and knowledge. Groupings will be adjusted as needed.

Competition teams: Teams will be formed taking into account position and skill level. Teams will be divided as competitively even as possible.

Cost: $150.00
                1st Installment - $50.00, due December 15th
                2nd Installment - $50.00, due January 15th
                3rd Installment - $50.00, due February 15th

Description: Playing volleyball on a travel team gives the players valuable experience on the court, as well as, the chance to play with and against a higher caliber of player than they find in school ball. While some middle school girls are ready for the intensity and commitment needed for the program, others are not. It just doesn’t fit into their lives at this time. The non-travel program is designed for those middle school girls who want the opportunity to learn and refine their volleyball skills without the necessity of traveling. It allows them the opportunity to find out if they want to take volleyball to a higher level, before they make that commitment.

The non-travel development program will be broken down into three four-week parts. The first four weeks will be completely instructional. The second four weeks will be instructional, but blended with competition. Matches will be scheduled between the teams. The last four weeks will be completely play. The players will end with a tournament very much like those the travel teams attend.

Club Season 2004 - 2005
Club Director:    Donna Rountree
Mailing Address: 1019 Walthour Road
                  Savannah, Georgia 31410

Email address:

Club Savannah colors: Navy and gold

What are the USA Junior Olympics?

The USA Volleyball Junior Olympics (Junior National Championships) is an annual indoor championship that attracts elite junior players and their families from throughout the country. Starting in 2000, the events were separated to accommodate more cities, players, and spectators.

Since its conception in 1980, Junior Olympic participation has grown steadily. The 2002 National Championships in Salt Lake City (girls)and Louisville (boys and girls invitational) attracted a record 1,028 teams (including 736 girls teams) and approximately 11,662 players. There were more than 35,000 spectators alone for the girls’ Junior Olympics in Utah and more than 45,000 spectators for all three competitions combined, comprised of fans, parents, college coaches, staff, and volunteers.

Junior Olympic clubs vary in goals, philosophy, cost, intensity, and tournament level. The following information is provided in hopes that it will let you know more about Club Savannah.

Organizational Meeting:
Saturday, November 20, 2004
Calvary Day School
Tippet Gym
3:00 p. m.

Parents and athletes are encouraged to attend.


Saturday, December 4th, Sunday December 5th, Saturday December 11th, and Sunday December 12th. Times and locations will be posted on Wednesday, December 1st.

Required paperwork: (these can be downloaded from the Club Savannah website; see handouts)

1. Registration/Tryout applications must be returned with the $30.00 registration/tryout fee by Wednesday, December 1st. These will not be accepted the day of tryouts.

2. Players must return their notarized medical release form before being allowed to attend tryout sessions.   These must be notarized, must be signed by the athlete, and must be signed by a parent before they will be accepted by Club Savannah. These must be turned in before the first tryout session begins.

3. The Code of Conduct form, signed by both the participant and a parent. These must be turned in before the first tryout session begins.

Player preparation:

1. Arrive at least 15 minutes before tryout begin. Arrive earlier if you need to turn in paperwork.
2. Sign in and get your tryout number.
3. Be in the gym, shoes and kneepads on, ready to go at the assigned time.
4. Wear distinctive clothing – something that makes you stand out from the crowd.
5. Bring a water bottle and small towel.

Players are required to attend both tryout sessions. Each session will have a different focus. One will focus on individual skills, while the other will focus on court play. If you miss a session, you are missing an opportunity to be seen by the coaches. The more you are seen, the better your chances of making a team.

Club Savannah does not guarantee that all players that tryout will be placed on a team. Team placement will be determined by ability, position, knowledge, attitude, commitment, and the number of players trying out.


In addition to our travel team program, Club Savannah hopes to add a non-travel team for 6th - 8th grade girls. The program is contingent upon available gym space.

Travel teams

Travel teams must go through the tryout process to determine placement on a Club Savannah travel team. Teams are formed based on age and similar talent. Travel teams will practice twice a week, one week night and one weekend. They will participate in one to three day tournaments, mostly in the state of South Carolina.
The length of the tournament is based on the level of commitment. All Club level tournaments are Saturday only tournaments. Power and Open teams will compete in Saturday only tournaments, as well as two day tournaments. Open teams will compete in three day tournaments, in addition to the one and two day tournaments.
Club level is the lowest and lest expensive level of commitment. Open is the highest and most expensive level of commitment. Power level teams are somewhere in between. Following the first tryout session, players being considered for the Open teams will be notified of this, to see if they are willing to make the higher commitment.

Non-travel Program

The non-travel program is a developmental program for 6th – 8th grade girls. If gym space becomes available, this option will be offered to the younger players as a way to develop their volleyball skills, without the high cost and time commitment necessary to travel. These players will receive great training and inner club play. The developmental program will be a three months, once a week program.


Club Savannah is a member of the Palmetto Volleyball Association, which is made up of clubs from South Carolina and parts of Georgia. Tournament play begins in mid-January and ends in early April. The proposed tournament schedule is attached.


Club Savannah players are expected to attend all practice sessions. Travel teams players are expected to participate in all tournaments. All absences, practice and tournament, must be preapproved by the player’s coach. The consequence for travel team players will be the loss of playing time at the next tournament. The amount of loss time will be determined by the team coach.

Tournament Commitment

Accepting a position on a travel team is a huge responsibility and commitment. Please read the website handout on this commitment.   

Club fees

Club fees are dependent on the level of commitment a player makes. The fee schedule for each level can be found under handouts on our website.


Uniforms consist of a team jersey, spandex, and a cover up. Uniforms are included in the club fees.


Club Savannah players are responsible for providing their own volleyball for practices and tournaments. These must be a quality, leather, indoor volleyball. The Club volleyballs are a gold and white Tachikara ball, and can be purchased through Club Savannah for $30.00.

Advantages of playing with Club Savannah

1. You will play with other players in your age group who love this game the same way that you do.

2. You will play with the best players in your age division in the Savannah area.

3. You will see tremendous growth as a player due to the level of volleyball you will play, as well as, the quality of the players you will play with and against.

4. You will have a better chance of making your school team due to the level of play and the quality of players you will be exposed to.

5. You will learn to handle the pressure and intensity of play, and to relax and enjoy the pressure and intensity of play.

6. You will create an unbreakable bond with your teammates. You will have the time of your life and make friends and memories that you will take with you always.

Sunday, November 23



Travel Team Tryouts - Thursday night November 20th @ St.Vincent's Gym


Note:  Those of you who are 12 years old (volleyball age on Sept 1, 2009) and were at tryouts on Saturday will not need to attend tryouts on Thursday night.     


The schedule below refers to the the age you will be on September 1, 2009

6:30 - 8:00   all 13, 14, 15 & 16 year olds 

8:00 - 9:30   all 17 & 18 year olds

ALSO - Check the tournament schedule - if you will not be able to make a tournament come with a signed piece of paper stating the tournaments you will not be able to make!  Thanks!


If you have not registered and wish to tryout for a travel team please read below!  


Please read all of these instructions!


If you wish to play on a travel team for the 2008/2009 club season for a Club Savannah team you must do the following:

 1)      Prior to attending a tryout you MUST be registered with USAV volleyball.  Here is the link with the appropriate instructions on how to register:        

2)      Print the last page from the USAV registration showing you have registered and bring it to the tryouts

 3)      After completing registration for USAV return to the Club Savannah web site Handout Sections and print the “medical release form” and the “general information sheet”. 

4)      Fill these forms out and bring them to the tryouts.

5)      Bring a check for $30 made payable to “Club Savannah Volleyball” 

What to wear – come ready to play - wear clothing you will be able to move in, shorts or spandex, t-shirt, athletic shoes and a water bottle.       


All tryout sessions will be at the St. Vincent’s gym at the corner of Lincoln and Harris streets in downtown Savannah.  Here is the schedule: 


Saturday November 15th


10:00 AM  – 12:00  Noon     High School Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores


1:30    PM -  3:30 PM           High School Freshman and all girls in Middle school                        


Arrive early – bring a great attitude and be laced up and ready to go on time!


Freshman – don’t be concerned you are with the younger girls, we are splitting you up because of numbers and available court space!  


If you are a High School Freshman and wish to tryout for an older team you may attend both tryouts.  Please let me know in advance if you plan on doing this!  


NOTE:  WE EXPECT ALL GIRLS TO BE AT BOTH TRYOUTS (Saturday November 15th and Thursday, November 20th    .  The more we see you play the better chance we believe you will have in making a team.  If you cannot make one of the tryouts please let me know in advance. 



I will have further information on the non-travel program in the very near future.