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Wednesday, October 1
2015 Tournament Season

Make-Up Sessions for Developmental:
Morgan's Group:
Crab Orchard Baptist Church
Tuesday, March 31

Sheri and Brittany’s Group:

Crab Orchard Baptist Church
Tuesday, March 31 
Jonna's Group:
Crab Orchard Baptist Church
Tuesday, March 31



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The Play Positive Pledge is part of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Play Positive program which is an ongoing effort championing and celebrating sportsmanship in youth sports. This community-based program offers meaningful, easy-to-use educational resources for youth sports parents and coaches. 

“The Liberty Mutual Insurance Play Positive program targets many of the issues we see happening at youth sporting events by shining a positive light on what it means to be a positive coach and a positive sport parent. Beyond that, Liberty Mutual is supporting local organizations like Club Attack to offset the costs of providing a valuable youth sports experience,” said Julie Brassard, marketing director at Liberty Mutual Insurance. 


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Tournament Results for Peak Performance Challenge:
Club Attack 12 Black:
Club Attack 12 Pink:
Club Attack 13:
Club Attack 14 Black:
Club Attack 14 Pink:
Club Attack 16 Black: 

Tournament Results for K2 Madness in the Mountains:
Club Attack 12 Pink - Finished 4th out of 12 teams

Club Attack 12 Black -  Finished 7th out of 12 teams

Club Attack 13 - Finished 7th out of 20 teams

Club Attack 14 Elite - Finished 1st out of 40 teams

Club Attack 14 Pink - Finished 9th out of 40 teams

Club Attack 14 Black - Finished 15th out of 40 teams

Club Attack 16 Pink -  Finished 27th out of 28 teams

Club Attack 16 Black - Finished 3rd out of 28 teams
Club Attack 18 - Finished 14th out of 16 teams 

 Tournament Results for K2 Wilderness in the Smokies:
   Club Attack 14 Elite - Finished 8th out of 25 teams

Maroon and Orange Classic Results:
13 Division:

2nd Place: Club Attack 12 Black

4th Place: Club Attack 13

5th Place: Club Attack 12 Pink

14 Division: 

2nd Place: Club Attack 14 Elite

4th Place: Club Attack 14 Pink

6th Place: Club Attack 14 Black

16 Division: 

2nd Place: Club Attack 16 Black

6th Place: Club Attack 16 Pink

18 Division: 

4th Place: Club Attack 18



 Club Attack has finalized the non-profit process and is fully and officially a 501(c)(3).

Please contact us if you would be willing to make a donation.

Donations go to supporting over 150 area girls and help them improve their volleyball skills through off-season practice and conditioning and by competing in tournaments in multiple states.

Contact us here or through our Facebook page @
Thank you!

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Thanks to all the teams and parents who made our 2014 Friendship Tournament a great success!




Club Attack is a USA Junior Olympic Girls Club Volleyball Club from Beckley WV. Beckley Club Attack is a member of the Ohio Valley Region. The OVR is the largest region in the US, with over 17,000 players this year.

USA Junior Olympic Volleyball, also commonly referred to as club volleyball, is a program that offers athletes the opportunity to further participate in volleyball after the normal school season ends. Junior volleyball programs have exploded all across the country. Only 20 years ago, the first AAU National Tournament was held and only 20 teams made the trip. Just this upcoming year, in contrast, the AAU National Tournament will host over 600 teams and more than 6,000 participants.

Today, there are over 100,000 registered junior players in the United States.

Clubs are formed with the purpose of providing junior athletes with an increased knowledge of the sport, additional training, as well as competitive tournament play. The season normally runs from January until April.





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