Cleveland Renegades Prepost Hockey: What is Prepost?

"Prepost" - What & Why
"Prepost" is the term used to describe the USA hockey registered Midget teams which have been established to address the various needs of both younger and older high school hockey players. There are two age divisions at the Midget level, Youth 18 & under, and Youth 16 & under.

The Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) prohibits high school coaches from on ice contact with their players before November of each Winter season and also prohibits the teams from playing together immediately following the end of the high school hockey season (which generally falls anywhere from Mid-February through the first week in March). This artificially and drastically shortens the hockey season from what a player, particularly at the upper levels is used to, (where a 7 month season was the "norm"). In addition OHSAA's artificial limits on the number of games & tournaments that teams can play and participate in again drastically reduces the amount of hockey played.

Playing on a prepost team helps to fill in the gaps in playing time and lengthens the overall hockey season for the players. This is especially helpful prior to tryouts as the kids are able to get in "game shape" prior to tryouts. This is not just from a pure endurance perspective but their timing, and other skills aren't rusty going into tryouts.

And for the freshmen and younger players hoping to be ready to even make their high school or varsity team, participating on a prepost team gives them a leg up as they get more playing time against the older kids who they will soon be battling with for a roster spot.

Aside from all of the above reasons, playing Prepost is also a lot of fun! Teams will play between 20 and 30 games in just 10 or 11 weeks. Travelling each year to traditional "hockey towns" across the region in OH, NY, MI, PA, and Canada. Playing elite competition from several other states (ILL, WV, IND). And they will qualify for and compete in the various Midget state championships, hopefully moving on to Mid-AM regional play and the USA Hockey Nationals.