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Saturday, August 9
Welcome to Cleveland Little League


Board Meeting for September


  September 2nd at 7:00pm in the park's board room located above the concession stand.

 This meeting will be for elections and board appointments.  Anyone can vote for board positions. 

All are welcome! 

  Did you know we are trying to expand the park?

Currently we have ONE softball field for nine teams to share... We would like to get a start on a new diamond in the back!  Please help!

Donate to the Cleveland Little League!

We always are in need of volunteers; concessions, umpires, building & field maintenance, etc.  Here is a link to some common questions. 

If you would like to get invovled please email us at, or come to an upcoming board meeting!

Volunteer Application

 Volunteer Applications must be filled out for all coaches, managers, umpires, boardmembers, and other required volunteers.  If you have question ask a board member.   

Current Weather!


Questions?  email us at  

Saturday, March 1
Cleveland Little League - District 14 - Elkhart IN