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Sunday, April 17
April 2011 - Ice Hawks repeat as POWHA champions

Hockey Party
Wednesday, April 7
End of season hockey party

Sunday, August 2
2008-2009 Recap

by my count....

 43 women participated in the program

we had 32 practices of one kind or another, not counting skating practices with Kris F.

we went to 4 tournaments and the St Louis trip as well

Eagles/Raptors played 12 games each

Icehawks played 17 games (league, non-league and playoffs)

Georgie wins the 'more hockey is better award' - with at least 24 practices, plus 12 raptors games, plus 9 icehawks games, plus 6 tournament games, plus St Louis - over 50 times on the ice!


Monday, April 14
Icehawks 07-08 POWHA Champions!
Way to go Icehawks!  Playing with tremendous focus and effort - the 'Hawks beat the Columbus Bandits 3-1 to win the POWHA Lower Division Championship.  The Icehawks reached the finals with a 4-0 semifinal victory over the Pittsburgh Puffins.  In both games we had near perfect play - great hustle and intensity from all the skaters, solid goaltending when we needed it and both games were never in doubt. 

Thursday, January 10
Final Icehawks and NOWHO stats

overall leaders:

Games played - Melanie, 36, Goals - Amy L., 24, Assists - Amy B., 12, Points - Amy L, 28

Handout: stats

Friday, January 18
Channel 8 Morning Show Spot a Big Hit

that's right - the channel 8 Morning Show - i.e., "Kickin' it with Kenny"  joined us for a special morning practice on the 22nd.  We had 4 separate 3 minute spots, with Kenny interviewing Maria, and later donning goalie gear to face breakaways and some 5 on 5 scrimmage.  look for the video clips here soon.


copy and paste this entire link into your browser - or click on the headline above.

and - I just noticed - in this clip they cut away just before Karen scores on Kenny directly off the face-off.  She put the puck in just off the short side post - so Kenny, you've still got something to learn about cutting down those angles.

Monday, February 4
3rd Place Finish at Windsor Tournament

Two wins and a loss up in Windsor last weekend - well done!

 Here's what Eve had to say... ...

Friday, September 28

Thursday, September 27
Description of new programs for 07-08

Everybody will be practicing together on Wednesday nights.   Saturday nights will be used for games or practices/scrimmage whenever we can.

Ice Hawks = POWHA travel team - this team will have at least 10 POWHA games (5 of them away games), the end of the year POWHA tournament (3 to 4 games) plus several additional games like last year (Bob, Capitals, anybody else we can find). This rec level team is limited to people who firmly commit to traveling for the away games. There are no tryouts for the team, priority, if we have too many people wanting to play, will be given to those who have been to the POWHA tournament in the past. 

 Raptors = Eagles = NOWHO local game only teams - these two teams are equal in strength and you'll be assigned one of the teams after the beginning of the season. These teams will be playing 10 to 12 local games plus the NOWHO tournament (2 or 3 games). The Eagles and Raptors will have their own separate coaches for games. Again, if we can find other teams who will play us like we did last year this number of games will increase. More hockey is more better.

There's a local tournament sponsored by NOWHO in November.   We will be participating in the novice and rec divisions.

There is a big tournament held in Windsor Ontario that some of the Ice Hawks have gone to in the past.   Eve will likely be organizing a team for this tournament.  Mandy is interested in forming a team for a tournament in Florida in Jan.   If you're motivated to get people together for a tournament to play more games you can always do so.

Wednesday, November 7
2007 Autumn Classic

0708 icehawks
Tuesday, November 18
2007-08 Cleveland Hts Icehawks

kneeling (L to R):  Mary, Amy L., Libby, Meagan, Anna, Christina

standing (L to R):  Coach J.,  Laurie, Katie W., Lisa, Melanie, Sue, Maria, Amy B., Alicia, Tina and Baye

 not pictured:  Karen, Katie P., Katie F.

Friday, January 4
2007-08 Cleveland Hts. Raptors

kneeling (L to R):  Christina, Amy L., Meagan, Melanie, Tina

Standing (L to R): Mandy, Veronica, Laurie, Coach J., Katie, Katie, Katie

not present:  Cynthia, Dasa, Natalie, Maria, Heather  

copyright: R. Cantale, 2007

Friday, January 4
2007-08 Cleveland Hts Eagles

kneeling (L to R):  Denise, Amy B., Baye, Peggy

standing (L to R): Roseanne, Coach Justin, Karen, Mikki, Nina, Eve, Betsy, Sue, Katie F., Coach Mike

not pictured:  Lisa, Libby, Maggie, Linda, Kelly

copyright R. Cantale, 2007

Wednesday, March 5
2000-2001 Icehawks

Front Row (L to R), Tanya, Sue W., Dorothea, Agent Ice, Sara G., Patti, Lissa, ?, ?, Karen

2nd Row (L to R): Tina, Sue R., Catherine, Coach J., Sue L., Annie, Sarah N., Sherrie, Chris, Carol, Rita, Coach Randy, Joe, Nina, Heddi  

Karen, Tina and Sue R. are the only 'Hawks still with the team in 2007-2008.


Thursday, March 6
2003-2004 Icehawks

front row (L to R): Tina, Lisa, Andrea, Lauren, Julie, Karen, Arlene

standing (L to R): Betsy, Vicki, Meagan B., Katie P, Hayley, Sue, Eve, Crystal, Emma, Coach J., Paula 

Friday, May 30
lets have a closer look

Cleveland Hts WomensHockey
Cleveland Hts WomensHockey
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